Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 406

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Chapter 406

King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai!

Also, he is the first master of Jiangnan Guoshu!

Lord Dao and Lord Tiger cannot afford to provoke a person with this status.

Huh huh!

At this moment, Master Dao, Master Tiger, all the black and white fighters, and others all stared at Shaun.

Everyone knew that Shaun was the final decision-maker.

Not the people around.

At this moment, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf raised his head to look at Shaun, a touch of playfulness appeared in the corner of his mouth:

“Mr. Lin, this matter is a misunderstanding. I hope you can let me go!”

“As long as you are willing to let me go, when I got the opportunity, I will introduce you to my master King Kong!”

That’s it!

The iron-faced gray wolf seemed to have thought of something, which made him calmer:

“Besides, I can reveal a secret to you! My master was one of the top ten national martial arts masters in the south of the Yangtze River, in the past half month his strength has improved to another level. He had defeated all the other nine people and became the first man in the national martial arts of Jiangnan!”

“This is because Shigong and his elders were advised by an expert!”


Hearing this, no matter whether it was Master Hu or the rest of the people, they all got startled.

They simply couldn’t imagine what kind of character was qualified to advise the master of the wolf.

In particular, with just a few suggestions no one can improve their skills to the highest level that beat the other nine, and succeeded in reaching the top position of Jiangnan.

Everyone’s expressions became solemn, whether it was Master Dao or Master Tiger.

Obviously, not only they were afraid of the master of Canglang, but also they have fear of that mysterious expert.

Hearing this!

Shaun’s gaze flickered slightly.

“Interesting! Keep talking!”


Seeing Shaun finally reacting, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf immediately thought that Shaun has got scared of a mysterious expert.

“Mr. Lin, it’s not that I am bragging. The strength of that expert is absolutely beyond your imagination! Although you are very strong I’m sure that you cannot beat that expert!”

“He Feiye can kill people, he can kill people in the air! My master admitted that even he with that soaring power can’t survive in the hands of that expert”


This sentence shocked everyone even Master Dao.

Feiye kills!

In the air!

For ordinary people, this is almost a fairy tale.

Especially, Canglang’s master is now the first person in Jiangnan city.

This kind of character actually admitted personally that under the master’s hand, he can’t survive a single move.

This is unbelievable, no one can imagine how powerful that expert is.

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