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Chapter 49

Colin seemed to be afraid of her going back, and immediately said, “Anytime, I will be free today.”

“But I don’t have time today, let’s do it tomorrow.” Colin’s tone was light, not anxious at all.

When Alyssa was in Hunt’s house before, she was too submissive, and people in the family had long been accustomed to her, and Colin was no exception.

When he heard her perfunctory tone, Colin became impatient: “You don’t have a job now, what are you doing?”

“Daddy thought I was perfunctory to you? I really have something to be busy, so let’s do that first, and I will send you the address later.”

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa thought for a while, then edited a text message and sent it to Colin.

When Colin received Alyssa’s text message, he could not help but frown when he read the address clearly.

In his impression, Alyssa was silly and very earthy. He didn’t expect that she would be picked in Best Day.

Thinking of Best Day’s consumption, he suddenly had a headache.

Best Day is the place where “Luther” took Alyssa to eat last time. It is because it is very expensive that Alyssa chose it.

As for the other reason, because Best Day is a formal high-end clubhouse, Colin and the others dare not make any small moves.

At present, what she needs most is a lawyer.

But she doesn’t, and she couldn’t afford it.


Peter recently called Karl late at night to complain about how miserable he was being bullied by the stubborn elders in the company.

There are indeed many things about the company recently, so Karl went to the company.

After two meetings, he deployed the project plan and went back.

When he arrived at the villa, it was lunchtime. As soon as he entered the door, he smelled the aroma of the food coming out of the kitchen.

Is she cooking?

Karl handed his suit jacket to the bodyguard behind him, and strode towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Alyssa was wearing an apron with her back facing him, standing on her toes and pressing the range hood.

The range hood was installed a little high, and she had trouble getting up on tiptoe. Karl walked over and pressed it for her as soon as his arm stretched over her head.

Alyssa turned her head, her face turned to the sky, her thick bangs had been thinned a lot, she was still holding a spatula in her right hand, and standing there with her apron, her face also appeared somewhat docile.

“You’re back! You can eat soon.” Alyssa begged him for something, so she smiled very flatteringly.

Many people wanted to please him, but he was in the best mood only when Alyssa pleased him.

Karl didn’t show it on his face, but only faintly replied, “Yes.”

Then he put his hands in the pockets of the suit trousers, standing aside watching her cooking, with a casual look on his face, but his eyes kept falling on Alyssa.

The sound of “babble” in the wok overwhelmed each other’s breathing.

After Alyssa finished cooking, when she turned around, she realized that “Luther” had not gone out.

“What are you doing here?” Does he like to smell the oily smoke?

Karl turned around and walked out: “It’s nothing.”

He just thought she was pleasing to the eye, so he looked at her for a while.

At the dinner table, the two of them had finished their meal, Alyssa looked at him with a smile: “You and Karl, both have own private lawyers, right?”

“Yeah.” Karl wiped his hands with a towel, and asked her carelessly: “Why, the lawsuit has been filed?”

Alyssa shook her head: “No, it’s the kind of lawyer who looks at commercial contracts, do you have one? Can you lend me some help?”

Karl looked at her steadily, there was no emotional expression on his casual face, but Alyssa felt an inexplicable dissatisfaction.

What is he dissatisfied with?

Karl originally thought that she could ask for something extraordinary if she was so proactive to please him, but in the end she just borrowed a lawyer.

Really disappointed.

“Yes, there are, but…” Karl paused when he said that, his eyes wandering around her.

Alyssa looked down at herself, there was nothing wrong with her clothes, right? Or does he want to ask?

Thinking of this, Alyssa looked at him vigilantly, and slowly stretched out her hands to hold his arms in front of her.

Karl saw her reaction in his eyes and wanted to laugh a little, so he coughed lightly to hide his smile.

When he let go, the expression on his face was indifferent again: “You will have to cook in the future.”

“In the future?” Alyssa asked tentatively, “How long?”

“Depends on my mood.” Karl tilted his head and looked down at her. His eyes were wide and narrow, and he looked scornful.

Alyssa gritted her teeth and said, “Okay, deal!”

