Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1719

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Chapter 1719

Two days after Tina posted the Tweet. In the wee hours of the morning, she and Peter woke up to a call that delivered a piece of terrible news.

The airplane that was carrying Alyssa and Karl coming from abroad suddenly disappeared soon after departure.

There was uncertainty in Smith’s voice. “Boss called me before departure.

They talked to Grace yesterday and asked about you as well…” Then there was a long silence.

Peter: “I and Tina are coming back, take care of Grace, don’t let her know.”

Smith: “Okay.”

Both Peter and Tina rushed to the airport directly and boarded the plane at the earliest.

When they reached Rostenvel, the crash was confirmed and news of no survivors spread like a wildfire on social media.

As soon as they reached the airport, Stephanie was there to pick them up. They went to the Smith’s to see Grace.

She was unaware of the event and greeted Peter and Tina with a smile.

Seeing her they couldn’t control the tears in their eyes.

Grace: “Uncle Grant, Auntie why are you crying? Did you miss me? I miss Mom and Dad too.

They are coming today, we talked yesterday night. But I will not cry when I meet them.”

Listening to her words Tina couldn’t stop sobbing. Peter came forward and embraced Grace in his arms.

Patting her back, he couldn’t stop the tears flowing down his cheeks.

Time flew like a fast-flowing river. Grace came to terms with the new reality.

Though she had lost her parents but the presence of her Aunt Tina, Uncle Peter, brother Ervin, and Uncle Smith tried to fill the void somehow.

Though not enough yet it gave a semblance of hope and connection for her. Once she had passed through trauma before when Clifford left her in the smoking house.

Though she was not as talkative as before but the presence of the right people around her made her smile a bit.

She spent most of her time around Ervin, who took care of her like the big brother.

Tina and Peter soon found out that they couldn’t become parents.

The complications after the abortion at a tender age had made Tina unable to conceive again in this life.

Though they felt the vacuum but Grace became the silver lining in the dark clouds for them.

She was their daughter, the progeny of their best friends. The apple of their eyes.

A girl who did not call them her parents but one who loved them more than their own children could ever do.

They saw their own shadow in Ervin and Grace. In their hearts, they were aware that they won’t let Grace and Ervin live a life of uncertainty.

The one they lived and regretted the most for missing the precious moments of their lives wary of each other’s feelings.

Peter and Smith jointly took care of Grace and the huge business empire left by Karl.

In addition to AdamPic Peter also helped Smith in managing the Adams’ Group for Grace.

Tina, gave up on the idea of starting a new Studio, she joined hands with Peter to manage the AdamPic, who himself usually spent most of the time at Adams’ Group.

For them taking care of the legacy left by Alyssa and Karl, and taking it to new heights of success became a reason to remember their great friends.

Moreover, in the shape of Grace, they had already left a part of themselves for them.

At the end of the year, Stephanie came to know by an accident that Tom was the man she was running away from.

By that time, she had matured enough to make the biggest decision of her life.

She had recognized that humans change with the passage of time.

The ideas of perfection and keenness to have the best gives way to the notions of compromise and concession.

She found that Tom was the man she could not afford to miss.

Tom loved her more with each passing day.

Over time, he too realized that she was not the stupid person, the type of stupid he found her, when he first started to approach her.

She returned to her parents who were more than happy to meet a mature and learned daughter.

The one who wouldn’t leave them to make her point clear, but the one who would share her mind with them when she feels at odds with their stance.


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