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Chapter 73

Alyssa frowned and looked at him: “Didn’t you go out?”

Karl didn’t expect that Alyssa would prepare the food and serve it so soon, it almost came out.

He calmly said aloud: “If you go out, you can’t come back?”

Alyssa was still worried about the news on the Internet, and she was not in the mood to stand up with “Luther”. She had a serious face: “You come out, I have something to tell you.”

Her tone was a little dignified, and her face stretched really a little bit of momentum, but when those big and bright cat eyes stared at Karl intently, not only did he not feel her indifference, but he felt a little Hook people.

He slipped his hands into the pockets of his trousers and followed her without any haste.

The least likely place to be visited at the moment is the dining room.

Alyssa took him to the dining, her soft-soft voice with a chill: “Luther, because of you, I am now the target of public criticism? Are you satisfied now?”

She really didn’t understand what “Luther” was thinking.

If he was really interested in her, as early as when she was calculated by Isabel to go to the ZVR Club and be drugged, he would rescue her back, and he could take the opportunity to attack her.

But he did not attack her.

But on weekdays, she is always harassed.

She has seen many young masters who are comfortable with women.

It was precisely because “Luther” did not act on her that time, so she felt that “Luther” was not bad to her.

However, he still belittles her again and again, causing her troubles and worries.

“Me too, I was scolded a lot, right?” Karl tilted his head, his indifferent expression showed a bit of innocence.

Really shameless.

Alyssa glanced at him coldly: “Do you think I didn’t read the comments of those people! Where would they scold you!”

I really don’t understand why those netizens can be so partial. If you want to scold them, you can scold them together!

Why should she face the diatribe for “Luther”?

Karl squinted his eyes slightly, with a weird expression, and said in a generous tone: “You women can see this? But if you want to see, I can take off my clothes and show you.”

“…I’m not rare, don’t change the subject!” Alyssa found that “Luther” was completely changing the subject.

“Luther” seemed to have not heard her, and walked out of the dining in a few strides, with a lazy voice: “So sleepy, I’m going to bed.”

Alyssa was a little discouraged.

She took a long irritated breath and took out her mobile phone to send a text message to Karl: I put the food in your study.

After more than ten seconds, the word “um” came back.

Alyssa was solemn and didn’t eat much, pinching a bit and feeling that Karl had finished eating, she went upstairs.

Knock on the door to enter, Karl still turned his back to her as before.

The food on the tray on the desk was swept away. She remembered cooking and serving to Karl before, and he also ate them all.

The meal she wants to cook should suit him perfectly.

Alyssa asked him with some joy: “Would you like some fruit? Or something to drink?”

“No.” Karl’s voice was still hoarse, not at all like the voice of a young man.

Standing aside, Alyssa was a little at a loss, and she didn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, Karl asked her aloud: “You are the Adams’ daughter-in-law, keep your duty, we will be in peace, or else…”

This sentence brought a bit of personal emotion in him, making his hoarse voice sound a little gloomy, especially the words that were deliberately left behind, it made people feel creepy.

Alyssa couldn’t help but hugged her arm, bit her lip, and explained: “I swear, Luther and I have nothing to do.”

She felt that Karl would say these things because he saw the news.

“It has nothing to do with Luther, I naturally believe him.” Karl’s voice was obviously heavy.

What did he mean by what he said was that she had trouble getting involved with other men outside?

Karl was obviously protecting his shortcomings! She knew it would be like this!

Karl loves “Luther” very much, so naturally, he will not believe that his beloved cousin will do anything to his wife and then point the finger at her.

Alyssa asked him, “What about me? You don’t believe me?”

Karl was silent for a while, and said, “Even your looks are disguised. Why should I believe you?”

Alyssa: “…” Can’t refute it.

If she is self-willed and arrogant, she can completely refute the sentence, “You dare not see me in the real face, why can’t I pretend?”.

