Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 884

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Chapter 884


Seeing this scene.

Ye Tian and Mike didn’t have any nonsense, they stepped forward one after another, using Chinese and Western medical examination methods to examine the patient.

It’s just surprising.

As time went on.

Whether it was Ye Tian or Mike, their expressions gradually became serious, as if the two were at a loss for the patient’s condition.


At this moment, everyone around lifted.

They did not expect that this patient’s symptoms would be so complicated that even the young Ye Tian and Dean Mike are nervous to examine.

“The patient is feverish and suspected to have symptoms of toxemia. His pores are bleeding, his lymph nodes are swollen, and he may have pneumonia!”

While talking.

Everyone saw that Ye Tian seemed to have thought of something, his complexion changed drastically in an instant, and he shouted at everyone:

“Everyone, getaway! This…this may be the Black Death!”


In a word, this place was instantly fried.

The Black Death is also called the plague!

This is an extremely terrifying and violent infectious disease that once ravaged Europe, killing countless people, as if it were a life-death disease, and it made people frightening.

No one had thought that Ye Tian would have concluded in one go that this might be the Black Death.


Almost for an instant, many passersby and doctors around, dodge as if avoiding the plague.

In the blink of an eye, only Ye Tian, Mike, and the patient were left in the field.

“Damn! This must be the Black Death! I just heard that some time ago, there have been cases of the Black Death in Southern Province! I just didn’t expect that it would spread to Jiang City!”

Ye Tian’s complexion was pale, his words were stubborn, and he was almost completely determined.

Dense cold sweat flowed down from Ye Tian’s forehead.

But what surprised him was.

The Mike next to him shook his head:

“No! This is not the Black Death!”


When these words came out, Ye Tian was taken aback for a moment, and then frowned and asked:

“How do you know that this is not the Black Death! This person’s symptoms are almost completely in line with the conditions of the Black Death! Then you say, he has not the Black Death, how can it be?”

“This…I don’t know!”

Mike hesitated slightly, and shook his head with an ugly expression:

“I have consulted the great doctor Lin before about the history of infectious diseases in Europe! According to the great doctor Lin, every generation of infectious diseases has a certain year of extinction!”

“And the extinction period of the Black Death has passed. If this disease appears in China, the chance is very low! Moreover, there are many other diseases similar to the Black Death. It cannot be judged that this person has the Black Death alone based on these. !”

Mike’s words were firm.


What did Lin Shenyi say?

Hearing the words ‘Mr. Lin’, Ye Tian got angry, and immediately shouted angrily:

“The sh!t doctor Lin is nothing more than a magic stick!”

Speaking of which.

Ye Tian glanced sarcastically at Mike and the surrounding seniors and many other doctors and said:

“Did you see it? Your dean, he can’t determine this person’s condition at all!”

“So, this time you lost again! Tenth defeat!”

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