“Luther” is not obligated to help her, and his request is within her acceptance range, which is actually not excessive.

Karl smiled and said in an orderly tone: “Now go and cut the fruit.”

Alyssa: “…” Didn’t you just mean cooking? Now this tone is to treat her as a maid?

Although she slandered him in her heart, she obediently cut the fruit.

After Alyssa cut the fruit and brought it over, she left.

Karl took a picture of plate with his mobile phone and sent it to Peter.

Peter seemed to give him special attention, and in the next second he replied to Karl: “It’s just fruit, what’s so great!”

Karl replied calmly, “My wife cut it for me.”

Peter returned an expression: [cold.jpg].

Feeling Peter’s jealousy, Karl began to eat fruit very satisfied.


In the afternoon, Alyssa took a lawyer borrowed from “Luther” to Best Day.

She wore a white down jacket and a pair of jeans with a face, and she went out with her bag on her back. It can be said that she was dressed very ordinary.

High-end clubs like Best Day were not accessible to ordinary people, but Colin had a good social network, so she would definitely be able to enter. She planned to let Colin come out to pick her up when she arrived.

However, when she took the lawyer to the gate of Best Day, the doorman not only did not stop her, but even showed eight teeth with a smile, very enthusiastic: “Welcome.”

The style of the high-end clubhouse is really different.

Alyssa went directly to the box where Colin was.

Colin also brought a lawyer. He didn’t expect that Alyssa would also bring a lawyer.

After all, in his opinion, Alyssa was slower and a bit silly to react than normal people.

Alyssa sat down opposite Colin: “Dad.”

Colin saw her at first glance and found that she was different from usual.

She seems to have become…especially beautiful?

Although he was puzzled in his heart, but there were outsiders present, he couldn’t always ask her if she had a plastic surgery, right?

“Yeah.” Colin retreated his thoughts and responded.

He glanced at the lawyer standing behind her, and gave his lawyer a calm look to let him act on his own.

Even if Alyssa brought a lawyer, she might not be able to see the loopholes in the contract. She has no money, how good a lawyer can she find?

Chapter 50

However, when he read the contract, Colin realized that he was wrong.

The lawyer Alyssa brought was not a sloppy, and was very professional and cautious.

The lawyer “Luther” lent to Alyssa was named Clayton Cox, and he seemed very calm and cautious.

Clayton just noticed Colin’s contempt for him, but he was still calm.

When Colin’s lawyer came up with the share transfer contract, Clayton found several loopholes in it.

Colin didn’t understand this very well, but his lawyer was already pale, and he understood that the lawyer Alyssa had brought was very powerful.

He quickly said to Alyssa, “Alyssa, our company has been too busy recently, so it’s normal for a contract to go wrong.”

Clayton sneered: “Really? Such a simple contract loophole will not even be seen by a fresh graduate intern, let alone a legal consultant who has been in your company for more than three years?”

Alyssa was a little surprised. How could he tell that the lawyer Colin led had been in the industry for at least three years?

The lawyer’s eyes are so strong?

Alyssa didn’t show the surprise from the bottom of her heart, but rather gently said, “Dad, your lawyer should be changed.”

Colin turned his head and scolded his lawyer: “What do you do, a transfer contract can’t be dealt with, what use I want you to do!”

His lawyer hurriedly lowered his head to admit his mistake: “I’m sorry, Chairman, I made a mistake. I may have got the wrong contract.”

As he spoke, he took out a new contract from his briefcase.

Colin has been in the business for so many years, it is impossible without a little ability, so he made two-handed preparations early in the morning.

One contract with loopholes, one normal contract.

Clayton took the new share transfer contract and read it carefully, and then nodded to Alyssa: “No problem.”


After completing the share transfer letter, Alyssa ordered two afternoon tea sets and packed them away.

As for the money? Of course Colin paid for it.

After leaving Best Day, Alyssa gave one of the afternoon tea sets to Clayton, and said with a smile: “Lawyer Clayton, I troubled you today.”

“Mrs. Adams is polite.”

Although Clayton usually doesn’t take such small cases, he is employed by Karl and has friendship with him. Alyssa won’t bother him naturally.

