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Chapter 51

As soon as Alyssa entered the villa door, she asked the bodyguard, “Is Luther there?”


Alyssa brought the afternoon tea and went upstairs to find “Luther” in a good mood.

Where is his room?

She thought about it, she came out of his room yesterday morning… She found “Luther”‘s room, she looked around, and the location of this room looked like the Sir bedroom.

Karl has a good relationship with him, even let him live in the Sir bedroom?

Alyssa reached out and knocked on the door, and the voice of “Luther” soon came from inside: “What’s the matter?”

His voice was low and cold, and more indifferent than usual when talking to her.

Alyssa said, “It’s me, I brought you afternoon tea.”

In the room, Karl was looking at his gunshot wound.

After asking Alyssa to fetch the bullets for him, he went back and went to a private hospital for an examination. His life was bought by his mother, so he was actually very sorry.

Asking Alyssa to fetch the bullets for him was also a stopgap measure.

The wound healed very well, but it still left scars.

He put on his clothes, opened the door and saw Alyssa standing at the door carrying the packing box.

Alyssa also just looked up at him, with a plain face, she handed the packed afternoon tea to him: “Hey, I brought it for you.”

Looking at the packing bag, he knew it was brought back from Best Day.

He took it and asked, “Have things gone well?”

“It went well, thank you.”

Alyssa smiled involuntarily, with eyes that were as bright and beautiful as a cat slightly bent, which looked particularly moving.

Karl responded indifferently, “Yes.”

Then he closed the door with a “bang”.

Alyssa: “…” How does it feel that he was afraid of her just now?

She turned around and went back to the room, and received a text message from “Luther”, which contained a dish name.

Immediately afterwards, she received several short messages in succession.

A dish name in a text message.

What kind of food do you want to eat? Just say no at once. You have to have a text message with a name of the dish. The rich is so…

When she was poor, her mobile phone could not be used for half a year, let alone such extravagant texting… But when she went downstairs, she realized that there was more extravagance.

… Alyssa originally planned to go downstairs to see what’s in the refrigerator.

When she went to the kitchen, she saw two bodyguards taking the dishes out of the refrigerator.

She approached and asked suspiciously: “Why are you taking out the dishes?”

“This is the dish that was delivered at noon yesterday. I have to replace it today.”

“Why have these dishes been replaced with new ones? You can still eat these dishes!”

Alyssa looked down, and the dishes were still very fresh.

The bodyguard looked at each other: “It’s always been like this…I change new dishes every day.”

Alyssa: “…Okay.”

Every time she cooks, the refrigerator is full. She thought that someone would add food to it every day, but she didn’t expect it to be replaced every day… When she was cooking at night, Alyssa served every dish. Do the biggest part.

Because she knows that if these dishes are not finished, they will be replaced.

Although she also felt that it was too extravagant to change dishes every day, the rich young masters had their own ways.

Halfway through the cooking, she heard noises coming from outside.

She just cooked another dish, brought it to the table, and took a look at it.

Apart from “Luther”, there are two men in the living room.

Peter and Clayton.

“Luther” knows Clayton, and Peter also knows him. Naturally, it is not surprising.

Peter saw Alyssa with sharp eyes.

Probably because of Karl’s illness, he had already exposed his nature, so he didn’t wear glasses to pretend to be gentle and waved at her with a familiar smile.

He seemed to be less gentle, like the most naughty male classmate in the class when she was in school.

The most eye-catching, the worst, but also the most attractive.

Alyssa thought he was childish.

“Mr.s Adams…too.”

After seeing Alyssa’s face clearly, Peter stammered.

He turned his head to look at Clayton, and Clayton spread his hands towards her, smiling innocently.

Peter felt that Clayton smiled hypocritically.

In the afternoon, he and Clayton were arguing about Alyssa’s appearance in the company, and then he decided to come to Karl’s house to see Alyssa directly with Clayton.

As it turned out, it was not that they were blind, but that Alyssa had changed her face! Peter asked nonchalantly: “Why do you look different from before?”

“Maybe it was because the bangs were too thick before, so the makeup didn’t look good.”

