Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 407

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Chapter 407

For a moment!

The expressions of Master Dao, Master Tiger, and others became more tensed.

It seems that for fear of Shaun, they had provoked that expert.

The iron-faced wolf also sensed the changes in the expressions of everyone, and the smile on his face became more delighted:

“So, I advise you, let me go now! In the future, if that expert comes to Jiangshi, maybe I can help you introduce to him!”

At this moment, Canglang seemed to have sensed everyone’s panic and anxiety.

In his eyes!

As long as he brings out the name of his master King Kong, Shaun would definitely not think of fighting with him even if he is an idiot.

Just when the smile at the corner of the iron-faced gray wolf’s mouth became stronger.

Shaun’s words completely solidified him.

“Feiye kills, it’s nothing! It’s just an ordinary tactic to take someone’s life in the air!”

“That’s it!”


Shaun’s words made the Iron-faced Gray Wolf’s smile stiff, and Dao Master Hu Ye and the others got startled.

They did not expect that Shaun’s tone would be this loud.

This is more than that.

Under the shocking eyes of everyone, Shaun waved his hand:

“Stop him!”

Shaun continued to say, abolish that pig.

This sentence fell in the ears of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, his face became pale.

How could this be!

Shaun knows that his master is King Kong, who is the first person in Jiangnan martial arts. After knowing all this Shaun is still not reconciled with him and wants to abolish him.

This simply made the Iron-faced Gray Wolf unbelievable.


The big guys didn’t care about the horror of the wolf at all, they had to obey the BOSS’s order.

At the moment when the words fell, a sharp knife appeared in the hands of one of these big men.

Then he waved his palms and slashed fiercely against the hamstrings of the wolf!


Blood spewed out from the hands and feet of the iron-faced gray wolf in an instant.

His hamstrings and hand tendons were chopped off.


The sharp pain that seemed like a tide swept through the wolf’s nerves instantly, causing him to howl with pain, rolling all over the floor.

This scene completely scared all the people around.

Within less than an hour!

They couldn’t imagine that the third underground power in Jiang City, the Wolf Hall, was beaten to death.

Including the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, a total of 70 or 80 black boxers were abolished.

Wen Qian’s complexion became paler as if she had been drained of all strength and she fell to the ground.

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