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Chapter 669

The two of them ran far away to the snack street behind the school before stopping.

There is a public restroom on the side of the snack street. Alyssa and Tina went there and took off their school uniforms. They were wearing down jackets.

Dress the school well, and the two talents came out of it.

When Tina came out of the public restroom, she took a look around the wall, and then walked outside with confidence.

“Good risk, almost caught.”

Although Tina said so, Alyssa couldn’t feel the thrill in her tone at all.

“Getting caught is a trivial matter.” Alyssa walked slowly beside Tina, and said coolly: “If the reporter photographed, tomorrow’s headlines will be available again, the trending searchs must be all you, is the actor Tina actually a transvestite “The woman who sneaked into the campus late at night’…”

Tina twitched the corners of her mouth: “Don’t tell me, why you’re so perverted?”

“The media doesn’t care if you are perverted or not, anyway, they just need to be hot and clicked.”

“Isn’t this not being photographed? Hey, I’m so hungry, let’s find something to eat.”

“Next time…”

“It’s alright, I know.”

Tina was too lazy to listen to Alyssa’s lesson, and ran forward while pulling her.

Because of the winter vacation, it has been closed again in recent years. Many shops on the snack street have been closed, only a few are still open.

The two randomly found a store to go in and order something to eat.

The school has not changed much, but the snack street has changed a lot.

When they were in school here, they had eaten at the snack street all over.

The boss is a middle-aged man, who looks like a taciturn man.

The boss came over with the menu and asked: “What to eat, take a look.”

Just after Alyssa took the menu, the boss suddenly lowered his head, leaned slightly and said in a low voice, “Are you two?”

When Tina heard what he said, her eyes suddenly became full of vigilance.

The boss didn’t care, and continued to whisper: “Just now you have been followed by a car. I thought it was with you. If it’s not someone you know, please call a friend to pick you up or call the police directly.”

“What? You said…” Tina was sitting with her back to the door, and suddenly felt a bit chilly on his back. Realizing that the voice was too loud, she quickly covered her mouth and stopped talking.

Alyssa was sitting right in front of the door, glanced outside the door, pointed to a dish name and said to the boss: “We know, thank you boss.”

After ordering the food, Alyssa called Dave.

Dave didn’t know what he was doing, and took a while to answer the phone.

“Dave, I’m in a situation outside. It seems that someone is following us. Can you come over now?”

Dave asked concisely: “Address.”

Alyssa told Dave the address.

Tina heard Alyssa’s words clearly, and when Alyssa hung up, she frowned and asked, “You call your bodyguard? Or should you call the police directly?”

In Tina’s view, the bodyguard can only block one block at most. It is best to call the police for this kind of thing.

Alyssa shook her head: “We just came out from school to the snack street. The distance is not short. If the people following us are trying to get rid of the law, they have many opportunities to start. But we are not sure what they want to do.”

“It’s okay, how many people can be in the car, the big deal is for this lady to train her muscles and bones.” Tina said, trying to roll up her sleeves.

But the clothes were too thick, she didn’t get it after a few strokes…

Alyssa smiled, pretending not to have seen it, got up and went to the bathroom behind the snack bar.

There is a small window in the bathroom, just to see the street outside.

Alyssa didn’t turn on the light when she entered, and she stood by the window and looked out.

Sure enough, she saw a black car parked not far away.

It happened that the car parked in a dark place. There is a shop in front of the car, and the lights in the shop shined through, but the people in the car were still invisible.

The people in the car have been quiet, Alyssa has been standing in the bathroom.

She checked the time, and the people in the car had been sitting there for ten minutes.

She thought it was impossible for Robert’s people. Robert’s people were rash men. If they wanted to deal with her, they would have had a chance before.

Alyssa guessed that the people in the car might not want to treat her and Tina.

She came out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen.

“Boss, can you open the back door behind you?” When she just came over, she found a back door in the shop, but it was locked.

The boss looked up and asked her: “What are you going to do?”

