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Chapter 783

Claire curled her lips and barely smiled, looking weak.

“Doctors don’t tell me the truth, they always just tell me that there is hope, but my own body, I know.” Claire sighed, tilted her head and leaned on the back of the chair, her eyes gloomy.

Alyssa looked at Claire like this, slightly moved.

When a woman is thirty years old, it is when she has her best energy and most charm.

What’s more, the daughter Claire, who grew up in the nest of wealth and wealth, would look dazzling if it hadn’t been a sudden illness.

Ever since she knew that Claire had cancer, she had always felt a little regretful.

Looking back at the events of the past few years, Alyssa always had the illusion of a big dream.

Alyssa looked at Claire, and slowly said, “The doctor said there is hope, so there must be hope.”

Claire laughed at herself: “At this time, shouldn’t you let me die sooner?”

“I’m not you.” She’s not Claire, and she doesn’t know how to make trouble.

Claire’s self-deprecating connotation is even stronger, she shook her head: “I have always looked down on you before, but now I realize that I’m not as good as you.”

Alyssa’s tone was light: “You have Dave.”

Alyssa found that after she mentioned Dave, Claire’s originally gloomy eyes lit up for a moment, as if a firework was burning, but it quickly went out.

“Dave treats you sincerely, even for him, you should take good care of yourself.” Alyssa would say this, half of the reason is because of Dave.

Dave helped her, she is the person who knows to return the favor.

Claire lowered her eyes slightly, avoiding talking about Dave with Alyssa, and asked: “How are you and Karl? You came all the way, wouldn’t you really just come to see me?”

Just like Claire didn’t want to talk about Dave, Alyssa directly ignored the Dave mentioned in her words and said, “Yes, I didn’t make a special trip to see you.”

Claire was not surprised. She had dealt with Alyssa. This weak-looking woman was actually a person with distinct hatred.

She changed to a more comfortable position: “Just talk about it, as long as I can do it now, I will help you. After all, I used to…sorry you.”

“When Miana was abroad, it must be more than just studying and working seriously.” Alyssa stared at Claire, her tone difficult to distinguish.

Hearing this, Claire looked at Alyssa in surprise: “You…want to deal with Miana?”

After Karl just sent her abroad for treatment, he never took care of her, let alone tell her about his recent situation, so Claire didn’t know that Miana and Karl were already together. , Not to mention that Alyssa and Karl were complete strangers.

Alyssa didn’t mean anything, and admitted simply: “Yes.”

Although Claire and Miana were very close to each other, they were just sisters. The friendship between them was not simple. It was purely because of the same family background and not much difference in social status, so they got together.

Since Claire was driven out of the country by Karl, she and Miana had also broken.

Claire hesitated for a moment, and said aloud: “People in our circle actually have a good time. Several times Miana and I mentioned a special club…”

When she said this, she glanced at Alyssa.

Alyssa caught her and said, “Is it an adult club?”

Claire looked awkward and nodded.

“I understand.” Alyssa had heard of these things, but she had never heard of them. She had never thought that Miana could play so well.

“I can help you contact the club over there…” Claire saw that Alyssa’s eyes changed when she saw her, and hurriedly explained: “I have been there once, but I didn’t play with them.”

Alyssa nodded, expressing understanding.

Claire is really arrogant, she doesn’t want to have fun, she can see all kinds of cats and dogs.

At this moment, the doctor knocked on the door and walked in: “Miss, how are you feeling today?”

Claire replied without any charm: “Same as yesterday.”

The doctor saw Alyssa and said apologetically: “Sorry, don’t know you have a friend, but we should check it now.”

Claire looked at Alyssa: “You come to me again tonight.”

Alyssa stayed in place for a while, turned around and went out, closing the door with her hand when she went out.

Claire probably didn’t want others to see her lying in bed for examination. No matter how sick she is, self-esteem is often more important.

The servant who took care of Claire was also outside. Seeing that Alyssa was beautiful, she couldn’t help but talk to Alyssa, basically around Claire’s condition.

