Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 440

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Chapter 440

Grace smiled sadly, “If I could break him with a cruel heart, I wouldn’t be so painful and entangled.”

“Janice, I would rather swallow all my grievances than expose his true face. First, I thought he was the father of the child, and second… I always felt that if I didn’t expose him, he would still be the one in my mind the perfect brother.”

Janice’s heart trembled, as if tens of millions of ants were gnawing at her heart, making her extremely painful.

“Sister Irene, don’t worry. This time, I will definitely stand by your side and firmly support all your decisions.”

“Thank you, Janice.”



A long and far-reaching sigh!

Two women squeezed into a narrow physiotherapy bed, stared at each other.

“Sister Irene, I didn’t expect that you and I are both fallen into the world!”

Grace said, “Yes, I love your brother, but your brother wants to calculate my life.”

Janice said: “I love your brother, for him I lost the most precious thing of a woman. But he always abandoned me!”


“If you can go back in time, sister, what year do you want to go back?”

“If time can go back seven years, I would rather always be the crude and ignorant Grace, and shouldn’t use my cleverness to marry him. Even more should not be smart to have children with him. If time goes back seventeen years ago, I will hide Keep your brother far away.”

Janice said, “If time can be turned back, I want to go back to the day when I met Zhengzheng. I am so embarrassed and happy for him, but I don’t know the sadness of love!”

Grace looked at Janice and said, “My brother is so sc*mbag, you can’t forget him?”

Janice teased Grace. “To each other.”

Grace suddenly remembered something. “By the way, Janice, you just said that my brother visited me after I entered the rescue room last night?”

“Yes, with a worried look on her face. It makes me furious.” Janice said with an aura.

Grace said, “I suspect that my brother already knows who I am?”

Janice’s anger remained unresolved, “Who knows. From my point of view, he doesn’t know who you are. He simply likes you.”

Grace said, “You look so cute when you are jealous. But I am his sister. You are too jealous, right?”

Janice said, “I’m not angry with you. But I’m just afraid of him being bothered…”

“It’s not easy. Find a chance to try him.”

Janice got up excitedly, “How to try?”

Grace gave her a mysterious look.

An hour later.

A black BMW appeared at the door of Yi Nian Chongzhen.

Grace and Janice were sitting in the car. Grace took out her mobile phone and sent a text message to Irene: “I’m at the door of your company. See you.”

Then Grace patted Janice’s head and reminded, “Hide yourself, you can show me carefully. Don’t waste my acting skills.”

“Do you have acting skills?” Janice expressed concern.

Grace took off her jacket and wore a red dress wrapped in a hot strap. After pushing the car door, she made an “ok” gesture

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