Karl was different from the Hunt family. His attitude towards her was clear and straightforward from the beginning, so she couldn’t take his shortcomings to poke his wounds.

“Go out when you’re okay. From now on, I will pick you up every night.” After Karl finished speaking, he stopped and never said a word again.

Alyssa looked up at him fiercely, feeling a bit complicated.

How did she feel that Karl was giving her a slap and a sweet date to coax her?

This routine is very similar to “Luther”.

“Luther” has always been good and bad for her.

Perhaps because they have lived together for a long time, the two have very similar temperaments.

After Alyssa left, Karl turned around and rubbed his temples.

He now feels like a cocoon.

Alyssa seems to hate “Luther” more and more. Let her hate “Luther” a little bit more, and have a better affection for “Karl”. By the time she knows his identity, it should not be that difficult to accept.


The news on the Internet was so suppressed.

Although some people mention it occasionally, it can’t cause much trouble.

The Internet has subsided, but in real life, it is not so easy to calm down.

There are many female employees in the marketing department where Alyssa is located. Every day they gather to chat and gossip, and naturally, they will talk about Alyssa.

The next day.

When Alyssa went to work at the company, the Hunt employees looked at her with surprise.

As she walked far, she heard a whispered discussion behind her.

“I didn’t expect she could come to work today!”

“How great is Mr. Adams’ feelings that his wife and cousin are getting together, and he doesn’t even care?”

“Don’t say that in case they and that cousin are fine!”

“That’s right, how can the Adams’ family tolerate this happening? If this happens, Alyssa will definitely not be able to eat it!”

“Cut, you guys are all stupid, this kind of thing is generally without wind and waves!”


They passed back and forth, but it was just speculation.

Chapter 74

AdamPic Media, President’s Office.

Peter pushed the door in, looked at Karl who was sitting behind the desk, pushed his glasses, put the papers in his hand on his desk in a serious manner, and said sternly, following the tone of the secretary: You are required to sign.”

The secretary has always done small things like sending documents.

The purpose of Peter came to deliver the documents, but it was completely revealed.

Because of this, as soon as he put down his files, Karl hurried out coldly, “Get out.”

In front of Karl Adams, Peter had always been faceless and skinless.

He took out his glasses and raised the end of his eyes, revealing the unruly dude.

He shook his head with a look of sympathy and regret: “Karl, I really sympathize with you. You finally got married to a wife. Your wife and ‘cousin’ got together to give you a cuckold. Let’s interview you. how do you feel?”

Karl raised his eyes to look at him, his eyes burst into a biting chill: “Do you want to expand your time in Africa?”

Peter’s expression changed, and he shook his head quickly: “No… I don’t want to go!”

He doesn’t want to go to Africa!

“Isn’t it going?” Karl’s face was dark, and he didn’t want to hear him mention it again.

But Peter has always watched the excitement and it’s not a big deal. He asked in a humble manner: “If Alyssa likes ‘Luther’, she can’t control what happened to you, if she knew you it’s Karl…”

Without even thinking about it, Karl interrupted him directly: “Impossible.”

“It’s impossible to know that you are Karl? Do you really think you can hide it for a lifetime?” In Peter’s mind, Karl was a very powerful person, but he didn’t think he could be so powerful.

“She’s not that kind of person.”

Karl’s words without beginning and ending made Peter understand the meaning of the words.

He stretched out his hand very ostentatiously and slapped his nose, tweeting: “How long have you been with other people, you said she is not that kind of person, I seem to smell something sour…”

Clayton came in from outside, just in time to hear the second half of Peter’s words, and asked suspiciously: “What smells?”

Peter said in a meaningful tone: “Anyway, it’s not the sour smell on our body, we are single dogs, it’s the fragrance.”

As a 24K straight man, Clayton looked blank and didn’t understand the meaning of Peter’s words.

Peter rolled his eyes angrily: “The sour smell of love, I don’t understand this, I deserve to be single!”