Another reason is that he also wants to see how ugly the legendary Mrs. Adams is.

Although she is not dressed plainly, she is not only not ugly, but also beautiful from the perspective of an adult man.

When she laughed, it was looked forward to brilliance.

“Thank you very much for helping me. You should be very busy. I will invite you to have afternoon tea by offering the Buddha with flowers.” As she can see from his sharp style, he must be a very good lawyer. The more capable he is The more favored, the busier.

Seeing her sincereity, Clayton reached out and took it.

He can take it back and feed it to Peter, the kid is like a pig reincarnation, eating everything.

Alyssa left with the front foot, and Colin and his lawyer came out with the back foot.

Colin was really curious. Where did Alyssa find such a powerful lawyer, he approached and said, “Sir, please stay.”

Clayton looked at Colin with a serious expression, “Mr. Adams, something?”

Colin set the stage, coughed lightly and asked, “If you don’t mind, shall we have a cup of coffee together?”

Clayton smiled: “Sorry, maybe there is no time.”

This old fox is not as clever as his daughter, his time is more expensive than gold, and he will go to anyone who asks him for coffee. Isn’t he too busy?

On the contrary, the lawyer behind Colin asked politely: “Mr. What is your last name?”

Clayton hooked his lips: “The last name is Cox.”

Then he lifted his foot and left.

Colin’s lawyer murmured: “Cox, Cox…”

Suddenly, he patted the palm of his hand with regret: “The lawyer circle in Rostenvel is so big, and he knows all the well-known lawyers in the industry, so it is Clayton who is so venomous and sharp!”

Clayton was a man, and Colin had also heard of it.

A few years ago, a commercial case that caused a sensation in the Rostenvel was so extensive that no one dared to take it. In the end, Clayton took it. It took a few years to finally settle the lawsuit and become famous in the first battle.

Such a powerful lawyer, Alyssa would definitely not please.

Karl must have asked him for help!

Thinking of this possibility, Colin’s heart was wiped out because of the gloom of 15% of the transfer.

Karl was so good to Alyssa? Then he asked Alyssa to blow the pillow wind to him, wouldn’t it be very likely that he would invest money in Hunt’s family?


Clayton went to AdamPic Media with afternoon tea.

He went directly to the president’s office to find Peter.

Peter has been trapped in the company to work overtime every day recently, and he feels unhappy when he sees others being able to go out and relax.

He also knew that Clayton had gone out before. As soon as he saw Clayton coming in, he asked his teacher: “Where are you going to make trouble, honestly call in, otherwise your salary will be deducted!”

“What do you say?” Clayton glanced at him, not caring.

Peter pushed his glasses and played dead on his desk.

Clayton is a great god, and most people can’t ask for it. Where Peter dares to deduct his salary, only Karl dares to deduct his salary.

Clayton put the afternoon tea given to him by Alyssa on the office table, and said with a face of grace: “Eat.”

Peter resurrected in a second, and frowned after drinking a drink, “Best Day, you bought it?”

Best Day was originally a hotel, but Karl took over and spent a lot of money to build a luxurious clubhouse.

During this period of time, Karl was passive and slow to work and never came to the company, so he went to Best Day to vent his hatred every day. He was so tired of eating that he was about to vomit, and immediately lost his appetite.

Clayton looked unpredictable: “Mr.s Adams gave this to me.”

“Alyssa?” Peter was a little surprised: “Is she okay to buy you afternoon tea, you go, she hooks you? This is too much, you and Karl brothers for so many years, she wants you to turn your heads against each other? !”

Clayton twitched the corners of his mouth: “You can just go into the entertainment circle and film a scene, let Karl make you popular.”

Peter was just joking. He had seen Alyssa and he intuitively felt that she was not that kind of person.

“You see Alyssa now, so it looks like that, but Karl is quite caring for her.” Peter also has no malice, and he has no prejudice against Alyssa, just simple. He felt that Karl’s vision was incredible.

Clayton thought for a moment, and gave a comment that he thought was very pertinent: “She’s pretty.”

Peter: “?????”

What have these two people experienced? How come their aesthetics have become like this?

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