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Chapter 619

The two held the two ends of the blanket and did not let go.

Karl pulled to her, and Alyssa also pulled it to her.

However, Alyssa’s strength was greater than the strength of not allowing Karl. Finally, the blanket was pulled over by Karl.

After Karl pulled the blanket over, he closed his eyes comfortably under the blanket and went to sleep.

Alyssa looked at Karl in disbelief, why is this man like this…

After Alyssa took a few deep breaths to calm herself down, she took out her mobile phone to open the memo, and typed two words on it: “So boring!”

Then she threw the phone to Karl.

The mobile phone can be turned on on the plane, but it can only be turned on in flight mode, and neither WeChat nor SMS can be sent.

Karl picked up her mobile phone and took a look, then typed a word back to her on the next line: “Heh.”

Alyssa took it and said, “Can’t you ask a blanket from stewardess?”

Karl was shameless: “Yours is closer.”

Alyssa: “Do you want a face?”

Karl didn’t say a word after looking at it, and smiled at her, vaguely showing some of the evil spirits they had when they first met.

Alyssa took the phone back, turned sideways, turned her face to the other side, closed her eyes and started sleeping.

She didn’t believe that Karl really didn’t care about her.

It didn’t take long before she felt a heavy weight on herself, opened her eyes and saw that the blanket that had been snatched by Karl had returned to her.

When the plane landed at Rostenvel International Airport, it was 12 noon.

The winter is already deep.

After getting off the plane, Alyssa tightened her clothes.

Clifford and Daisy also walked out with them, in the same direction, they went to the parking lot.

Neither party spoke to anyone.

Karl hugged Alyssa tightly all the way, and when he arrived at the parking lot, he slid her into the car.

After the two had robbed the blanket on the plane, they didn’t talk any more.

The car drove directly to Karl’s villa.

Counting the days, it didn’t take long for Alyssa to go to United States. But coming back here, there is a feeling like a world away.

She and Karl walked in side by side.

There are still groups of servants and bodyguards in the villa.

“Sir, Young Lady!”

The servants and bodyguards greeted them at the door.

Alyssa entered the villa lobby and looked around, looking for Grace’s figure.

However, she looked around, but did not see Grace’s figure.

Alyssa asked him, “Where is Grace?”

“I made people leave Grace’s DNA in the fire. Naturally, it is impossible for her to stay in the Rostenvel.” Karl said as he walked upstairs.

Clifford is a confident person. After he found Grace’s DAN in the fire, he thought that Grace was really dead, and he hypnotized Alyssa.

And that DNA was made deliberately by Karl.

Alyssa followed, walked to Karl, and blocked his way: “Then where did you send her?”

Karl stopped and looked down at her: “A place you can’t guess.”

“I want to see her.” She wanted to see Grace very much.

Karl raised his eyebrows slightly: “OK.”

Although Karl promised Alyssa and wanted to take her to see Grace, he went to the company early the next morning.

He has been away from Rostenvel for so long, and many things have accumulated in the company that need him to deal with.

Alyssa contacted Mattie.

Mattie’s first sentence when she saw her was: “Do you still know how to come back?”

The second sentence is: “Can you give me the first draft soon?”

“Maybe I can’t make it.” After Alyssa said, seeing Mattie’s eyes widened, she smiled and added: “I will try my best.”

“You’d better give me the first draft soon.” Mattie is a relatively serious person at work. If she changes to an ordinary person, she doesn’t need to be so kind.

But who makes Alyssa’s script good, and her identity is unusual?

“What were you doing in United States? Some time ago, it was reported that Karl had a car accident in the United States. Don’t you tell me, it was just a coincidence that you went to United States and Karl also went to United States?”

Mattie stirred the coffee cup in front of her, tilted her head to look at Alyssa, her eyes full of insight.

Alyssa asked, “What do you think?”

Mattie snorted: “Are you interesting like this? Every time you ask these things, you want to fool me, can’t you be more honest?”