Alyssa smiled and said very gently: “My friends are coming over soon. I want them to come directly to the back door and go with them to see who is following us.”

“All right.” The boss didn’t doubt her and opened the door for Alyssa.

She went out from the back door and made a long circle before reaching the street at the front door of the shop.

There were three or four cars parked on the side of the street, and Alyssa had already determined the location of the car following her and Tina, and walked directly towards it.

As Alyssa walked, she clenched the brick in her hand.

When she just came out from the back door of the snack bar, she picked up a brick to protect herself.

When she was only two meters away from the car, Alyssa speeded up and quickly ran over and opened the door of the cab.

There was no light in the car, only the faint silhouette of a person could be seen.

Even if it was just a silhouette, Alyssa recognized who the person in the car was.

The people in the car didn’t seem to expect her to appear suddenly, and there was no response for a while.

After a long while, Alyssa murmured, “Karl?”

How could he appear here?

She thought about countless possibilities, but she did not expect that the person in the car would be Karl!

At this moment, Karl pushed the door of the car and walked directly out.

When he was in the car, Alyssa didn’t feel anything, just surprised.

However, when Karl got out of the car, his height advantage and strong aura showed his familiar agility again.

He looked at Alyssa blankly, with a cold tone: “Passing by, can’t I?”

“You lie.” Alyssa subconsciously clenched the brick in her hand: “The owner of the snack bar said, you have been following us.”

“This street is yours, only you can walk?” Karl put his hands in the pockets of his suit pants, with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

“It’s up to you!” Alyssa directly threw the brick in her hand to the ground, turned and walked towards the snack bar.

If it was in a commercial street, it would be no surprise to meet Karl at the party, but it would be strange if Karl would pass by such a place, Alyssa would believe him.

Who knows what he did in such a place at night!

Alyssa couldn’t tell him, and simply ignored him.

Chapter 670

Alyssa took a few steps forward, and felt something was wrong.

There was movement behind her.

When she turned her head, she saw Karl also followed.

She stood there, waiting for Karl to come closer, then said, “You are not going to tell me, are you going to eat in the store?”

Alyssa pointed to the snack bar she had just entered with Tina.

Karl still looked lukewarm, he went directly over Alyssa and walked into the snack bar.

Looking at Karl’s back, Alyssa froze in a daze.

Karl actually wants to go in?

If it hadn’t been for the previous events, Alyssa would doubt if Karl did it on purpose.

After all, Karl had done such things before.

Tina didn’t know that Alyssa had gone out from the back bathroom. Seeing that Alyssa hadn’t come back, she was about to call her.

At this moment, she heard someone push the door behind her.

In winter, it is cold outside and the doors of the snack bar are closed.

Tina turned her head curiously, and when she saw that the person coming in was Karl, her eyes widened suddenly: “Big boss?”

Karl glanced at her, and said, “Eating?”

“Ah.” Tina responded blankly. Seeing Karl frowning, she quickly added: “Eat.”

At this time, Alyssa also walked in.

Tina saw Alyssa coming in from the outside, and she was dumbfounded.

“Alyssa, you…not…” Tina pointed to Alyssa, and then to the bathroom, not knowing how to speak for a while.

Alyssa went straight to the opposite of Tina and sat down, ignoring Karl, and asked Tina, “Have they not served food yet? Very hungry.”

The boss just came out with the dishes.

“Come on.”

“Thank you boss.” After Alyssa said, she bowed her head and started eating.

“Hey, you’re welcome.” The boss looked up and saw Karl.

What day is this today? First came two women who looked like a rich, and then came another man who seemed to be a big boss!

His small shop is usually crowded by a group of students with little money. Otherwise, it is the nearby residents, who rarely see such beautiful and distinguished rich people.

Alyssa ignored Karl, and it was naturally impossible for Karl to speak actively.

He directly sat down at the table beside Alyssa and Tina.

The boss walked over and asked cautiously: “What does this gentleman want to eat?”

