Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1213

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Chapter 1213

The next day, Jacob called out Janice early, and left with a lot of instructions.

Janice lay on the sofa suddenly, and soon fell asleep again in a daze.

When Janice woke up naturally when she slept, she was scared to see that the clock had pointed to nine o’clock in the morning.

The chef invited by Jacob called the doorbell for two hours outside, but Janice didn’t hear it. Cang Anxious ran to open the door of the villa and let the chef in. The chef already felt that the time left for her to make breakfast was very urgent, and he hurried to the kitchen.

Janice rushed to Irene’s bedroom upstairs again, and pushed the bedroom door open, and saw Irene staring at the ceiling boredly with her big eyes open.

Janice rushed over and knelt by the head of Irene’s bed. Deeply blamed herself: “Sister Irene, I’m sorry, I overslept.”

Irene smiled and said, “I have already guessed it.”

“Sister Irene. Why don’t you call me? If you let your eldest brother know that you haven’t gotten up at nine and haven’t eaten on time. He will kill me.”

Irene patted her head like a pet dog, “You are stupid, just don’t tell him not.”

Janice gratified and shook Irene’s hand, “Sister Irene, you are an angel. Big brother is a demon.”

Janice helped Irene up, and when she changed her clothes, Irene was a little embarrassed, “Janice, let me do it myself.”

Janice begged: “Sister Irene, I beg you to let me show more. Otherwise, the eldest brother knows that I didn’t help you at all, he will scold me to death.”

Irene smiled and said, “All right.”

Janice changed Irene’s clothes, attracted by Irene’s proud figure, shook her hands in her proud place, and exclaimed, “f*ck, how do you maintain such good maintenance.”

The two girls, who are also girlfriends whose relationships are too good to say, Irene directly ridiculed herself shamelessly, “It’s your elder brother who is good at it.”

Janice sprayed blood, “Then I can’t learn from it.”

In s country, Jacob opened the mobile phone monitoring software as soon as he got off the plane. Then, seeing Janice blaspheming his little daughter-in-law, his forehead was congested with anger.

However, after seeing the two girls teasing each other, as well as interpreting the undecent words she said from Irene’s lips, the coldness of Jacob disappeared a lot.

But he still couldn’t hold back and called Janice.

Janice answered the phone and called out with a guilty conscience, “Big Brother?”

“Why are you only waking up now? Sister Irene hasn’t eaten breakfast yet?” It was obviously a low-alcohol magnetic sound of nature, but it was surrounded by a wave of ice pressure, and Janice was immediately shocked.

But Janice quickly realized one thing, and shouted into the microphone, “Brother, you installed a surveillance system to monitor me?”

Jacob said: “The monitoring system was installed when the house was built. It is not for you.”

Although the monitoring system was installed long ago, it hadn’t been turned on before. He turned it on after Janice came over last night.

Janice believed that it was true. She bowed her head weakly and said, “I knew that Calendar Garden had a monitoring system, so I wouldn’t come.”

She made so many mistakes, the eldest brother came home and settled with her one by one, she might as well die.

“What did you say?” Jacob raised his voice.

Janice was wronged and said: “Brother, you have surveillance everywhere, what should I do if I change clothes?”

Jacob said: “There is no bathroom.”

Janice said listlessly, “Okay, I see.”

“Go and take care of Irene. Let’s not talk about it.” Jacob was reluctant to put Irene aside and took the initiative to end the topic.

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