Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 402

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Chapter 402

His subordinates looked like ants in the opponent’s hands, and they were beaten and thrown away.

This is simply incredible!

The number of people under him was getting fewer and fewer, seeing this scene, the iron-faced gray wolf lost his temper.

“Damn! Damn! Damn!”

“The strength of this guy is almost the same as King Kong, who is his master and the number one master of Yunhai City!”

“What should I do now? Call Master Dao and Master Tiger, for the support?”

The Iron Face Wolf panicked completely.



Another figure got threw off the ring.

The entire wolf hall has fallen into dead silence for the first time.

The iron-faced gray wolf turned his eyes and suddenly saw that on the ground of the entire wolf hall, there were densely packed men lying.

Most of these people had died for sure.

There was only one wound on their bodies, but this one wound has completely abolished them.

There are as many as 60 or 70 people.

The remaining twenty to thirty black boxers were almost scared to pee at this moment.

Their legs started to tremble and they got frozen in one place. They looked at Shaun with deep fear and panic. No one dared to step forward!

“Damn it!”

The iron-faced wolf got completely stunned.

At this moment, he even planned to escape.

More than him!

Wen Qian next to him was also shocked to see this scene.


She kept swallowing her saliva as if she had seen a ghost.


She had never seen such a strong man in her entire life. She couldn’t believe that Shaun has beaten sixty to seventy black boxers single-handedly.

at the same time!

Outside the wolf hall, cars stopped!

Many cars are densely packed and lined up from the north and the south toward the gate of the wolf hall.

The moment the car doors opened, all the men quickly walked out one by one.

In the sedan to the north.

Those who got out were all men in white, more than two hundred people!

On the southern side, all the men who got out were big in suits and leather shoes, they are almost two hundred people!

Everyone had a machete in his hand, and their expression was extremely solemn.


When the two cars stopped!

All the big guys lined up to form two walls in front of the cars.

Then, two figures got out of the cars one after another.

It is Heihu and Daoye!

The two looked at each other at this moment, but as if they were in a tacit understanding, they nodded to each other.

Then, they said to their subordinates separately:

“Everyone prepares everything!”

“This time we are here to abolish the group of wolf hall, but you must be careful. some very vicious fighters can beat someone to death with a single punch.

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