Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 409

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Chapter 409

Until Shaun walked out of the door, a deafening cry of respectfulness resounded:

“Send the BOSS!”

“Send Mr. Lin respectfully!”

In this voice, there is a boundless reverence.

Seeing this scene, Wen Qian’s delicate body trembled fiercely.

She looked in the direction of the door, her expressions got complicated:

“Elvira, you have chosen the right husband, he is much stronger than we can imagine…too much!”

Jiangshi in the afternoon!

A piece of news shook the whole city.

Known as the manufacturing factory of Jiang City’s “Black Boxer”, the third-ranked wolf has been uprooted within a day.

More than 70 black boxers including the head of the Wolf Hall The Iron-faced Gray Wolf have been beaten.

As soon as this news emerged, the city was in an uproar.

No one can imagine what kind of existence it is that can turn this terrifying place like the Wolf Hall into a cloud of smoke at a glance.


The Iron-faced Gray Wolf is the only black boxer in the Jiangshi underground boxing arena in the last three years.

The news of abolishing him has shocked all the forces in Jiang City.

This news swept through like a violent storm.

Some people say that Lord Beicheng Dao and Lord Tiger Nancheng with their subordinates had eliminated the wolf hall.

Others say that the wolf hall offended a terrifying strong man and they got uprooted by that person.

There are even more rumors.

More than a hundred strong men in the wolf hall attacked one person, in return, they got crushed and destroyed.

But what is shocking is that all the customers and parties in the wolf hall at that time remained silent, and no one came forward to explain what happened.

All the people who were witnesses to that remained silent because they are afraid of someone.

This is why no one knows what had actually happened there.

And outside, the city was full of rumors.

Inside a hospital ward.

A young man stood in front of the hospital bed, his expression gloomy almost dripping out:

“Canglang, you are trash. There were more than a hundred black boxers, still, that single person beat you all!”

This is Duan Chun.

He looked at the appearance of the iron-faced wolf lying weak and limp on the hospital bed, a face filled with anger and unwillingness.

five million!

Floated for nothing.

Even they couldn’t touch Shaun, which made him almost vomiting blood with anger.

Hearing this!

The gray wolf’s complexion became paler, he coughed violently, and then said weakly:

“Duan Chun, don’t blame us for this instead blame yourself!”


Duan Chun was taken aback when he heard this, then his brows instantly frowned, and he said with dissatisfaction:

“Blame me? Canglang, are you scared of that stupid Shaun? I paid you to kill him, and you failed. How can you blame me?”

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