Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 976

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Chapter 976


These words of Yang Mingyu instantly refreshed everyone.

That’s right.

Qualified to ride in the same car with the Gods of the Two Great Wars, the identity of this third-person must be extraordinary.

“That person? He seems to be a young man, dressed in a trench coat, and looks handsome!”


The housekeeper Zhang Lao recalled the scene he saw, and then seemed to think of something incredible, his voice trembled and said:

“However, I can see that whether it is the handsome dragon or the handsome tiger, it seems that they are extremely respectful to the windbreaker young man!”


The words of Mr. Zhang made all the Yang family hardly believe their ears.


Dragon and Tiger are extremely respectful to a young man?

Isn’t this a joke?

In the land of China, who is that young man who is qualified to let the dragon and the tiger the gods of war to treat him respectfully?

This is absolutely impossible.

“Lao Zhang, are you sure you have seen it right? Or, do you have hallucinations?” Yang Tianhao stared at the Zhang Lao as if looking at an idiot.

The rest of the Yang family also looked at Zhang Lao, as if they were looking at a madman.

Just when the butler Zhang Lao wanted to explain.

Yang Mingyu, the young man next to him, screamed like a ghost:

“I know who that person is?”


Hearing this, whether it was Yang Tianhao or everyone around him, was taken aback.

Everyone looked at Yang Mingyu curiously.

They only noticed that Yang Mingyu’s face was completely pale, don’t know whether it was excitement or anxiety.

His body was trembling, his voice almost completely lost:

“In Jiangnan City, there is only one person who can be treated as their master by Tiger and Dragon!”

“Shan Lin!”


When Yang Mingyu said this.

Inside the Yang Family Hall, there was a dead silence.

Shan Lin?

The top mad dragon of the Chinese military.

Why such a big man is at the door of the Yang family’s house?

Isn’t this a dream?

After listening to Yang Mingyu’s words, whether it was Patriarch Yang Tianhao or all the high-level members of the Yang family around, they all felt like they were dreaming and could hardly believe the facts before them.

But in the hall, the silence was extremely suppressed.

Outside the door, there was a loud voice:

“China, Shan Lin is here!!!”


For the entire Yang family, these words are like a god of heaven.

All the Yang family members shuddered, as if they were receiving a god, one by one, they rushed out of the hall.



Headed by Yang Tianhao, he took Yang Mingyu and all the senior members of the Yang family, crackling like prawns with soft feet, kneeling in the courtyard.

One by one, their heads hung down, as if waiting for the god to come.

And just in their nervous and trance emotions.


The sound of dense footsteps suddenly came from outside the courtyard.

Da da da!

At this moment, under the nervous emotions of all the Yang family members, the sound of footsteps suddenly came in from outside the door.

Then Yang family members saw that a sergeant with a gun and ammunition charged in aggressively.

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