Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 882

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Chapter 882

In their eyes.

The magical doctor Lin is the Dinghai Shenzhen of Jiang City’s medical community. Only the last time he defeated Madman Mike’s team was enough to become the pride of Jiang City’s medical community.

But now, how can they face the young man’s contempt and humiliation of the genius doctor Lin.

Especially Gao Lao.

He has always regarded Shaun as an idol, and he knows that Shaun is the deity in the eyes of doctors around the world-the sacred hand of bones.

How could such a character be humiliated by such a junior?

“Boy, it’s better to keep your mouth clean! Genius Doctor Lin something you are not qualified to comment on!” Senior Gao stared at the young man, his eyes gloomy.

Just hearing this.

Not only did the youth not restrain himself at all, but even he also became more arrogant:

“Genius doctor? Hahaha… a joke!”

“I tell you, in Jiangnan Province, there is only one person who can be called a genius doctor, and that is my teacher-Zhang Tianyi!”

Zhang Tianyi!

After hearing the name, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly stagnated.

Whether it is the old man or all the doctors and passersby around, their eyes widened.

“Boy, you… Zhang Tianyi you are talking about, is he the ‘living Huatuo’ who lived in Tianyi Mountain for ten years-the genius doctor Zhang?”

Elder Gao just felt his heart, he twitched fiercely and asked in disbelief.

Living Huatuo-Zhang Tianyi!

This name can be said to be known to no one in Jiangnan Province.

Within these decades.

There have been no fewer than ten major infectious diseases in the Jiangnan area, each time countless people were killed and their lives were destroyed.

And Zhang Tianyi is like the protector of Jiangnan.

Every time a major infectious disease breaks out, Zhang Tianyi would bring life-saving medicine from the mountains.

Saved all people from fire and water.

It can be said!

Over the years, Zhang Tianyi is the first person in the Jiangnan medical world, and even because he has saved countless lives, he is even called the “Living Huatuo”!

This is more than that.

Even Huaxia, to reward Zhang Tianyi for his works, named the mountain where he lived in seclusion-Tianyi Mountain.

Almost became his private domain.

Every year, I go to Tianyi Mountain to find Zhang Shen’s medical and life-saving officials, countless nobles.

The seniors and others never thought that this young man would be a disciple of that genius doctor.

“Yes! I am Zhang Tianyi’s closed disciple-Ye Tian!” The young man was proud and contented.

And hearing this.

Elder Gao’s complexion became even grayer:

“The old man is not wronged! No wronged…”



The old man at this moment was hit harder than Madman Mike last time.

After all, Ye Tian in front of him was only in his early twenties, not much different from Shaun.

Losing to such a young man made him confused.

“Okay! Now that you know my identity, let that surnamed Lin come out now!” Ye Tian said arrogantly:

“This surnamed Lin has been so sharp recently! My master was not born, but he was called a genius doctor?”

“Huh! Today, let me take care of this magic stick for my master!”

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