Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 972

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Chapter 972

“I also agree that Shan Lin is too terrible. Among such people, dragon and phoenix, I am afraid that there is only one chance to climb in a lifetime!”

“Yes! I also support it. I am willing to dedicate the property under my name, just to get a chance to become his dog!”

One figure after another stood up.

Almost instantly!

They got ready to give up all the industries to win the opportunity to become the dog of Shan Lin.

Patriarch Yang Tianhao, after seeing all the senior leaders, supported Yang Mingyu’s statement.

Yang Tianhao’s face showed a deep gratification:

“Okay! Since everyone agrees, then our Yang clan will use all methods to climb the forest seat at all costs!”


With Yang Tianhao’s final decision settled.

Everyone in the entire Yang family breathed a sigh of relief, and the smiles on their faces gradually emerged.

“Hahaha… it’s great! I am especially looking forward to seeing Shan Lin!”

“Me too! Such a big person, as long as our Yang family clings to it, we will definitely fly into the sky!”

“The most potential and most mysterious Shan Lin! He is simply our idol!”


The Yang family’s senior officials talked a lot, almost all of them were fantasizing that the Yang family will become the dog of the forest, and will soar to the sky.

Not just everyone!

The most excited is Yang Mingyu.

In the name of Shan Lin, he had been listening to all the news of this Shan Lin when it first came out.

And according to his investigation.

Shan Lin’s prestige is far from being as simple as it seems.

Even in the Huaxia Military Headquarters, Shan Lin is definitely the leader. Whether it is the other three major army seats or the eight great war gods, almost all of them admire this Shan Lin.

There are even rumors.

Shan Lin is the master of a mysterious force in the world. It can be said let alone China, even any force in the world cannot match it.

It is precisely these investigations that make Yang Mingyu his only goal in life.

As long as he can get along with the Shan Lin, he can give up everything, even the Yang family.

Da da da!

And at this moment!

There was a rapid footstep outside the door.

It was Mr. Zhang, the steward of the Yang family.

“Master, news from the airport!” Zhang Lao said to Yang Mingyu with excitement as he entered the lobby:

“Our people found the figure of President Elvira at the airport!”


As soon as this remark came out, the heated discussion in the hall fell silent.

Then, many senior Yang family members looked at Yang Mingyu and laughed constantly:

“Hahaha… President Elvira, who made us dream of Young Master Yang, is finally here!”

“Master, congratulations! This time, it seems that you are about to embrace the beauty again!”

“Hahaha! That’s the president of Jiang City’s No. 1 Beauty, the young master is so lucky!”


Many high-level Yang family members have been pleased.

And hearing this.

Yang Mingyu’s face was flushed with excitement, and a trace of smile and expectation gradually appeared on his face:

“Great! My goddess Elvira, she finally here. Hahaha…”




A trace of indescribable complexity appeared in Yang Mingyu’s eyes.

Since he has seen Elvira’s picture on an interview video, he has completely fallen into it.

In his eyes.

Elvira is definitely the most beautiful and temperamental intellectual beauty he has ever seen.

It is precise because of this.

He secretly vowed that he would let this first beauty president of Jiang City be his own woman at all costs.

Just now!

Just when Yang Mingyu and others were very excited.

A high-level executive hesitated and said:

“Young Master, as far as I know, that Elvira is already married, and her husband’s name is Shaun! He is also a ruthless character! Even this person offended Bai Chen of Jiangnan Bai’s family! The three groups of white Angels were killed, all Annihilated!”

“Are you sure you want to be an enemy of this Shaun?”

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