Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 401

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Chapter 401


The words of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf echoed!

The whole wolf hall was completely exploded.

All the black fighters rushed towards Shaun enthusiastically.

ten people!

Twenty people!

Thirty people!

The little beggar and vendors with her who were here to support Shaun got frightened to see this scene.

Almost a hundred boxers are besieging Shaun. If this news spread, it will definitely shock the entire Jiangcheng.

In particular, the black boxers filled the ring.

At a glance, then the ring is filled with fighters!


It is hard to beat two to three people for one person. Almost everyone does not believe that Shaun can beat one hundred!

After all, this is incredible!

“Shaun will die! No one believes that Shaun will be lucky this time!”

Wen Qian’s nose and mouth were bleeding, but she didn’t care. Instead, she was looking at the ring with vicious eyes.

She couldn’t wait to see Shaun being knocked down, abolished, or even killed!

Only in this way!

She can feel happy and relieved.

More than her!

The iron-faced gray wolf beside her also had a thick grinning smile on his face and he said to himself:

“Little beast, you are finished, this time, you are dead!”

On the face of the iron-faced wolf, the ferocious twinkles appeared!

A cold sweat started to drip down from the forehead of the little beggar and her companions.

“Big brother will surely escape!”

The little beggar seemed to be praying for Shaun at this moment.

As if the heavens heard her prayer, the next scene made everyone unable to believe their eyes!

Bang bang bang!

All the black boxers who went towards the ring with high speed, flew back with more high speed after hit by Shaun.

The sound of cracking bones resounded constantly.

One after another, like trash, they were beaten out.

A mouthful of scarlet blood, constantly squirting out of their mouths!

ten people!



There was a crackling sound of falling people to the ground.

Shaun stood on the ring, like a human-shaped meat grinder. Everywhere he passed, there were silhouettes vomiting blood.

Every time he shot, it was incredible.

Like a ghost, on the ring, flashing and moving.

Almost a hundred black boxers were, not a single one succeeded to touch Shaun.

“No… how is this possible!”

Dense cold sweat rushed down from the forehead of the iron-faced gray wolf!


He had never seen such a strong person.

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