Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1212

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Chapter 1212

Irene couldn’t wait to know Derek’s information, and said, “Brother Jie, it’s better to go to country s first and come back before Sister Xiaoyu is discharged. I think that after Xiaoyu’s discharge, the good deeds between Janice and Zhengzheng will be near. .”

Jacob said: “It’s all up to you.”

Irene said: “Then you go and prepare your bags for your departure.”

Jacob groaned: “Do you want me to go that way?”

Irene smiled and said, “I will reward you when you come back.”

“What reward me?” Jacob asked expectantly.

Irene said: “I will reward myself to you. Okay?”

Jacob’s big hand touched her Yingying waist, “It depends on your body? After I leave, you must keep your mood happy, eat and drink well every day, and ensure sleep. You know? “


Jacob was really worried about Janice taking care of Irene, and that night, he called Janice for an internship in advance.

Jacob sorted out his handwritten notes about Irene’s living habits and submitted them to Janice. Commanded: “Recite them tonight. I will recite them before I leave tomorrow morning.”

Looking at the thick pile of notes, Janice ridiculed silently, “Is it all ready for publication? Brother?”

Jacob handed her a death gaze. Janice said suddenly: “It’s useless to stare at me. With so many notes, if you let me memorize them overnight, I can only say that I just can’t do it.”

Jacob pinched his eyebrows, “I have printed out three meals a day in tabular form.”

Janice took the three-meal ingredient list that Jacob handed over, and saw the densely packed meals, Janice burst into tears, “Brother, you know that I don’t know how to cook, and it’s not easy to feed Irene. Do you still give me such a complicated recipe? Sister Irene is not the Empress Dowager Cixi, and Fan Buzhu goes to the Manchu Feast every day?”

Jacob said: “That’s because I was afraid that other people’s meals would not suit her appetite, so I asked the chef to cook more dishes.”

Janice’s eyes widened, “So you hired the chef, don’t I need to cook?”

Jacob was particularly vigilant: “The dishes you cook, I don’t care if you feel good about yourself, anyway, you are not allowed to give it to Irene.”

Janice has a flat mouth. “You just look down on people, I’ve made great progress in cooking now.”

Jacob stood up, “That’s not allowed to be made for Irene. Your dark dishes will eat to death by accident.”

Janice shivered, “I know, I know. I will not be the head office.”

Only then did Jacob sit back.

Then he told some other things, “Irene is sick with this disease, and she is very afraid of the cold. You remember to add a dress to her at any time.”

Glancing at Janice’s cold clothes, worry filled Jacob’s eyes.

“Janice. Such things as long as the demeanor does not require temperature are not allowed to happen to Irene.”

Janice drooped her head. She had an illusion that she had to take care of an inexperienced baby!

“Brother, Sister Irene is not a fool, she will tell me if she is cold.”

Jacob stood up again, resting his hands on the table, and solemnly warned every word, almost gritted his teeth: “If your sister Irene catches a cold because of your improper care, you only ask.”

Janice wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, “I see.”

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