“Be honest?” Alyssa smiled: “Then first tell me what’s the matter with the actor named Robin? Oh, and Anya, the relationship between the three of you is also very close to me. Interesting.”

The expression on Mattie’s face froze: “Do you believe it or not I will just splash this cup of coffee on your face?”

Alyssa continued to laugh, reached out and took the small spoon to tap the coffee cup in front of her, and said very gently: “You have coffee, and I have it too.”

Mattie didn’t know what to say for a while, she sneered and said: “In fact, sometimes I think that these things that happened to you are more exciting than the drama you wrote.”

Alyssa didn’t answer Mattie’s words.

She and Mattie are in a cooperative relationship, but Mattie is too into gossip, always trying to get involved with her and Karl.

In the few days after returning to Rostenvel, Karl went to the company every day, and Alyssa went to Mattie’s studio every day.

As for Clifford, he went to the university to become a special professor of psychology.

Since Alyssa knew Clifford, his identity has changed.

The psychological consultant of the criminal investigation team, the doctor who opened the psychological clinic, the chef, and now he is also a distinguished professor in the university.

On this day, Alyssa deliberately left the studio early and went to find Clifford.

Although Karl did not agree with her to try her life, he did not restrict her personal freedom.

She and Clifford had an appointment in a restaurant near the university.

Clifford asked, “Did you live with Karl recently?”

“It can only be said that he lives in his villa. I haven’t seen him in these few days.” Alyssa gave him a lazy look.

“Also, with your temper, if he is at home every day, you might also impulsively misbehave.” Clifford’s tone sounds normal, but the viciousness that loomed in his eyes did not escape Alyssa’s eyes.

When you discover a person’s wolf ambition, he leaves a shadow in your heart, and you can naturally catch that person’s hidden evil intentions all the time.

Alyssa suppressed the extra expression on her face, sneered, and threw the spoon out of her hand: “I don’t want to stay in Karl’s villa anymore, as long as I stay in his villa for one more minute. When I think of Grace, I feel uncomfortable and go crazy.”

As she said, hate burst into her eyes.

The hatred was real, but it wasn’t against Karl, but because of Clifford.

Chapter 620

Clifford looked at Alyssa calmly, and suggested: “If you really hate him so much, it might be a good thing to stay by his side.”

“What do you mean?” Alyssa looked at Clifford in confusion.

“Karl still has feelings for you now, and will not do anything to you. If you move out of his villa, how many chances do you have to meet him as you two go apart? Isn’t it more inconvenient for you to take revenge in such a situation?”

The expression on Clifford’s face became meaningful.

Alyssa sneered in her heart, but she didn’t show up at all on her face: “What then?”

“Then, you have a chance to retaliate against him. Adding something to his food, doing some tricks on his company’s confidential documents, anything, can make Karl unable to turn over.”

In the last sentence, Clifford deliberately increased his tone.

Hearing this, Alyssa was silent for a while, staring at Clifford for a while, and said, “How do you feel that you hate Karl more than me? Actually, I was curious before, what is the deal between you and Karl? .”

When asked this sentence, Alyssa felt a little nervous.

Can Clifford speak?

Clifford showed a weird smile, and said in a hurry, “I will tell you the day when you successfully retaliate against Karl.”

Alyssa pursed her lips: “Then you have to wait.”

Clifford, the old fox, she knew he couldn’t say it so easily.

“As long as you go all out, this day will come soon. After all, you are the only person who is so close to Karl now, and it is easier than anyone to start.” Clifford looked at Alyssa calmly, his face said. The expression became a little distorted.

“Of course I understand this.” Alyssa paused when she said that, and raised her eyes to meet Clifford’s gaze, with a hint of mockery in her tone: “Didn’t you treat me like this back then?”

“I know that you have a lot of grievances about what I did at the beginning, but don’t you understand the truth that people don’t kill themselves?” Clifford said earnestly: “Alyssa, you are too soft-hearted. After that, I found that there is nothing in this world worthy of your soft heart.”

