Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 441

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Chapter 441

It didn’t take long before Irene came out, ran to Grace angrily, and then looked up and down the s*xy Grace several times.

“Grace, if you dress like this in this cold day, you are not afraid of freezing you?”

“Does it look good?” Grace turned around on the spot.

Irene also cast a wink over.

Irene hugged his arms and shook, “I was so sick that I got goose bumps all over.”

“Ahee…” Grace suddenly sneezed.

Irene immediately yelled, “You want demeanor but not temperature, is your head filled with bean dregs?”

Grace pressed on to him, holding Irene tightly. “I’m so cold, Mr. Yan, give me some warmth.”

Irene shrank into a quail, “My god, Grace, you actually take advantage of me?”

Janice squatted in the back seat of the car, quietly exposing two eyes and sticking to the window. Seeing Grace and Irene hugging each other affectionately, Irene did not push her away, and Janice clenched her fists with anger.

Grace considered that she and Irene had been playing around since they were young, and this kind of hugging was a common thing when they were young. So Zhengzheng should not be very resistant.


Grace suddenly hugged Irene’s face, pursing red lips and about to k!ss him.

Irene went silly!

Grace’s lips finally fell on his cheek.

Just when Grace felt very frustrated, she never thought that Irene would suddenly recall and yell at her.

“You actually kissed me? Grace, why are you such a ghostly virtue?”

Grace was already on the string, and had to bite the bullet and play.

“I like you?”

Irene touched her head, “I know?”

Grace suddenly hugged him tightly, “You also like me, don’t you?”

Irene is like a puppet, weak and weak, “Isn’t this nonsense?”

“Since we are in love with each other, how about we get married—”

Irene was almost choked to death by saliva…

“Knot-get married? We two?”

Irene separated Grace’s paws on her body, fingers apart, “You get me up.”

Finally pushed Grace away like a dog-skin plaster, and then made a very serious face, “Grace. Stand attentively and rest!”

Grace chuckles, “You know who I am, right?”

Irene did not fight, and stretched out his hand to squeeze Grace’s face hard, “You damn girl, I know that you are playing this role today as a weasel giving a New Year greeting to the rooster. So you want to test me?”

Then he rolled his eyes angrily, “Of course I know who you are.”

“Who am I?” In order to make Janice hear more clearly, Grace lured Zhengzheng to tell the truth.

Irene looked around her eyes and made sure that there was no one nearby, so he put his mouth to Grace’s side, and said, “You are the master of my family.”

Grace kicked his a$s and said, “Okay, since you know who I am, you deliberately framed me in front of the war master a few days ago. Irene, you owe it!”

Irene ran faster than a rabbit, hiding behind a big tree, pointing at Grace, panting and saying, “A woman is so sturdy that a man is afraid of it, and I now give tears of sympathy for my brother-in-law.”

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