“Ms. Adams has always been in pain. She basically can’t sleep well and can’t eat anything. After living in for half a year, the doctors dare not perform surgery on her. Hope is too slim. It’s pretty good to maintain this situation…”

Listening to the servants chattering around, Alyssa felt a little emotional.

If one day she also got cancer like Claire, what would she be like?

As soon as this thought came out, Alyssa was extinguished by herself.

No, she still has Grace and Tina.

don’t know how long it took before the doctor came out.

Seeing that Alyssa was still there, the doctor said with a smile, “Are you a friend of Miss Alyssa’s?”

Before Alyssa nodded, the doctor automatically classified Alyssa among Claire’s friends: “Miss Alyssa’s mentality is very bad now. Compared with her condition, I am more worried about her mood and have almost no friends. Come see her, if you can see her, she must be a very good friend to her. I hope you can persuade her.”

The doctor really wants to cure Claire’s disease.

Alyssa nodded.

After the doctor left, Alyssa opened the door again and walked in.

Claire was lying on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Hearing the movement, she turned her head to find Alyssa, with surprise flashing across her face: “Why didn’t you leave?”

“There is nothing else to do for the time being.” Alyssa sat down in front of the bed.

The atmosphere was very low, and neither of them had anything to say.

They were not friends before, and now they are not rivals, and they don’t even know how to divide the relationship.

“Are you just here? Have you eaten?” Claire is probably not accustomed to asking this kind of caring questions, her expression a little uncomfortable.

“No.” Alyssa was thinking of doing business, and forgot to eat. If Claire suddenly mentioned it, she would have forgotten to be hungry.

Claire called the servant over: “Go and make something to eat.”

The servant stepped back to cook for Alyssa.

Claire suddenly said: “The food they cook may not be as delicious as you do.”

“It’s okay.” Alyssa was a little surprised, Claire still remembered that she could cook.

Chapter 784

Alyssa stayed at Claire’s to eat.

The meals made by the servants really did not suit her appetite. She was born and raised in Rostenvel, and she still prefers the local food.

She ate half, and then quit.

Claire asked her: “Is it very different from the domestic taste?”

Alyssa shook her head: “Very good.”

“I have asked people to find a lot of cooks, and the dishes made are always different from domestic dishes.” Claire sat opposite her with a very gentle expression.

It can be seen that Claire misses domestic dishes very much.

However, I heard from the servant that Claire couldn’t eat much at all, and most of the time it was maintained by medicine.

Alyssa thought for a while, and decided to stay to cook for Claire at night, just as thanking Claire for her help.

In the evening, after Alyssa asked the doctor, she came back and made Claire a nutritious meal suitable for the patient.

She didn’t do much, Claire seemed very happy, but couldn’t eat much.

When the servant came to tidy up the table, she told Alyssa that it was already time for Claire to eat a lot.

Alyssa looked at Claire from a distance, feeling very complicated.

Claire has been ill for so long, and her appetite has been worn down completely.

Claire might not want to listen to words of encouragement and comfort.

But when Alyssa left, she still said to Claire: “Dave really cares about you, even if it is for him, you must treat the illness well.”

Claire didn’t say anything, not commenting.

Claire helped Alyssa contact the club, and Alyssa decided to leave the next day.

She was on the plane in the afternoon. She got up early, bought a bunch of flowers and went to the nursing home where Claire was.

Claire was still sleeping when Alyssa passed by.

Alyssa went in lightly and put the flowers in the vase. The embellishment of flowers, it also gave this cold ward a little bit of life.

Then she left quietly.

Not long after she left, Claire woke up.

Claire soon discovered that the flowers on the bedside were different from usual. She asked the servant: “What kind of flower is this?”

The servant said, “Ms. Alyssa who came yesterday sent it in the morning. After she came over, she found that you were still resting, so she left.”

Hearing the words, Claire stretched out her hand to touch the delicate and drenching flowers.

