Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 883

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Chapter 883


In Ye Tian’s tone, he didn’t pay attention to it at all.

And hearing this, even if he was Zhang Tianyi’s disciple, instantly caused the anger of everyone around him.

It’s just that he didn’t wait for the people around to refute it.

A figure stepped out:

“You are not worthy of competing with Doctor Lin! Next, I accept your challenge!”


Hearing this, everyone around was stunned, and they saw that a foreigner came out from the group of doctors.

He is the Madman Mike!


Seeing Mike there was a burst of cheers among the group of doctors.

“The dean is awesome, let this kid know how great is!”

“Yes! Even if he is a disciple of a genius doctor, so What? Insulting our Lin Dong is a big deal!”

“Boy, our Dean Mike will teach you how to be a man today!”


Doctors as if seeing the hope of regaining their face, kept clamoring.

Even Elder Gao let out a long sigh of relief after seeing Mike come out.

“I’ll leave the rest to you!” Old Man Gao patted Mike on the shoulder, then walked back to the crowd of doctors, ready to watch the battle.

Until then.

Only Ye Tian and Mike are left in the field.


Ye Tian looked at the blond and blue-eyed Mike, and the corners of his mouth showed a thick contempt:

“I said long ago that this hospital is just rubbish. It is embarrassing for us Chinese people to let a foreigner be the director!”

“If I remember correctly, you are Mike, the Western medicine madman in Jiangnan some time ago?”

Mike, he has heard the name.

During that time, Mike ravaged the Jiangnan medical profession, almost no one could beat him. He won 13 consecutive victories and crushed Chinese medicine into the soil.

“It’s just, I’m very curious! With your ability, how can you be willing to stay in the hospital in this third-tier small city?” Ye Tian looked at Mike and asked.

However, he heard this.

Mike smiled:

“Boy, you are too young, you don’t understand the power of idols at all!”

“Mr. Lin is my idol. I stay here and work for Dr. Lin willingly!”


Hearing this.

Ye Tian’s complexion changed slightly.


He didn’t expect that this Western medicine madman would be completely dormant by the forest god stick, and even commit himself to it for this god stick, which is simply incredible.

“Good very good!”

The sarcasm at the corner of Ye Tian’s mouth became more intense:

“In that case, let me take a look, what can he do with that surnamed Lin!”

After speaking, he waved to the side:

“Let the next patient in!”


Hearing this, onlookers drew aside one after another.

Then only two medical staff, carrying a man, walked in quickly.

The man was completely unconscious.

Not only that.

Especially his complexion was bleak as if he would die on the spot at any time. This is more than that. This man is feverish, and beads of sweat are constantly rolling down from his forehead, even in his pores, Are all infiltrating blood beads.

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