Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 974

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Chapter 974

Many Yang family members were totally excited at this moment.

They seemed to have seen that their family had clung to Shan Lin, and Yang Mingyu had gained Elvira’s background.

The Yang family will fly up to the sky!

Looking at the many Yang family members, who were excited.

Yang Hua still felt uneasy in his heart.

The more excited the Yang family is, the more creepy he feels as if something catastrophic is imminent.


At this moment, Yang Mingyu did not look at Yang Hua again. He turned to the housekeeper Zhang Lao and said:

“Lao Zhang, Elvira must go to the hospital to visit that old guy! You inform the second young master in the hospital to force him to persecute the Shen family and Elvira. Be sure to bring that Elvira to me!”

Second young master!

Yang Mingpeng!

Now waiting in the hospital for Elvira to appear.

Hearing this, the housekeeper Zhang Lao quickly nodded and agreed, then left, and went to call the second young master Yang Mingpeng.

The smile on Yang Mingyu’s face became stronger and stronger.

He seemed to have seen the charming Elvira being brought to him, waiting for him to conquer.


Just when his smile was strongest.


Yang Mingyu suddenly heard the hum of the engines, suddenly came from outside the Yang family courtyard.

This movement was extremely strong, and there seemed to be some terrifying creature approaching his Yang family, and even the floor in the Yang family’s courtyard was constantly trembling.


Seeing this scene, not only Yang Mingyu but also Patriarch Yang Tianhao and all the surrounding high-level officials, all discovered something wrong.

“Go out and have a look, what’s the matter?” Yang Tianhao’s heart trembled slightly, and an ominous premonition appeared involuntarily.

Upon hearing this, a few bodyguards immediately walked toward the courtyard, ready to find out.


It took less than a minute.

The Yang family suddenly saw that the bodyguards ran in one by one with pale faces.

Everyone’s face was filled with horror and panic as if they had seen a ghost:

“Patriarch, it’s not good, there are more than a dozen Rolls-Royce, as well as countless military vehicles and soldiers, coming towards our Yang family house!”


When these words fell, not only Patriarch Yang Tianhao was stunned, even Yang Mingyu and everyone around him were shocked.

Rolls Royce!

This is also an extremely rare luxury car in the entire Jiangnan City, almost all in the hands of major chaebols.

And a dozen Rolls-Royce is here at once, which is definitely the top gangster in Jiangnan City.

It’s more than that!

Military vehicles and sergeants?

After hearing these words, almost everyone’s heartbeat fiercely.

Although they are chaebols, they are just businessmen, nothing more.

How can you not be afraid of hearing the sergeant?

“Our Yang family has no intersection with any big people! I guess they should be passing by!” Yang Tianhao was constantly comforting himself at this moment.

And hearing this.

The many high-level Yang family members next to him also nodded.

That’s right!

Their Yang family, although they have a big family, they don’t know any real big people.

And now, a dozen Rolls-Royce, countless military vehicles, and sergeants, this is a big figure traveling by the door of their Yang family, nothing more.


Just when many Yang family comforted themselves.

Da da da!

The housekeeper Zhang Lao as his face was pale he ran in with worry:

“Patriarch, it’s not good! Those Rolls Royce and military vehicles are all parked in front of our Yang’s house!”

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