So vigorous and full of life, she should have been so.

It was already a week after Alyssa returned to Rostenvel.

The first thing she did when she returned was to pick up Grace from school.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, Alyssa met Smith again.

“Miss Alyssa.” Smith was still in a suit with a serious look.

In the past few years, Alyssa seemed to be like this every time she saw Smith.

She looked at him for a moment, and slowly said, “Mr. Smith, I want to take Grace to live with me today.”

Smith did not call Karl, and said directly: “Then I will trouble you to send Grace to kindergarten tomorrow morning.”

Alyssa looked at Smith suspiciously: “Don’t you need to ask Karl?”

Smith gave a horrible look, and the look in his eyes was inexplicable: “Boss is currently preparing for the wedding, so I can get away.”


Alyssa was stunned for a moment before realizing that Smith meant that Karl was preparing for the wedding with Miana.

It took her more than ten days to go abroad, and she was getting closer to the wedding of Karl and Miana.

On the day of the court hearing, Karl didn’t even go to the court, and he must have no time to worry about Grace.

Alyssa said as usual, “Congratulations.”

At this moment, Alyssa saw that Grace was brought out by the teacher, so she nodded slightly towards Smith and turned to meet Grace.

After returning home with Grace, when she went back to the bedroom to change clothes, what Karl did to her when she came back from the court that day flashed in her mind.

What happened that day was like a sharp sword, which directly pierced her heart, making her bitter and hate that man, but she felt uncomfortable in this room.

But soon, Karl will pay the price.

Early the next morning, after Alyssa sent Grace to kindergarten, she made an appointment with Tina for dinner.

“Where have you been all these days?” Tina hadn’t seen Alyssa since the day of the court session, and was a little curious about what she had done during this time.

“Went abroad to do something.”

Alyssa looked reluctant to say more, so Tina didn’t ask much, thinking that Alyssa was just going abroad to relax.

“The verdict should come down soon. When the time comes when Grace’s kindergarten is off, let’s go out together.” Tina’s legs are still not good, and work has not started until now, and she has been resting at home.

Alyssa replied, “I want to move.”

“Where to move?” Tina was a little surprised at first, but soon figured out: “You are carrying Grace, so you want to change to a bigger house?”

Alyssa followed Tina’s words and said, “Yes.”

Tina thought for a while, and said, “Speaking of which, we have a house to sell in our community. The owner is a model. She wants to sell the house when she gets married and wants to live abroad. The apartment type is the same as mine. Want to take a look?”

The high-end residential area is safe and convenient, and for Alyssa it is naturally affordable.

“Okay, I’ll take a look with you after dinner.” Tina was a little excited: “The thought that you will live in a community with me in the future makes me very excited.”

After eating, she followed Tina to see the house in the community where she lived.

The owner is a woman in her thirties who has been a model for many years, but she is not very famous. At least Alyssa couldn’t name her when she saw her.

She is usually very busy at work and hasn’t lived in the house much, it looks very new.

The homeowner is in a hurry, and the price is right.

After Alyssa signed the contract, she remembered that Alvin seemed to also live in this community…

Seeing that Alyssa’s expression was wrong, the host thought she was regretting, and asked, “Miss Alyssa, you…”

“I’m fine, but I feel a little uncomfortable.” Alyssa smiled at the host, and the host didn’t say much.

In the next few days, Alyssa began to move.

Tina’s legs were not good, and Alyssa refused to let her touch them, so she called Peter.

Although the relationship between the two people is good and bad, and awkward, as long as Tina speaks, even if it is going up to the sword and down to the fire, Peter will agree.

Peter instructed people to move things, and did not forget to talk back to Alyssa: “Why are you suddenly moving?”

“I will live with Grace in the future, and it would be better to change to a larger house.”

Alyssa’s explanation was reasonable, and Peter naturally believed it.

The court’s verdict came down the day after the move.

Alyssa won the lawsuit with almost no chance of winning, and as Clayton said at the beginning, it was not bright for her to win.

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