Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

Dense complexity and disbelief appeared in Wen Qian’s eyes. She looked stupidly at Shaun on the ring as if looking at a stranger.

In her consistent impression, Shaun is the opposite of the waste.

Before she considered him garbage and useless.

But now!

Her view about him completely subverted.

Shaun’s skills are terrifying.

Shaun has cruel methods to destroy someone.

Shaun’s identity is terrifying!

All of this caused the sweat on Wen Qian’s forehead to flow down like water drops.

“From the beginning, he was a real joke in her eyes.”

The corners of Wen Qian’s mouth were full of bitterness.

She realized that she was wrong about Shaun’s personality.

Shaun waved his palm lightly.

Suddenly several big men in black walked out, untied the ropes around the ring, and then slowly put down the iron box hanging in the sky.


When Shaun opened the door of the iron box, he suddenly saw a beautiful woman inside, curled up in the corner of the iron box.

She has fallen into a coma.

After seeing her beads of sweat continued to shed from his forehead.

Especially in the confusion, Elvira muttered a word:

“Shaun, run away! I don’t want you to save me, I don’t want you to take risks for me!”

“Shaun, run! Runaway”

Elvira has exhausted to the extreme and fell into a state of confusion.

Even Shaun has abolished the wolf hall and other many black boxers.


Shaun heard that Elvira was still worried about him in a dazed state, his heart trembled fiercely, and the tip of his nose was slightly sour.

Silly girl.

She worried about Shaun instead of herself, that is why she has fainted.

This made Shaun feel even more sorry for Elvira.


Shaun hurried forward, picked Elvira from the iron box, hugged Elvira, and then clung to his body, and walked out of the tavern!


When Shaun walked out holding Elvira, on both sides of the way, the sturdy men in white or black bowed and saluted together.

ten people!

Fifty people!

One hundred people!

In the blink of an eye, when Shaun walked out to the entrance of the Wolf Hall, everyone in it bowed to him, and the scene was amazing.

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