Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1079

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Chapter 1079

Irene was very depressed.

Faith was in a bright mood.

Faith excitedly took Mommy’s hand, and rendered the scene where Daddy crossed the roof gap and hugged her.

“Mummy, Daddy doesn’t know that I am his daughter, but Daddy still loves me very much. When I ran to him today, Daddy was afraid that I would fall off the roof and he was very nervous. He was like a tornado. I ran over and jumped over the chasm without hesitation. It scared me to death at the time.”

Faith patted her chest with lingering fears.

Irene suddenly became stunned.

“Mummy.” Faith called her several times before Irene recovered.

At this moment, the eyes are red, and he choked up: “He loves you, Faith. He loves all children.”

Irene sniffed, and suddenly burst into tears, “I’m sorry to your daddy, I didn’t find Derek, and I couldn’t find out about Jas. If he knows that there are two children left out, I don’t know what he has How sad.”

Faith gently hugged Mommy, “Mommy, don’t cry. You have worked hard. Don’t blame yourself.”

Irene’s tears were like water bursting a bank, and couldn’t stop it.

In the past few years, Irene has two major tears, which must not be touched. One is Jacob and the other is her child.

Although the people around her had a tacit understanding and never mentioned them in front of her, it didn’t mean that Irene would not miss them behind her back.

For Derek and Jas, the tears of Ling Ling’s life almost shed.

Fortunately, Jacob is back.

Faith calmed Mommy, “Mommy, don’t be sad. Look, Daddy can come back to us after such a bad luck, and Derek and Jas will definitely come back.”

Irene hugged Faith, “I only hope so.”

Legendary Junior University.

In the three spring and autumn, the flowers bloom and fall.

The once childish child has now become a beautiful young man who is long and beautiful but with an icy air.

Jason quietly sat under the peach blossom tree in the outer courtyard of the martial arts hall, looking up at the blue and bright sky, frowning, with a touch of sadness hidden in his eyebrows.

It has been three years since he left home.

He originally thought that as long as he trained hard, he would be able to graduate soon with his talent. Then he can return to Mommy and spend the painful days of losing Daddy with Mommy.

Who knows, the graduation requirements of the legendary university are almost abnormal. Among the ten compulsory subjects, students must get the first place in each subject, and they must surpass the teachers here.

The compulsory subjects of Jason met the graduation requirements two years ago. By the way, they also took other courses in the school. They also obtained graduation permits with full marks in the most recent year.

But there is the same, but it is his Achilles heel. That is-martial arts.

Perhaps, it wasn’t that the martial arts was weak in the war, but that there was a very powerful student in the martial arts class, who was simply abnormal.

This student is unwilling to leave the martial arts class, dominating the first place, suppressing other students from graduation.

“War Sui.”

Suddenly, an unpleasant voice came from behind.

“Are you a coward? You don’t take the martial arts graduation exam every year. If you want to be afraid, you shouldn’t choose to come to Legend?”

“Hehe. Look at his fine skin and tender flesh, he looks very casual, I don’t know how many fists can eat me.”

Jason didn’t raise his eyebrows and didn’t bother to care about them.

“f*ck.” It’s just that the lips and teeth are slightly opened, and a word is gently spit out.

But wrapped in a trembling power.

“Haha, let us get rid of this waste?”

“If you don’t give him some color, you don’t know how inferior he is. No one looks at us all day, staring at us with the back of my head, I can’t stand him long ago.”

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