Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1078

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Chapter 1078

This woman is full of flowers and intestines on him, how can he agree to be Faith’s daddy?

Faith is the child of her cousin’s family!

Irene agreed, “Okay.”

Jacob yelled at her, “Are you okay with your brain?”

Irene was puzzled: “What’s the problem?”

He was originally Faith’s daddy!

Jacob angrily rebuked: “Mentally retarded.”

“Since you like her, how can you agree to be the daddy of other women and children?”

Irene grabbed the back of her head, and when she understood what he meant, she quickly winked at Faith, “No, Faith, Uncle Ayue is a man to be my husband. You can only call him uncle in the future.”

Faith accepted the deep meaning from Mommy and deliberately pretended to be a pity, “Oh? What a pity!”

Jacob stared at Irene silently. “Who is going to be your husband?”

Irene said confidently: “You agree to let me chase you?”

“When did I agree?”

“Today, Media Asia President’s Office, 11:11 am.”

Faith snickered, “Wow, does it mean to be single-minded for life?”

Irene patted her daughter on the head and gave her a thumbs up, “Smart.”

Zhan Han was angry, “I didn’t agree.”

Irene said: “But you didn’t refuse.”

Jacob: “…”

He was taken advantage of by this little woman again.

Jacob glanced at Irene speechlessly, reminding her sternly, “Don’t waste your effort. You can’t catch me.”

Unexpectedly, Irene patted her chest and vowed: “There are only men in this world that I want to chase, and there are no men I can’t.”

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched, “Sounds very experienced!”

Irene dumbfounded…

Faith tugged Irene’s sleeves, “Auntie, why are you talking big again? When did you chase a man?”

Irene bit her tongue secretly, her tongue flashes when she speaks.

“Have you never seen a pig run without eating pork?” Irene said.

Jacob: “…”

“You like to be a pig. I am not a pig.”

“My analogy?”

Jacob frowned and looked at Irene seriously.

The hotter she chased him, the more sincere he was.

Some words, it seems that it is time for him to confess to her. Otherwise, if she keeps indulging like this, she is afraid that one day he will hurt her more deeply.


“I think I should let you know that I am amnesia. I don’t know anything about my past. But that doesn’t mean I have no past.”

Irene nodded, “I know?”

Jacob said: “So you don’t have a brain circuit? Since I have a past, then maybe I have a wife and children.”

“Are you sure you still chase me?”

“Chasing.” Irene said sharply.

Jacob’s face is a bit ugly, doesn’t this girl even think about it?

“A man like me might have endless troubles in the future. Are you not afraid?”

“Not afraid.”

The more decisive she answered, the more he felt that she was acting impulsively.

I can’t talk anymore this day.

“Faith, I sent it back, I’m leaving first.” Jacob turned and left.

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