Alyssa sneered and said without shyness: “Just like you? In order to achieve your own goals, use all the people and things you can use?”

When her voice fell, she saw the expression on Clifford’s face solidifying at a speed visible to the [email protected] eye.

Alyssa curled her lips, looked at him without fear, and asked him curiously: “Are you angry?”

Clifford lowered his eyes, slowly tidying up his cuffs, and then said with carelessness: “Alyssa, if someone else talks to me like this, do you know what the end is?”

“don’t know, I don’t want to know. In any case, you won’t treat me like those people, will you?” Alyssa looked at Clifford confidently.

Clifford narrowed his eyes, and then chuckled lightly: “Of course, you are different from them.”

Alyssa smiled, and said nothing.

After separating from Clifford, Alyssa drove back to Karl’s villa.

She took the computer to Karl’s study to write a script.

At first, she thought she might not be able to write anything in her current state.

But surprisingly, she actually wrote very smoothly.

Alyssa wrote for three hours in one breath.

When she looked up and looked outside, she realized that it was already dark outside.

Winter nights always come extremely fast.

Alyssa checked the time, and it was seven o’clock.

Karl came back late in recent days.

Alyssa stood up, moved her limbs, walked to the window and opened the curtain to look out.

The street lights in the courtyard were already on, and servants and bodyguards could still be seen passing by in the courtyard.

There was no shadow of a car at the gate, and Karl might not come back for a while.

Alyssa stood by the window for a while, then turned back to the desk.

She glanced at the computer screen, temporarily not expecting what to write later, she sat on the boss chair and turned around, looking around on Karl’s desk.

Karl’s desk had several locked drawers, and Alyssa didn’t know what was in it.

She thought of what Clifford had said before, and sneered.

Clifford asked her to steal Adams’ confidential documents?

He might not be able to guess in dreams, Karl had given Adams’ to her long ago.

How can a selfish and calculating man like Clifford believe that there are more important feelings than profit and money in this world?

When Karl came back, it was close to ten o’clock.

As soon as he entered the door, his face was stinking.

Alyssa did not eat in advance, but waited for him to come back to eat together.

The two sat at the dining table face to face, none of them moved their chopsticks first.

In the end, Alyssa was the first to ask him: “What happened?”

Karl raised his head and looked up at her expressionlessly. There was a suppressed anger in his low voice: “I should ask you this question.”

Alyssa was taken aback, and immediately realized that Karl knew that she had gone to see Clifford today.

Alyssa also lowered her face and asked, “You sent someone to follow me?”

The expression on Karl’s face did not change at all: “It’s not tracking, it’s preventing you from doing stupid things.”

“What stupidity did I do?” Alyssa smiled irritably, “As long as it is something that contradicts your opinion, it seems to you to be stupid?”

“Are you doing few stupid things?” Karl looked at her coldly, her indifference can be maddening.

Alyssa bit her lip, stood up with a “brush”, and said loudly, “The stupidest thing I have done is to follow you everywhere!”

Karl’s tone was much calmer than hers: “The stupidest thing I have ever done is to indulge you too much.”

“You…” Alyssa was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

The older this man is, the more irritating his skills become.

“Eat it yourself!” Alyssa dropped this sentence and pushed aside the chair out of the dining room.

The feet of the chair rubbed on the ground-rasping noises.

As soon as Alyssa left, the dining room became completely quiet, and even the sound of breathing was clearly audible.

Karl sat quietly at the dining table just like that, maintaining the sitting posture when Alyssa left.

Not knowing how long it took, he suddenly picked up a bowl next to his hand and threw it out.

The bowl was shattered on the ground, making a harsh sound.

The servant waiting outside the restaurant heard the movement in the restaurant and immediately walked in.


Karl’s hand on the dining table clenched into a fist, gritted his teeth and said, “Get out!”

Seeing Karl’s anger, the servant didn’t dare to wait any longer, turned and walked out.

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