Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 439

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Chapter 439

The squally quarrel suddenly stopped!

Janice lay on the bed limply.

For Grace, only endless pity remained.

“If my brother really treats you like that, I won’t forgive him.” Janice’s sense of justice yelled in her limbs.

“Sister-in-law, you love him for two lives, must be very hard, right?” Janice can understand Grace’s grief.

In Grace’s beautiful pupils, the eyes that once filled with longing for vitality left nothing but stagnant water.

“To be able to love him is actually a very happy thing for me. It’s just that a lover also needs a strong power, and my power goes by like an hourglass.”

“Janice, I can’t love him anymore. Loving him is too extravagant. The price to be paid is too heavy…” Grace’s face was blank and lost.

Janice looked at Grace who was in pain, and squeezed her hand distressedly, “Sister Irene – although in your opinion, my brother is heinous. But there is something I must tell you. My brother may not love Luo. Grace. But he definitely loves Irene!”

Grace’s sad expression condensed…

Janice said again, “When you had a car accident, my brother was very, very sad. That is, on that day, he drank too much, went to the intensive care unit, and was rescued in the hospital for two weeks. When he came out, funeral was over, and my brother went crazy, and then he even proposed to my parents to marry you…”

Grace was dumbfounded.

“My parents naturally disagree, but my brother is particularly paranoid about Sister Ai Irene. He disregarded his parents’ opposition and prepared the wedding without authorization. He invited all relatives and friends to attend his wedding. And even invited the media…”

Janice recalled the secret marriage that was almost exposed by the media seven years ago. Still have lingering fears.

“Later, my grandfather came forward and knelt in front of my brother to threaten him with his life. My brother was a little relieved and was willing to substitute the ghost bride for the bride in the formal wedding.”

Grace was astonished as petrified.

Seven years ago, the scene where she designed Jacob is vivid again.

“Master Zhan, I’m sorry, your bride had some accident, and she may not be able to do the bride task today?”

Jacob glanced at her, almost without any hesitation, “It doesn’t matter, you will do it for her. Put on the veil, remember that the veil is not allowed to be lifted at the wedding.”

She wears a veil. She realized that it was a veil made of a special material. The bride can see the outside world, but the people outside cannot see the bride’s face at all.

She immediately guessed that Jacob would pronounce another woman’s name at the wedding, so she almost—

She found the host of the wedding, gave a little bit of advice, and asked the host to change the table at the wedding.

She didn’t know what the original script was, because the host was unwilling to disclose it all the time, for fear of offending Jacob, the Buddha.

But now Grace seems to understand a little bit.


Grace could not speak for a long time.

The air was so quiet that the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard.

After a long period of silence, Janice and Grace seemed to digest each other’s shocking news. Become extremely calm and rational.

“Which one is true? Which one is false?” Grace said.

“Sister Irene, my brother has been in the mall since he was young. He is not a good kind. He is harmful to people, and it is inevitable. However, I don’t believe that he will harm you after all.”

“Janice, I have already died once. That car accident was not a natural disaster, but a man-made one. My car was touched.”

Janice was stunned!

After a while, Janice said a little uneasy, “If my brother really did something bad to you, would you expose him?”

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