Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 443

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Chapter 443

“What are you doing back here?” Grace felt her voice trembling.

Janice said, “I want to settle with the past.”

Grace stopped talking.

Janice pushed the car door, stepped on the muddy road, and walked slowly towards the ruins in front.

Grace looked at her bleak back, her eyes flushed.

Loving someone when you were young is always so brave, like a moth fighting a fire, knowing it can’t do it.

The final ending is always so bleak.

Janice loves Zhengzheng, if this love is a little bit plain, for example Janice’s love for Zhengzheng is a little bit lighter, or Janice has not chased love for thousands of miles and was bullied, leaving behind this sad and lamentable melancholy, perhaps Janice Lucky to be saved.

And she loves to fight Jacob, if there is no such car accident, if there is no wonderful rebirth, if there is no secret in the attic, with her strong temper, if she tries to forget a person with her heart, she should be able to do it.

It’s a pity that everything is now-beyond regret!

Grace shook her head painfully, opened the door and walked out.

The cold wind blew her face, and the unbearable images in Grace’s mind were instantly covered by the cold.

Grace turned her arms in place.

A middle-aged man stood behind a big tree obliquely in front of him, his eyes fixed on Janice walking towards the ruins.

That look-Grace had never seen him before, hot and wretched, nervous and secretly happy.

Grace stared at this man for an instant.

The man suddenly started his steps and walked slowly towards the ruins in front.

Janice walked into the ruins and came to the place in her memory where she was entangled by nightmares.

Standing there in a daze, the pictures of pain and helplessness flooded into my mind again.

“Ah!” Janice knelt on the ground and let out a howl in grief.

“Little girl!” An old voice came from behind.

Janice thought she was hearing a hallucination. She turned around and saw a vicissitudes of man’s face…

Janice stared at his blood-red pupils, and suddenly rushed at him like a little tiger, “sc*m, I’m going to tear you.”

The man didn’t move, “Little girl, are you lacking a man? How thirsty is when you see a man? Don’t worry, you want me to fulfill you.”

The man pushed violently, and with a seemingly gentle motion, he pushed Janice more than one meter away. Janice fell straight to the ground.

The man began to untie his clothes…

Only then did Janice feel scared, wanted to shout, and feared that Grace would be brought to suffer with her.

She can only endure the fear in her heart, holding the ground desperately with both hands.

“Little girl, come on!” The man rushed forward.

Just when he bit and bit Janice, Grace quietly appeared at the entrance of the ruined cave. Holding an anti-wolf stick in her hand. When she saw Janice being bullied, she suddenly trembled with anger.

“A**hole, I’m going to kill you.”

The man turned around and saw Grace approaching him, with an evil expression on his face, “Good luck today—”

Grace waved the anti-wolf electric baton, “I don’t believe it if I don’t turn you into a coke stick today.”

In desperation, she forgot to protect her privacy.

Janice got up and arranged her clothes. To Grace said, “You have to be careful.”

Grace threw the anti-wolf electric baton to Janice, “protect yourself.”

Janice stared at Grace with her pupil open, “Then what do you do?”

Grace put on a taekwondo posture, “I tried my best with him.”

The man sneered grimly, “I like this temperament.”

Then a sweeping leg waved towards Grace.

“I’m a practicing family.” Grace jumped up and escaped smoothly.

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