Alyssa finished jokingly and half earnestly, and greeted Clayton again, and went back to the kitchen.

Peter looked suspicious, but this is too much difference! It’s a heaven and an underground.

He was in a daze, until Alyssa entered the kitchen, he was still watching.

Karl came over, kicked him directly, and stared at him coldly, “If you have enough, you can leave.”

Peter hugged his leg so that it hurts, “Aoao” and shouted, “Karl, you are inhuman!”

The ending sound was confiscated, and Karl glanced at him coldly. He suddenly realized what he had said, and quickly covered his mouth.

Fortunately, the kitchen was far away from the hall, and Alyssa was cooking again, so she didn’t hear the sound from here.

Peter looked at Karl with a look of horror: “Your wife didn’t hear it!”

“You can go now.”

After Karl finished speaking, he walked into the restaurant.

Peter smelled the scent of the dishes long ago, and followed Karl to the restaurant.

Karl turned his head and looked at him blankly: “Do you want to go to Africa?”

When the voice fell, he found that Clayton had also followed.

Feeling Karl’s gaze, Clayton nonchalantly lowered his head and adjusted his cuffs and looked at his toes, pretending that he didn’t feel Karl’s gaze.

For three hundred and sixty-five days a year, three hundred and sixty-six days are spent in the restaurant outside. Now there have ready-made home-cooked dishes to eat, why would he leave?

He has smelled the smell of spicy fish! Alyssa’s last dish, spicy fish, was prepared and brought out, and she saw the three big men blocking the entrance of the restaurant and not coming in.

She didn’t even know that these men had been naively stalemated at the restaurant door for a while, and thought it was “Luther” who wanted to keep them for dinner.

If you want to keep them for dinner, why not come in?

Alyssa looked at “Luther” and asked uncertainly: “Are you going to eat out with friends or eat at home?

The dishes I cook are quite simple…” Peter’s identity is there, and Clayton looks good. They may not be as picky as “Luther”, and may be more willing to eat in high-end restaurants.

Peter squeezed into the restaurant from the side of Karl and said with a smile, “I like simple dishes.”

Chapter 52

Clayton also walked in, politely smiled at Alyssa, and said, “Me too.”

After he finished speaking, he naturally sat down at the dining table, and Peter also hurriedly sat next to him.

Only Karl stood at the door of the restaurant and did not enter.

Alyssa: “…”

Why does she feel that the atmosphere is not right.

Karl walked in with a cold face, and sat down at the dining table.

Seeing this, Alyssa wanted to go to the kitchen to add two more bowls.

Karl coldly kicked the two opposing people under the table, “I don’t know if I’m going to get the bowl for dinner?”

His own wife can do it by herself, but he still needs to serve them?

Peter and Clayton immediately went to the kitchen to get bowls.

Alyssa was stunned as she watched these two men go to the kitchen to get bowls obediently. She really couldn’t tell that “Luther” was so idling and could make these two men with extraordinary status… obedient.

Alyssa herself also sat down at the table.

She picked herself up a dish, and was about to eat it, when she heard the crisp sound of chopsticks hitting the plate.

As soon as she looked up, she saw that these three people were robbing vegetables, “Luther” was especially excessive, and they had to rob them for every dish.

Alyssa took a bite of rice silently, feeling that she was not facing three men, but three kindergarten children.

It was Clayton who felt Alyssa’s gaze first, and said apologetically: “Ms. Adams doesn’t laugh. I haven’t been home for three years and haven’t eaten home-cooked food.”

Peter followed: “The company running is too busy, I eat takeaway every day.”

Karl: “Don’t listen to nonsense.”

Peter and Clayton bowed their heads and grilled rice together, silent.

In the eyes of Alyssa, it was like “Luther” bullied them.

She slammed “Luther” with her arm, and when she saw him turning to look at her, she said to him: “Since you are keeping them for dinner, don’t do that. Let’s have a good meal.”

When did he leave them for dinner?

Karl sneered and looked at the two opposite people, and said coldly, “You guys eat more.”

