Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 405

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Chapter 405

“Knife… Master Dao! Master Tiger, you are joking with me, right?”

The iron-faced gray wolf’s eyelids jumped wildly, and only an awkward smile appeared on his face, and he asked Master Dao and Master Tiger.

Hearing this!

“Sorry, this time, you had provoked the wrong person! When I heard that you have dared to disturb Mr. Lin, I took all my men and came here to kill you!”

At this moment, Master Dao looked at the gray wolf, as if he is looking at an idiot.

Especially his words, like a loud voice, made the iron-faced gray wolf’s body tremble fiercely, and his entire face turned pale.

It’s more than that!

The Tiger Lord next to him slapped him fiercely!

It hit the iron-faced gray wolf straight on the face, and instantly he fell to the ground with a thud.

A bright red palm print appeared on his face.

“Canglang, are you looking for death! You provoked our boss! Even if you died a thousand times, it is not a pity!”


With the voice of Master Dao and Master Tiger came.

The Iron-faced Gray Wolf and everyone was completely convinced that what they heard and what they saw was actually true!

Master Dao honored Shaun as Mr. Lin, and even wanted to destroy the Wolf Hall for him!

Lord Tiger calls Shaun the BOSS, and for him, he wants to kill The Iron-faced Gray Wolf a thousand times!


At this moment, whether it was the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, or everyone around, felt that the whole world was crazy.

how is this possible!

Isn’t Shaun a waste son-in-law of the Bai family?

How could he be so revered by the two big men who ruled the southern and northern cities of Jiang City?

This is incredible!

When the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was in a daze, Lord Tiger waved his big hand.


Suddenly a group of big men in black rushed up violently, and in the blink of an eye, they pushed the Iron Face Wolf to the ground.

Although the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was extremely powerful, he was caught off guard at this moment, and he was completely frightened by Shaun’s identity.

Before he even had time to react, he was pushed to the ground by seven or eight big men, unable to move the slightest:

“Tiger… Lord Tiger! I was wrong about this. I have no eyes. I shouldn’t have provoked Mr. Lin!”

“I can apologize to Mr. Lin and even make compensation!”

“However, if you killed me, then it is equivalent to offending our master King Kong, who is the number one master of Yunhai City and the number one master of national arts in Jiangnan Province!”

“Have you considered the consequences?”

When hearing these words from the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, the Dao and others’ expressions condensed.

That’s right, although the Iron-faced Gray Wolf is powerful, he can’t get into the eyes of Master Dao and Master Tiger.

The main reason why he has survived until now is mainly because of this person’s background.

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