Since a few years ago, Clayton, who has been called by his mother to urge him to marry every month, is very sensitive to this topic.

Clayton chuckled, and the snake struck seven inches, quickly and accurately: “Little boy, who has been guarding since childhood, ran away when she reached her mouth, how do you feel?”

Peter’s complexion sank, and he rushed forward to face Clayton with a blast, yelling: “You came in today and didn’t plan to go out alive!”

Peter has a little green plum who grew up together. It is said that he ate it all in his mouth and ran away.

Karl thought for a while, maybe it was the little star named Tina.

And Alyssa’s friendship is very good, he only recently remembered this name.

Peter used to be a sc*mbag, fighting fiercely, just as good. He fought Clayton for a long time, and finally ended up when he threw Clayton to the ground.

Karl had been used to this kind of scene a long time ago, and only raised his eyelids when the two of them finished the fight, “Go out again after cleaning up.”

The two had no choice but to go out after tidying up.


Alyssa spent the whole day in rumors.

After a while, they got tired of talking about it and probably stopped mentioning it.

When she got off work, he called her and said that there was a traffic jam on the road, and he might pick her up later.

Alyssa came out of the office, ready to find a place to wait for hours.


She turned her head and found that Rachel didn’t know when she had stood behind her.

Alyssa was a little surprised, and asked nonchalantly, “What’s the matter?”

“I just wanted to ask, the news said, is the matter between you and Karl’s cousin true?” Rachel’s tone was uncharacteristically with a trace of concern.

Alyssa felt that something was wrong with Rachel, and looked at her suspiciously, “What’s wrong with you?”

No matter how much Rachel didn’t care about her, she couldn’t completely ignore Rachel.

Rachel smiled, her gentle appearance seemed to make people relax their guard: “It’s nothing, just watching the news on the Internet, those people scold you very badly, a little worried about you…”

When she said this, she paused and sighed slightly, “I was not good at the beginning. If I didn’t let you marry into Adams’ house, these things would not happen today, and you would not be like now…”

Alyssa felt that Rachel’s words became more and more outrageous, and her doubts deepened: “Do you have anything to say directly?”

She didn’t quite believe that Rachel really regretted it.

“You tell your mother the truth, are you and Karl’s cousin really together? I saw you in the car at that time…”

“Why are you so concerned about my business all of a sudden? What is your purpose?” Alyssa suddenly became vigilant when she saw Rachel clinging to this question.

“Alyssa, although I didn’t care enough about you before, but from the bottom of my heart I care about you…”

Alyssa’s cell phone rang, it was Smith.

Alyssa answered the phone: “I’m at the door, just come over.”

Before she had time to put her mobile phone away, Rachel grabbed her arm, her tone a little anxious: “Who is here to pick you up?”

“It was Karl who sent someone to take me to and from get off work.” Alyssa felt that Rachel’s behavior became increasingly weird.

She was still a little moved by what Rachel said just now, and now she calmed down, looking at Rachel’s face, she felt tired and numb.

“I don’t know what Isabel and the others want to use you to do to me, but I kindly remind you to think more about yourself and don’t be too dependent on dad.”

It would be impossible for Isabel to be filial to Rachel in the future, and only regarded Rachel as a servant who warmed up her father’s bed, but Rachel still couldn’t understand this.

Rachel seemed to be taken aback when she heard the words.

Alyssa got into the car and looked at Rachel through the window.

Rachel was still standing at the place where she was talking to Alyssa before. Because of her head down, her expression was difficult to distinguish, but Alyssa could feel her hesitation.

What is she hesitating about?

Does she hesitate to help Isabel deal with her?

Just now, Rachel was obviously playing Alyssa’s words. She has lived a rich and stable life these years, and her ability to detect words and actions is not as good as Alyssa, so she doesn’t know that she has been exposed.

Alyssa was aware of her purpose and deliberately avoided the questions she asked about “Luther”.

No matter what methods they have or what they can do, just come.

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