Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1217 – 1218

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Chapter 1217

Alyssa was a little dumb: “Something really happened.”

“Emotions are not a sensible thing.” Karl stood up and said, “I will see the situation later.”

Alyssa nodded: “OK.”

In the past, when she and Karl had problems, Peter and Clayton were the ones who helped them. Now that they have problems, Karl should take care of them.

After breakfast, Karl went out.

Usually he and Alyssa send Grace to school together, but today Karl is going out, so he will send Grace to kindergarten, Alyssa doesn’t need to go today.

As soon as Karl walked away, Alyssa received a call from an unfamiliar number.


The man’s voice came through the phone, his breath was weak.

After a few seconds, Alyssa remembered whose voice it was.


Those right and wrong have been like things in the previous life, the voice on the other end of the phone is clearly Clifford’s, but Alyssa has an unreal feeling.

“I can’t think of anyone else who will help me, Alyssa.” Clifford’s voice almost sighed.

Time passed in silence.

After a long while, Alyssa said, “What if I don’t help?”

“No, even for the sake of getting rid of Wilfred, you will help me.” Clifford’s tone was determined.

Wilfred, is he finally dead?

Alyssa: “Address.”


Alyssa changed her clothes and went downstairs, and met Lin who came in from outside.

“Young lady is going out?” Lin asked her.

“Going out to buy something and be back soon.” She didn’t plan to let Karl know what she was going to do.

Lin nodded and said, “Then let the driver prepare.”

“No, I can just drive myself.” Alyssa walked out quickly after speaking.

Lin wanted to say something, but thinking that Alyssa’s body looked healthy and fine recently, he let her go.

She drove to the place Clifford said.

That is an abandoned old building.

When she arrived, Alvin had just arrived with people.

Alvin took a group of people, and Alyssa had only one person, but she was not afraid at all.

“I thought you were no longer in the country.”

Alvin knew that Alyssa and Clifford had a good relationship, and he knew what was going on after thinking about it.

“Are you here to save Clifford? You are affectionate and intentional.” Alvin’s tone was full of sarcasm.

Alyssa spoke calmly: “I owe him a life.”

Alvin sneered: “You are brave enough to come here alone. Are you not afraid of what I will do to you?”

Alyssa also laughed and said calmly: “You can’t do anything. If you still want to live your life as a gentlman, just stop now.”

Alvin is used to having fun. Although Wilfred’s company was shorted by Karl, he must have left Alvin fortune. It is estimated that the number will not be small, enough for him to worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life, but if Alyssa were out here No matter what, he shouldn’t worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life.

Alvin heard the threat in her tone, and his expression became particularly ugly.

Alyssa added: “I already called the police when I came.”

Upon hearing this, Alvin cursed in a low voice: “You are ruthless.”

He turned and raised his hand to the next man behind him: “Go.”

Alvin took his men with him like this. Indeed, as he said, without Wilfred, he would be nothing, and could not stand up to a little risk and trial and error.

Chapter 1218

Alyssa didn’t actually call the police.

She came to save Clifford. It was the life that Clifford had saved her. If she called the police, Clifford’s body would not be clean, and she would probably not be able to leave.

Alyssa raised her foot and walked in, only to choke on the dust when she reached the door.

She stretched out her hand to cover her mouth and continued walking in.

“Clifford?” She called Clifford’s name as she walked, but no one responded.

It should be impossible for Clifford to lie to her, his voice sounded a little weak at the time, and it was possible that he was injured and passed out.

When Alyssa walked to the top of the stairs, she found blood on the ground.

The dust in this building was too thick, and the blood dripped on the ground and was sucked into the dust, so she didn’t see the blood when she came in just now.

She walked upstairs following the bloodstains. After reaching the top of the stairs on the second floor, she found that the bloodstains did not continue to extend to the third floor, so she stayed on the second floor to look for Clifford.


Alyssa walked in and looked around.

Finally, she found him who was snuggling with Daisy in the corner.

Daisy was covered in blood and was completely unconscious. Clifford seemed to be in better condition, and he barely remained sober.

He stared at Alyssa for a while, and then as if finally recognizing her, he called out: “Alyssa, you are here.”

“Can you walk?” Alyssa squatted to him and asked.

She knew why Alvin walked with people so simply, Clifford and Daisy looked like in a lot of misfortune.

Clifford nodded very slightly: “Yes.”

“Okay, let’s help Daisy down together.” Alyssa said, and got up to help Daisy.

Clifford had a difficult action, and when he stood up, he looked shaky.

Daisy’s body was strong, and she felt even more heavy after passing out. Alyssa took a lot of effort to get Daisy into the car with the seriously injured Clifford.

She drove them to a private hospital.

With injuries like Clifford and Daisy, the police should have been notified, but Alyssa paid a high hush fee.

Daisy was sent to the operating room first, but Clifford insisted on staying in the operating room for a while.

Alyssa looked at him for a moment, feeling a little complicated, and turned to the doctor and said, “Let him go.”

“Daisy has always liked to follow me the most since I was a child, but I think she is very annoying, but she is very capable and will do things for me with all her heart, so I will deliberately be nice to her from time to time, and it’s Wilfred. The first thing taught me.”

Clifford recalled the past, his expression calm, his eyes calm.

It seems that the paranoid and gloomy thoughts in his heart have disappeared with the death of Wilfred.

His body was already very weak, and Alyssa listened quietly after saying a word or two from time to time.

It wasn’t until the light in the operating room was turned off that he slightly closed his eyes, as if he had finally reached the limit.

“Doctor!” Alyssa called the doctor.

The doctor hurried over and took Clifford away.

Daisy looked bloodied, but all of them were traumatic, so the operation ended very quickly and there was no danger to her life.

On the contrary, it seems that the situation is less serious for Clifford apparently, but not in reality.

The doctor called Alyssa aside: “The gentleman’s leg was seriously injured. Because of the delay in the treatment time, we can only amputate his limb.”

Alyssa was stunned for two seconds before realizing what the doctor was saying, and asked: “Did you talk to him? I’ll go see him.”

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