Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1469

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Chapter 1469


The atmosphere bursts!

Everyone can’t believe their eyes.

Looking at Lin Fan with an extremely horrified look.

This guy is really impatient!

From these words, they could clearly feel that Lin Fan could not survive!

At this time, Zhu Ru’s eyes glowed with excitement, and her heart was beating wildly, because what she was looking forward to was about to happen.

At this moment, she seemed to be able to see that Lin Fan died tragically and Elvira screamed tragically.

“! Ha ha ha,”

Lin Chen Tao like to hear a joke like, shaking his head quipped:

“Unfortunately, ah, I will not die contrary, today you have to die in this!!”


He directly passed Lin Fan and walked towards the crowd.

In his opinion, Lin Fan’s trash is not worthy of his attention.

His cold gaze immediately looked around, with a strong murderous intent:

“It seems that what Lin Chentao said is not good? Or is my Lin family no longer respected?”

Hearing this, the big man present All shuddered, his legs were soft, looking at Lin Chentao pitifully, his eyes were full of panic and pleading.

They knew that Lin Chentao was angry!

This is deliberate after the fall!

Off to the side, Dong Mingfeng also sought power by riding up angrily,

“How dare you, not even dare to disobey orders less Big Sister, I think you want to live!”


The big guys at the scene suddenly got a numb scalp, and each of them was completely blown up. Right

now, there was a big guy who knelt on his knees with a thud, and said in a

sincere and frightened manner , “You are forgiven! It’s not that we want to come, but we have to come”!

The other bigwigs also showed pleading expressions, begging for mercy,

“These are all Shaun Lin’s orders, we dare not obey!”

“Yes, your masters are fighting, why bother us villains?”

These big brothers are miserable, because they can’t be offended by anyone.

Shaun Lin?

Dong Mingfeng was completely dumbfounded, why is Shaun Lin involved in this?

Then he looked at Lin Chentao anxiously.

But seeing Lin Chentao disdainfully said:

“Shaun Lin? Really nonsense, do you little Xin Bai have such a big face? You are all deceived by them!”

Even the Lin family looked for Shaun Lin. Cooperation was rejected.

What is Elvira?

Also worthy to associate with Shaun Lin?


Everyone suddenly showed horror and was deceived?

No way?

At the moment, their expressions have also become unsightly.

In fact, they have also suspected that a Xiaoxin Bai family, how could it be possible for Shaun Lin to personally order and order the whole Jiangnan to participate in the press conference together.


How could Shaun Lin offend a behemoth like the Lin family for the sake of a new Bai family?

At this time, they all felt that they were cheated!

And Zhu Ru coldly snorted:

“Elvira, you are so courageous. Don’t tell me that you have killed the Third Young Master of the Lin Family. Now you dare to deceive people in the name of Shaun Lin are you impatient? “


As soon as Elvira heard this, she was almost paralyzed in shock!

She shook her head crazy!

“I don’t, I don’t even know what happened!”

It turned out that these big men came to her press conference because of Shaun Lin.

But she doesn’t know anything at all!

“I’ll take it as if you don’t know it. As long as you say you divorce Lin Fan now, I don’t need to make you difficult!”

Lin Chentao smiled gloomily. He wanted Lin Fan to be his wife in full view. abandon.

“President Bai, I, Lin Chentao, can’t easily give people a chance, you have to take it well!”


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