Alyssa shook her hand, why did she think that these men might fight at any time?


Alyssa found the atmosphere weird and went to the living room after eating.

She doesn’t understand these men.

As soon as Alyssa left, the dining room became harmonious again.

Peter finally found the opportunity to ask her doubts: “Alyssa…what the hell is going on?”

Karl glanced at him coldly.

Peter made a zipper movement and fell silent immediately.

Clayton was originally with prudent temper. After spending a long time with Peter, he would occasionally be naughty, but when talking about business, he was still very serious.

He didn’t just stay here today, he had other things to say.

Clayton’s face was serious: “Colin’s share transfer contract to Alyssa is indeed a bit tricky, and it is a very low-level contract loophole.”

Karl sneered: “Colin’s wishful thinking is good, and Alyssa is not that easy to fool. She came to the Adams clan, and it will definitely disturb the Hunt clan’s life. Sooner or later, they will take Mr. Adams back to preside over the overall situation.

Not long after he and his mother were kidnapped and rescued back then, the Adams’ family suddenly entered into a marriage contract with the Hunt family. Father Adams also retired from the position of chairman of the family and went abroad to provide for the elderly.

In terms of family background, even if Karl was really disfigured and impot3nt, he would not have the turn to pick his fiancée at Hunt’s house.

It was precisely because the marriage contract was too coincidental and things were too abnormal. He suspected that something was related to the kidnapping of him and his mother more than ten years ago, so when Trevor asked him to marry, he agreed without resisting.

According to his original plan, he would look for clues from his fiancé Isabel and investigate the Hunt family.

However, it was Alyssa who got married, a little smart and a little silly woman who hid secrets.

Karl leaned back, a trace of helplessness appeared in his eyes.

Alyssa’s cooking is the same as his mother’s, so he can’t help but approach, and then approach…

Peter knocked on the dining table a few times and said, “I think you can invite Mr. Adams back directly.”

“No, that would be too horrible.” Karl’s expression was determined: “Old man was going abroad for retirement very suddenly. There must be something tricky about it. It has been fifteen years. I don’t care if I wait for a few more days. Find out all the people involved in that matter.”

Find them all? and then?

Although Karl did not speak any more, Peter knew that Karl would never let them go easily.

He suspected that in the kidnapping, the Hunt family and the kidnappers should cooperate with each other. After the kidnapping case passed, he repeatedly speculated and then followed the clues of the year to draw conclusions.


on Monday.

Alyssa is going to Hunt’s report.

She didn’t care what position Colin would arrange for her. Anyway, she had shares in her hands and was not afraid of it.

Now that she no longer pretends, she doesn’t need to wear those clothes again.

There are no girls who don’t love beauty.

She also has beautiful clothes, bought by herself, and Tina bought a lot for her.

Tina had a good family background. She was the school bully in high school. There were many people who followed her, and many people hated her, most of them were girls.

Girls deal with girls they hate, naturally, they use low-level methods.

They took advantage of the coolness and took advantage of the loneliness, and caught her in the abandoned teaching building to beat her…

Alyssa went to feed the stray cat. Hearing the movement, she picked up a rusty cement knife and passed by. She frightened them: “A fool will not be locked up for killing.”

The girls ran away pale with fright.

Then, Tina had been good friends with her for many years.

Alyssa chose a red coat with a black sweater inside and a pair of small black leather shoes on her feet, which looked energetic and capable.

She went downstairs with her bag and just saw “Luther” reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.

Hearing the footsteps, he raised his head and saw Alyssa at a glance, her red coat made her skin whiter.

Slender, lively, and fragrant.

Karl looked at her for a few seconds, and said in a bad tone: “While cousin is away, you want to go out and find someone else.”

What he said was not a question, but a statement.

When Alyssa looked in the mirror before, she thought she looked pretty, so she was in a good mood.

She walked up to Karl, condescending, looking at him contemptuously: “Even if I want to find it, I will only go to Karl. Don’t always think of others so unbearably.”

When Karl heard the words, his hand shook, and coffee overflowed from the cup and spilled on his suit.

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