Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 410

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Chapter 410


The gray wolf’s eyes were slightly cold, and he said angrily:

“You said he was trash, just a useless person!”

“But he is something different!”


Duan Chun frowned and asked in confusion: “What do you mean by this?”

What do you mean?

At this moment, Cang Wolf seemed to recall the scene, his pale face still showed a deep look of horror:

“That guy is beyond imagination, my brothers, couldn’t be survived under him for a second!”

“A hundred of my brothers attached him and in return, he abolished more than 70 of us! If he is trash, then what are you and me!”


The words of Canglang immediately made Duan Chun’s body tremble.

Not a single fighter survived under him!

More than a hundred fighters attacked together and he deposed 73!

This… how is this possible.

His body shivered to hear this all, making his scalp numb:

“Canglang, it means that your wolf hall was not destroyed by the swordmaster and tiger master?”

“It’s Shaun who did it alone?”


Before Duan Chun was thinking that Master Dao and Master Tiger had uprooted the wolf hall.

But he couldn’t think that it was Shaun who did it!

This is simply incredible.

“That’s right!” Canglang’s face was as if he had seen a ghost, and his heart was full of lingering fears:

“He did it alone!”

“Not only that! He has other mysterious identities, that is Master Dao and Master Tiger regard him as the BOSS!”


The words of Canglang almost made Duan Chun’s jaw drop in shock.


How could a trash son-in-law be so respected by the two big men who rule the South and the North City of Jiang City?

How is this possible.

Duan Chun’s face became more ugly. He thought that he has provoked an unimaginable mysterious existence:

“Does he knows that I am behind the scene?”

A deep panic appeared on Duan Chun’s face.

After all, this is Jiangshi.

And if Shaun is the boss of Master Dao and Master Tiger, then Duan Chun even with the background of the Red Maple Group, cannot escape from Shaun’s clutches.

Large beads of sweat flowed from Duan Chun’s forehead.

Seeing this scene!

Canglang looked at Duan Chun’s gaze, showing deep contempt, and shook his head:

“Don’t worry! My gray wolf takes money to do things. If something goes wrong, I will take responsibility alone!”

With this sentence, Duan Chun let out a long sigh of relief, he is completely relieved.

He was about to say something!

Immediately he heard a round of noise from outside the door.

“Stop, my young master is inside, you are not allowed to go in!”

“Who are you? Get out! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”

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