Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 442

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Chapter 442

The BMW door was suddenly kicked open…

Janice looked at Irene with hands on her hips angrily, Hedong Lion roared, “Irene——”

Irene sat directly on the ground, with cold sweat on his forehead, “I can’t deal with a tigress, and two tigresses, I can just die.”

Then lay on the ground quite a corpse…

Janice walked over and kicked him vigorously with her feet, “Pretend to die, get up?”

Grace said, “buckle the soles of his feet.”

Irene immediately jumped up, “Grace, you are cruel! I can only see you clearly now, it turns out that your arm is from the foreign minister——”

Grace looked at him coldly, “I told you not to provoke Janice, why are you not obedient? After provoking her, he continued to give up again, making Janice sad and sad. Today, I am going to kill her relatives righteously!”

“f*ck!” Irene had no love, “I believe it, Grace, you must be my sister. Only you are so cruel to me.”

Janice squatted down and angrily smashed Irene’s head to face her, “Irene. Take a good look at me, for you, how many bitter tears I shed, do you know?”

Irene looked at Janice’s red and swollen eyes, “The onion smokes? Great.”

Janice said, “I’m crying for you? Irene, are you still a man? If you are a man, just give me a word, do you love me or not?”

Irene said, “I have already said it.”

Janice took out her mobile phone from her bag and turned on the recording, “I want you to record an audio that doesn’t love me. I want to listen to it every day to remind myself to forget you.”

A fleeting gloom flashed across Irene’s face.

“Janice, I don’t love you!” Irene said in urgency.

Janice said angrily, “Tell me well.”

Grace watched her brother’s escape with eyes full of eyes, couldn’t bear to see him so embarrassed, and turned around to avoid seeing him.

Irene was very hot, “Grace. Take your friend away.”

Grace trembled, Irene’s voice sounded rough and dull, but it was clearly mixed with great unwillingness and despair.

Grace didn’t listen to him, but just said lightly, “Brother, you are a man. You have to help her with some pain.”

Grace’s words seemed to make Irene’s inflatable balloon instantly gasp.

Irene got up from the ground, grabbed Janice’s cell phone, and shouted forcefully, “Janice, Irene will never love you in your life, so give up!”

Janice snatched the phone, and the blood-red pupils stared at him angrily, “I know. Don’t worry, I won’t pester you anymore.”

Then, Janice pulled Grace in a daze, “Let’s go!”

Grace looked back at Irene and shouted to him, “Irene, get up from wherever you fall.”

The BMW car whizzed away.

The car passed through the flowery imperial capital, driving on a wide highway, and finally a long muddy country road…

Grace didn’t know where Janice was going, knew she was in a bad mood, Grace didn’t ask, just wanted to be with her quietly.

Finally the car stopped in the desolate suburb…

Grace looked around. It was really desolate. There were a few ruins next to it. It should be an old factory decades ago, but it was in disrepair for a long time and looked dilapidated.

There are still some villages in the distance, with cigarettes blowing in, and every household seems to be busy making dinner.

“Sister Irene, this is the place where I lost [God] years ago!” Janice’s voice floated out softly like smoke.

Grace only felt that her body seemed to be poured into lead and iron, and she was so heavy that she could not breathe.

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