Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 438

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Chapter 438

Janice smacked her lips and said, “You know your scarf. My brother’s eyes are red with jealousy. I still remember his lost tone at the beginning: Irene never gave me such a precious gift!”

Janice learned Jacob’s voice, and her voice was old-fashioned, making the two of them laugh.

After laughing, Grace burst into tears suddenly.

Those beautiful memories of past lives have now become scars in her heart.

How much she loves Jacob, the same amount of harm Jacob brings to her.

Seeing Grace weeping inexplicably, Janice looked dignified, with tears in her eyes, looking very pitiful.

“Sister-in-law, why don’t you recognize my brother?” Janice asked puzzled.

Grace stared at her in shock…The grief in her eyes pierced Janice extremely uneasy.

“Sister-in-law, do you have something unspeakable?”

Grace stood up and turned her back to Janice.

At the moment, tears were falling down.

Her chest was so tight that she could hardly breathe.

“Sister-in-law. If you have something unspeakable, you can tell my brother? My brother loves you so much, and he will definitely help you solve all your worries.”

Grace turned around abruptly. At this moment, the bloodshot eyes in her beautiful pupils were dyed red, and her cute face was also distorted with anger, “He is the source of all my pain!”

Janice was shocked by Grace’s sudden hot temper.

It was a long time before I heard the voice of Janice Qi as if wandering, but it was an injustice voice for Jacob, “Sister-in-law, my brother is very fond of you, how can you say this? If you don’t love him, You just get along with him, love is not easy, why bother to such a break in the end?”

Grace’s sullen anger for a long time was like a flood of flooding, “It’s not that I don’t love him, it’s that he doesn’t love me.”

Janice was shocked again… “How is this possible?”

“Love him for two lifetimes, in exchange for him to take my life. My heart has been trampled by him with no dignity…”

Janice’s face was pale!

“It’s impossible! It’s absolutely impossible. My brother loves you so much. For you, he learned to drink and smoke. For you, he tossed himself into the intensive care unit several times…”

Grace stared at Janice blankly, and Jue Zhan Han in Janice’s mouth was exactly the same as the best Jacob in her memory.

But after all, it’s a mirror image.

“He is good at disguising, you were deceived by him.” Grace said weakly.

Janice became a little angry, and roared, “Grace, because my brother loves you so much, if you slander his reputation like this, are you killing him?”

Grace excitedly defended, “I love him so much, how can I be willing to slander him?”

“You are slandering him. If he has thoughts that are harmful to you, can you still stand in front of me?”

Grace said, “He has murdered me once in Xiangding Garden. Although I don’t know what he did to me, I know very well that I saw him that night, and then I lost the all memories!”

Janice heard this, all the impassioned refutations turned into weak compromises.

She remembered clearly that Grace had indeed disappeared that night, and both the eldest brother and Irene were working hard to find Grace.

Grace did not lie.

“But my brother is obviously looking for you anxiously?”

“That’s his trick to shout and catch the thief.” Grace said, “to create evidence of her absence.”

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