Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 404

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Chapter 404

At this moment, Wen Qian smiled viciously.

She seemed to see the hope of revenge once again, seeing the tragic situation of Shaun being abolished.


After hearing the iron-faced wolf’s plea for help.

Master Dao and Master Tiger nodded unexpectedly, and then the two tycoons, with Wu’s pressing subordinates, walked towards the ring together!


This scene made the little beggar and other supporters of Shaun pale as paper.

That’s it!

This is Master Dao and Master Tiger!

The little beggar and others, even if they have faith in Shaun, they don’t believe that Shaun alone can be worthy of the two overlords of the underground forces in Jiang City!

“Big brother, run! Run!”

At this moment, the little beggar was almost crying, and she said Shaun loudly.

However, what made her stunned was!

When Shaun heard her shout, he ignored her, turned his hands on his back and he looked relaxed and content!


This scene stunned many people around.

They didn’t expect that after the helper of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf has arrived, there is no slightest change on the face of Shaun.


“Master Dao! Master Tiger! Do you see him? This kid is so rampant! He doesn’t take the underground forces of our Jiang City into consideration at all!”

“Abolish him! Take revenge for my brother, and let the underground forces in Jiang City give a nasty breath!”

The grinning smile at the corner of the iron-faced wolf’s mouth became more intense.

At this moment, following the two domineering bosses, they were aggressive and came to the ring!

But when he finished saying this!

He got stunned to see that!

Headed by Master Dao and Master Tiger, with a total of two to three hundred people bowed to Shaun who was on the ring:

“Mr. Lin, sorry, we got late!”

They all bowed to him and asked for forgiveness for being late.


At this moment, the mouth of the iron-faced gray wolf remained open in shock.

The smile on Wen Qian’s face solidified completely.

She couldn’t believe what she saw and heard just now!

Not only them!

The surrounding customers, little beggar, and all others were completely confused!

Mr. Lin!


These words fell in their ears, like a burst of thunder, causing everyone’s body to sway, almost frightened to pee.

How… how is it possible!

Aren’t Master Dao and Master Tiger’s are friends and partners of the Iron Wolf?

How can they call Shaun Mr. Lin and BOSS?


If this was not seen with their own eyes, everyone would not believe it even if they were to be killed.

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