This man looks very young, but his momentum is compelling, and the boss is a bit annoyed.

Karl flipped through the menu and ordered two dishes.

After he ordered the food, the boss quickly went back to the kitchen to cook.

In the front hall, only they were left.

Tina glanced at Karl, and then at Alyssa.

Karl sat upright on the chair, looking forward blankly. He’s probably not used to this kind of shop, so his sitting posture is a bit rigid.

And Alyssa, like a okay person, lowered her head to eat her own meal, as if she hadn’t seen Karl at all.

When these two people didn’t exist, Tina couldn’t treat Karl as nonexistent.

Because Karl’s aura is too strong, she feels uncomfortable now and feels uncomfortable at all.

She reached out and pushed Alyssa’s arm in a small arc, and Alyssa looked up at her.

Tina suppressed her voice as low as a mosquito: “What’s the matter? How did you come in from outside?”

“Eat first, then turn around.” Alyssa only raised her eyelids, then lowered her eyes to eat.

But Tina couldn’t eat anymore.

She admired Alyssa a little. After all, she had lived with a big demon like Karl for a long time, and she was used to big scenes, but she was not afraid of Karl at all.

But the fact is that Alyssa’s heart is not as relaxed as it appears.

She had clearly warned herself not to think about anything messy.

But her heart didn’t listen to her very much, and she had already thought about some very unrealistic things on her own.

For example, Karl might be following her when she appeared here.

For another example, Karl would follow her because…

Can’t think about it anymore.

Alyssa’s complexion darkened slightly, she felt that she couldn’t eat this meal.

She wants to put down her chopsticks and leave immediately, but this behavior is too obvious.

Why did she hide from Karl?

Although the two who broke up have no relationship, there is still Grace.

Now her situation is not very stable, so she can’t claim Grace’s custody right now, but soon, she will talk to Karl about Grace’s custody right.

She couldn’t make it as if Karl did not exist, nor could she really get stiff with Karl.

Alyssa thought for a while, then continued to eat.

Halfway through the meal, Dave came over.

Alyssa almost forgot that she had called Dave.

When she saw Dave, she pointed to the place next to her: “Have you eaten?”

Dave first glanced at Karl, a flash of surprise flashed across his face, and then sat down beside Alyssa.

He scanned the food on the table, his tone was cold: “I have had meal.”

“Have you eaten enough? Since he’s here, let’s go back first.” Tina couldn’t stand the depressed atmosphere here, and wanted to leave.

Alyssa saw the cool thoughts, and stopped staying: “Okay, let’s go.”

Alyssa went to the boss to settle the bill, and when she left, she couldn’t help but glanced at Karl.

There were two dishes in front of Karl, and he didn’t eat either. She didn’t know what he was doing with his mobile phone.

When Alyssa passed by him, she took a look and found that it was the WeChat interface.

At this moment, Karl clicked on a voice, and the woman’s squeamish voice came from the phone: “Karl, will you watch a movie together tomorrow?”

Then, Karl held down the voice button and replied: “Okay.”

Alyssa had already reached the door at this time, Dave walked ahead and opened the door. The cold wind blew in, and it was bitterly cold and painful.

Alyssa’s footsteps paused slightly, her lips curled, her expression terrifyingly cold.

Tina had never seen Alyssa’s expression. She had heard Karl’s WeChat voice just now, and she pulled her arm with some worry.

Alyssa turned to Tina and smiled soothingly, indicating that she is okay.

After leaving the store, Tina asked, “Alyssa, are you really okay?”

“Okay.” Alyssa smiled, without seeing a trace of abnormality: “It’s normal to fall in love and break up. Who has never been broken in love? Besides, it is impossible for a person to live a lifetime of love. I still have Grace, you and work, I am not as sad as you think.”

Yes, thinking about it this way, she wouldn’t be so sad.

Looking back on this little half of her life, Alyssa felt that the suffering of love was nothing at all.

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