Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1077

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Chapter 1077

“Where is Mommy?” Jacob asked suspiciously.

“Mummy is not at home.” Faith said pitifully.

“Let’s go, uncle will cook for you.” Jacob held Faith’s hand and walked downstairs.


As he passed the glass house on the garden balcony, he suddenly stopped.

The eagle falcon looked into the glass room, and the view window was toward an astronomical telescope at his house.

“What is this?” he asked wonderingly.

Fortunately, he knew Faith’s mother was blind, otherwise he would have been thinking about it.

Faith explained in a panic: “This is my aunt’s telescope.”

Don’t tell Daddy that it’s Mommy. If Daddy knows Mommy is spying on him, he will definitely be very angry.

Jacob’s original relaxed mentality suddenly tightened, “Irene?”

Faith laughed unnaturally, “Yeah.”

Jacob’s handsome face instantly turned blue, and he understood at this moment that Irene had always said that her brain was on his brain a few days ago, and he was worried about the cause of his kidney deficiency.

She actually spied on him?

Inconveniently angry in front of the child, Jacob held back his anger, softly said: “Let’s go.”

Came to the kitchen and cooked a bowl of Yangchun noodles for Faith.

Faith ate with relish, “Uncle, your noodles are so delicious.”

Jacob’s eyes were grinning. “Uncle is also worried that you have always been used to eating fine clothes and jade, and you can’t eat this kind of coarse tea and light rice.”

Faith smiled and said: “Mummy said that life is unpredictable. We are rich and rich today, but tomorrow we may be struggling to have enough food and clothing. So we are required to be able to bend and stretch.”

Jacob knew it, and nodded, “Your mommy is right.”

For Faith’s mother, Jacob’s heart always can’t help but give birth to great love.

Nine o’clock in the evening.

Irene dragged his tired body home.

When Jacob saw Irene, he was very surprised, “Why are you here?”

Irene was slightly surprised and lied: “My cousin is blind and went abroad for treatment. Faith will be taken care of by me during this time.”

Jacob had a gloomy face, “The entrusted person is not human.”

“What do you mean?” Irene muttered aggrievedly.

Jacob said: “You are really fat if you put such a small child at home? Are you not afraid of something wrong with the child?”

Irene: “…”

This guy likes Faith so much. If he knew that Faith was his daughter, wouldn’t he become a daughter slave?

“This is our family’s business, you… are not qualified to manage.” Irene whispered with a guilty conscience.

Jacob said: “Then say something I am qualified to manage. What’s the matter with the astronomical telescope upstairs?”

Irene Laipi: “Astronomical telescopes, as the name suggests, bought to see the moon.”

It’s just that it’s not the moon in the sky, but the moon in front of me, who wins countless beautiful scenery on the earth.

When she lied, her eyes flickered and her ears were slightly red.

Jacob couldn’t hear the meaning of her pun.

Jacob was furious, “Irene, can you be more shameless? Peeping at a man, what is this quirk?”

Irene: “…”

“I didn’t spy on you.”

Jacob’s momentum is pressing, “Then how do you know that my brain is on the brain and my kidney is weak?”

She must have seen the scene of Qiulian hugging him a few days ago, so she thought of Pian Pian’s brain to make up so many bad plots.

Irene swallowed, “I…”

Seeing daddy and mommy quarreling, Faith quickly persuaded him to fight, “Uncle, aunt, stop quarreling.”

Jacob and Irene both gave face to the children, and they stopped talking.

Faith saw that Daddy and Mommy were in a cold war, and she was smart, holding Irene with one hand and Jacob with the other, saying, “Auntie, I want my uncle to be my daddy.”

Jacob was stunned, “Ask her what to do?”

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