Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 885

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Chapter 885


With Ye Tian’s words, the expressions of the elderly Gao and others got instantly ugly.

Tenth defeat!

No one thought that Dean Mike had just said that it was not the Black Death, but he could not judge the disease.

For a while, every doctor around felt hot on their face, which was extremely embarrassing.

And many passersby beside.

At this moment, they looked at Ye Tian one by one, as if they were looking at a god, and their eyes were full of fanaticism and worship.

This person crushed the hospital!

This Ye Tian is the next generation of genius doctors, no doubt.

“Okay! Quickly lock down the scene and isolate the patient! Then report the situation here!”

“Otherwise, once the Black Death spreads, Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital will have to bear the responsibility!”

Ye Tian pointed at Mike and the others.

And hearing this.

There was some medical staff who wanted to step forward and began to block the scene.

However, at this moment!


A clear voice came from behind the crowd.

Then, everyone saw a doctor and a young man walking through the crowd, coming in towards this place.


“Who said to wait? If something goes wrong, who will be responsible?” Ye Tian was furious at the moment.

He didn’t expect that, he has crushed this hospital ten times, still, someone would dare to stop him.

“I said!”

With a clear voice, a young man had already arrived in front of everyone.

Looking at this young man.

Ye Tian’s expression was even more raging. He didn’t expect that he was a guy about the same age as himself, standing up and blocking him:

“Boy, what are you?”

Ye Tian was extremely arrogant.


Just when his words were uttered.

It was stunned to discover that the madman Mike, Gao Lao, and a doctor from the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital huffed and bowed to Shaun:

“Mr. Lin!!!”

“Dong Lin!!!”


After the fanatical and admiring voices resounded, the entrance of the entire hospital became completely silent.

Many passersby, and the arrogant Ye Tian, their expressions instantly solidified.

He… is he the genius doctor Lin?

How can this be?

So young and so immature!

How could he be the Jiangshi hero who defeated Madman Mike and brought people back to life in an instant?


Not only the passersby and patients around him, but Ye Tian himself was the most shocked.

As Zhang Tianyi’s closed disciple, he has always believed that he is the youngest medical master in China.

However, he couldn’t think of it, that the genius doctor Lin who taught him was almost the same age as his own. It was incredible.

After a brief silence.

“Hahaha… Lin’s genius doctor? It turns out that the so-called Lin genius doctor is just a hairy boy! Haha…”

After reacting, Ye Tian seemed to have seen the funniest thing in the world, and he suddenly fell forward while laughing.

He looked at Shaun as if he was looking at a joker.

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