Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 881

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Chapter 881

“No, impossible!”

“I have checked carefully. This patient has a steady heart rate. How can he have a myocardial infarction?”

Gao Lao’s face turned pale at this moment.

And seeing this scene.

The young man next to him suddenly sneered:

“Huh! Your examination was just looking at the patient’s previous case! But you didn’t know that his case was a month old!”

“Although his heart rate is stable now, that’s because he just put on a heart stent some time ago!”


The young man’s words, like a burst of thunder, made Gao’s body tremble fiercely.

Putting on the heart stent can indeed keep the heart rate steady.

If the patient does not take the initiative to explain, even if the senior medical skills are superb, it is difficult to find out.

And now…

“You…do you have a heart attack? Let go of the heart stent?” Gao Lao looked at the patient with a pale face.

And at the moment.

The patient looked panicked and said hurriedly:

“Yes…Yes! I had a small heart operation some time ago! It’s just that I was ill today and came eagerly, so I forgot to explain it!”


The patient’s words made Gao old only feel dizzy.


With such detail, he has become a loser.

The young man discovered this. There is no ephedra in the prescription, even if the treatment effect is slow, it can still be cured.

But he didn’t realize this. Ephedra was added to the prescription. Then there are two possibilities in the end: the prescription is ineffective, or it becomes a poison, causing fatal consequences for this patient.

Thinking of this.

Gao Lao seemed to be several years old in an instant, his face was full of gray.

“I lost!”


Hearing this, all passersby around were in an uproar.

Nine battles and nine defeats!

Everyone could not imagine that even the elders who were the first person in the city of Chinese medicine were defeated by this young man.

The young man’s medical skills are simply incredible.

Especially the doctors at Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital.

Their faces were full of unwillingness and anger.

Only a little bit.

If this patient takes the initiative to confess, then relying on the senior’s ability, it is impossible to lose to this young man, and even more effective treatments can be prescribed.

And now!

The difference is a thousand miles away.

Gao Lao’s failure almost meant that their hospital was completely crushed by this young man, which was extremely embarrassing.

“Huh! How? Are you convinced now?”

“I said earlier that your hospital is just a name! By the way, I heard that your hospital also has a genius doctor Lin! Let the biggest liar come out, I want to expose him.”

The youth’s words were extremely arrogant.

And this sentence immediately exploded the anger of all the surrounding doctors.

“Asshole! You dare to humiliate our Lin Dong!”

“What are you, what qualifications do you have to challenge our hospital boss!”

“It’s too rampant, the medical ethics is ruined, and there is no one in your eyes. You are not worthy of medicine!”


At this moment, all the doctors around were shouting angrily.

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