Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 445

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Chapter 445

One o’clock.

Grace returned to the calendar garden.

Open the door lightly to enter the house, and then touch upstairs!

Try not to let yourself make a little noise!

However, when she went upstairs, she accidentally kicked the grass on the row of fences standing next to the handrails on the floor.

Make a small sound.

Almost at the same time, a row of bright ceiling lights on the second floor lit up.

Standing at the top of the stairs, Jacob frowned, and only slightly stretched out after seeing Grace.

“Zhan… Master of War!” Grace froze in place, stammering, “Sorry, disturbed you to sleep?”

“I haven’t slept yet.” he said.

Grace was slightly astonished. Jacob’s work and rest system was as rigid as others. If there were no weddings and funerals, it would basically be a time for rest.

She slowly walked up, raised her small head and looked at him. He seemed to be in a good mood, and the slightly raised corners of his lips were really charming.

He suddenly hugged her tightly into his arms. Very hard, as if to be willing to rub her into his body.

Grace was dumbfounded.

What is going on with this guy?

“Sleep with me tonight.” He said dumbly.

Almost begging.

Grace’s heart sank slightly, does this guy have any ulterior motives?

“Master Zhan, it’s late, I have to take a bath, it will affect you.” She tactfully rejected him.

“No. I’ll wait for you.” He is rarely so gentle.

Grace took a breath, what should she do?

Finally, he took her hand and led her into his bedroom. Give her water thoughtfully.

Grace was still struggling to torture after soaking in the bathtub. What will he do with her tonight?

Then Lai was unwilling to go out in the bathtub, thinking that it would take time, as long as it was dawn, the demon factor in his body would fade away! She will be safe by then.

But she forgot.

If the devil intended to do something, how could she stop it?

Jacob opened the bathroom door and looked at her suspiciously, “Want to soak a layer of skin?”

Uh, is this ironic about her taking too long a bath?

“I’ll come out.” Grace blushed, “You go out first, can you?”

Jacob turned and left, and as soon as Grace wrapped a bath towel, she entered.

Holding a snow-white crystal velvet nightgown in his hand, he tore off her bath towel and wrapped her tightly in the nightgown.

Finally picked her up and walked outside.

The bedroom was pitch black.

Grace was lying on the bed, holding the quilt tightly with both hands, her eyes gleaming in the dark night.

The face is blushing!

“Where did you go during the day?” Jacob turned sideways, holding her with one hand.

This action is really intimate.

“I went to the suburbs with Janice.”

Jacob’s heart picked up!

They are really two uncomfortable guys.

“What to do?”

“Janice wants to go to that place and say goodbye to the past.”

Jacob was slightly startled.

Why are women so naive?

“And then?”

Grace was suddenly tense and her whole body tensed, “Master War, we have met a bad man!”

The lights went on quickly.

Jacob Dan sat up and looked at her nervously.

“So what happened?”

Grace patted her heart, “You are overly nervous. He is evil towards us, but Janice and I are not easy to provoke. We stunned him.”

Jacob’s rich imagination began to play, “Why take such a long bath?”

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