Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1211

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Chapter 1211

“Then what kind of wedding do you want?” Irene couldn’t bear to pour cold water on him, and asked obediently.

Jacob kissed the back of Irene’s hand, “I want to give you a wedding that is unparalleled in the world. Let the children be our flower girls. I want everyone to know that you Irene is the treasure that Jacob holds in my hand. , No one can bully my baby.”

Irene smiled softly, but there was a touch of sourness in such a smile.

Jacob suddenly understood that when he mentioned the child, Irene thought of Derek.

“Irene, don’t be sad. I will definitely find a way to get Derek back.” Jacob said.

Irene choked up and said: “In the past few years, I have almost searched my footprints all over the world. The relevant departments in various countries are very cooperative with us, using our appearance characteristics and DNA matching, but we can’t find the information of Derek. Brother Jue, I I’m so scared…”

When Irene said this, she choked up with her hands covering her face.

Jacob hugged her tightly, “Silly girl, you are looking in the wrong direction.”

Irene raised her tearful eyes, “Brother Jie…I can bear it, don’t worry about my body, tell me everything you know, okay?”

Jacob stretched out his hand, rubbing the tears from the corners of her eyes with his rough fingers.


“On the same day, I appointed Irene to send Derek to Country S, and Haifeng received Derek at the airport ahead of schedule. However, Derek, the kid saw that the situation was wrong, ran away, and even fought Haifeng. At that time, a mysterious man saw This scene wounded the wind and took away Derek.”

Speaking of this, Jacob’s eagle pupils are already flooded.

That deep self-blame, under the cold light of violent suicide, seemed particularly dazzling.

He clenched his fists, his veins violently, he obviously hated the mysterious man who took Derek to death in his heart, but in order not to worry Irene, he was pretending to be relaxed.

“Irene, that man is able to defeat Haifeng, it is conceivable that his skill is very domineering. Moreover, he took away Derek with a little bit of thought of cherishing talents. So our Derek will definitely be fine. Maybe by the time he returns, he will already be sharp!”

Irene was a little bit comforted. Said: “It seems that I am looking in the wrong direction. The person who can snatch the cold treasure in broad daylight must not belong to the Bai Dao. But I have been looking for him on the Bai Dao for so many years. It is really wrong and very wrong.”

Jacob said: “Don’t worry, we will let Jason and Ghosts go to the country in two days. If you revisit the old place, you may find some clues.”

Irene suddenly grabbed Jacob’s hand with excitement, and said, “Brother Jie, you go too. You are quick thinking, and the cave is mysterious. Maybe you go, you will really find some clues.”

Jacob said: “If I go, who will take care of you?”

“Let Janice take care of me. Recently, her drama has come to an end. She has a long vacation.”

Jacob frowned when he remembered Janice let Irene eat soy milk fritters, “No. I can’t worry about her taking care of you.”

Irene hugged his arm and acted like a baby. “Brother Jie, Janice is the most suitable person to take care of me. I can chat with her and we are in a good mood together.”

The vinegar king of Jacob leaned over, “Will you be in a bad mood with me?”

Irene coaxed: “Being with Brother Jue is happier.”

Jacob showed a smile now.

“I will think about it.”

“Then, when do you set off?” Irene asked.

Jacob said: “After Tan Xiaoyu is discharged from the hospital, I will set off after properly disposing of her dog-blood love between Irene and Janice. Okay?”

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