Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 975

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Chapter 975


Upon hearing this from the housekeeper Zhang Lao, all the Yang family members in the hall trembled.

Rolls Royce and military vehicles parked in front of Yang’s house?

That is to say, did that big man bring these sergeants straight to his Yang family?


Thinking of this.

Patriarch Yang Tianhao only felt his hands and feet tremble, and asked in a trembling voice:

“Lao Zhang, have you seen clearly who is sitting in the car?”

At this moment, in the hearts of Yang Tianhao and all the Yang family, the most curious thing is whether the visitor is a friend or an enemy!

If it is a friend!

That means their Yang family’s opportunity has come.

But if it is the enemy, this kind of battle, then their Yang family is afraid that it will be in catastrophe.

Huh huh!

At this moment, all eyes were focused on Zhang Lao. All the Yang family members only felt that their hearts were beating violently, and they were extremely nervous.

Feeling the eyes of everyone, Zhang Lao said:

“Patriarch, I vaguely saw that in those Rolls-Royces, there is the richest man Ma Yong and the eight chaebols!”


The richest man Ma Yong!

Eight chaebols?

Hearing these words, Patriarch Yang Tianhao and all the senior members of the Yang family breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Ma Yong and others are also considered to be great figures in Jiangnan City.

But their Yang family is not afraid.


When the Yang family’s mentality just relaxed, Lao continued to hesitate and said:

“Besides, I noticed that in the second Rolls-Royce, the person sitting seems to be Liu Zhen No. 1 and several giants of the province!”


The words of the housekeeper caused Yang Tianhao to fall tense.

Liu Zhen, number one!

Giants in the province!

Hearing this, Yang Tianhao and everyone else could only feel their heart beating faster once again, causing them to sweat in their palms.

However, this still does not stop.

Lao frowned tightly as if thinking of the characters in the first Rolls-Royce.

Until he seemed to think of something.

His body trembled fiercely, and his eyes suddenly turned round, as if thinking of something incredible:

“Yes… That’s right! I remember!”

“Patriarch, in that first Rolls-Royce, there were three people in total! Two of them were strong men in military uniforms, I know who they are!”

“I have seen them in military news. They are the two gods of the Dragon and Tiger Division-Dragon Commander and Tiger Commander!!!”


These words of housekeeper Zhang Lao made Yang Tianhao and everyone else shudder in fright.

Dragon Commander!

Tiger Commander!

These two names were like thunderstorms, making all the Yang family confused.

“How… how is it possible, why are the two great war gods are here?” Yang Tianhao’s eyes widened.

He only felt his calf trembling, and dense cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

Not only him!

The many high-ranking Yang family members only felt their hearts beating wildly.

And among the people.

Younger Yang Mingyu was the calmest.

He stared at the housekeeper Zhang Lao and asked solemnly:

“Old Zhang, didn’t you say that there were three people in the first car? Except for Dragon and Tiger, who is the other person?”

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