Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 886

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Chapter 886

Ye Tian looked at Mike and others around him at this moment, as if he was watching a group of idiots:

“You fools, this guy is in his early twenties, so you call him a genius doctor? Hilarious! God, a liar and a bunch of fools, hahaha…”

Ye Tian burst into laughter to the extreme.

Just hearing his words.

The surrounding people including Mike, Old Man, and others looked at him as if they were looking at a clown.

“Okay… okay! Boy, since you are the genius doctor Lin, you are here just right!”

Ye Tian finally managed to hold back his laugh, and then said sarcastically to Shaun:

“Your ten subordinates have lost to me!”

“As the boss, you who is called the genius doctor, tell me, what do you think of this black death patient?”

Ye Tian embraced his hands and looked at Shaun as if waiting for a clown’s performance.

However, Shaun didn’t seem to see this young man.

He just ignored him and walked past him.

When Shaun squatted down and checked the patient’s symptoms, he said directly to Mike and others:

“This is poisoning!”

“Get me the needle!”


Shaun’s words not only stunned Ye Tian, but even the people around him were all dumbfounded.

Not the Black Death?

Is it poisoning?

How can this be?

You know, Ye Tian’s performance before has made everyone admire, he has already said that this person’s symptoms are the same as the Black Death.

But now, Shaun only took a look and didn’t even take a serious check. How could he overthrow the Black Death and say it was poisoning?

This is just like joking.

Especially Ye Tian.

Shaun’s ignorance made him angry.

Shaun’s diagnosis made him crazy.

At this moment, he turned his head and stared at Shaun, shouting angrily:

“Nonsense! I have already diagnosed him just now. This person’s symptoms are 100% black death!”

“You are a liar, you lied to them, you can’t lie to me!”

Ye Tian’s voice was filled with despair.

However, what made him even more dumbfounded.

After hearing Shaun’s instructions, no matter whether it was Madman Mike or the seniors, there was no doubt.

Instead, he quickly took out a needle box and stepped forward to help.

“Seven inches of needles, three!”

“Six inches, five!”

“Four inches, two!”

Shaun said slowly.

When he heard his words, the senior man next to him quickly took out the needles, then heated them to sterilize them, and handed them to Shaun.

At this moment, Shaun didn’t even respond to Ye Tian’s words.

Just take care of yourself and save people with a pinch.

“Humph! Okay! Just pretend!”

Ye Tian ridiculed, watching Shaun solemnly start to save people as if he were watching a clown perform:

“Wait a while, you liar can’t pretend anymore, let’s see how I can break you down!”

At this moment, Ye Tian seemed to have seen the scene of a liar like Shaun by himself, making the smile on the corner of his mouth thicker.

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