Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 444

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Chapter 444

Janice was so nervous that she squeezed the anti-wolf electric baton, her pupils locked on the man.

The man flew up suddenly, as fast as electricity.

Grace drilled through her bottom plate. But his face was startled, and she felt bad.

“Janice, go quickly.” Grace wanted to protect Janice no matter what.

Janice stepped forward, “How can I leave you here.”

“Janice, listen, my life was picked up anyway. Your brother didn’t care about this life anyway, and I was relieved when I died. But you are different…you are still young and not married yet. !”

Janice cried, “How can you treat your life so contemptuously? My brother is not rare, I am rare. The big deal, I will spend my next life with you.”

Grace red eyes, “Janice, I want to understand a truth these days. Maybe God asked me to live again to let me see the true face of your brother. Now I see clearly, so God decided to take it back. My life is gone.”

“Janice, I can hold him for a while, you run. If I don’t run, I will run by myself, but I can’t help him—I would rather die than make him.”

The man smiled frivolously, “A pair of loving and righteous sisters.”

Then use the capture-

Grace had retreated to the furthest distance away from him. Seeing the man started, Grace made a run-up, suddenly jumped up, clamped the man’s neck with her legs, and twisted hard—

The man hugged her leg with both hands and tried to throw her off, “There are two things!”

Grace exhausted her milk-feeding energy, and Janice also raised the anti-wolf electric baton and danced fiercely towards the man’s legs.

The man was hit up and down, kneeling on the ground.

Grace suddenly snatched the anti-wolf electric baton from Janice’s hand and slashed it on the man’s back.

The man lost the power to fight back, the evil pupils were unwilling, and stared at Grace angrily. “Woman, you successfully angered me!”

Grace said bitterly, “Go to death.”

The electric baton was pressed against the man’s back, and the man finally fainted because he could not withstand the electric shock.

A sea of blood poured out of Janice’s pupils, and suddenly he snatched the electric baton, and slammed under the man like crazy.

“Janice, let’s go quickly.” Grace pulled Janice and ran outside.

It’s dark!

Both were panicked and went straight to the BMW car.

Calendar garden.

Standing at the gate of the garden, Jacob looked forward to the distance.

Knowing that the hope of her coming home is slim, what is she expecting?

A self-deprecating sneer appeared on the handsome face.

The phone in her hand was hot, and she slid the screen again and again, trying to put everything aside to call her, and wanted to order her to go home.

But she was restrained by his strong self-control.

Finally, with a sullen face, she returned to the room.

But sitting on the armchair in the study, waiting quietly—

The BMW car drove from the muddy road into the highway, and night lights illuminate the dark road.

Grace and Janice breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sister Irene, where are we going next?”

Grace was stunned for an instant.

“Or if we are all empty, I will take you away from home and never return to this sad place again.”

Grace said, “I can’t let go of the Yan family…”

“Then I will send you to Irene?”

“No, send me back to the calendar garden!”

Janice was stunned, “If you are afraid of him, why do you want to go back?”

Grace lowered her head and whispered, “I just think that since fate has tied us together. I can’t escape, so I bravely accept it.”

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