Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1333 – 1334

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Chapter 1333

Rubin said this delicately.

If everyone goes, it won’t work if you don’t go in the cold.

After all, in the same crew, everyone has to stay together for several months. Of course, it is necessary to understand each other to get along more harmoniously.

Tina naturally had no reason to refuse.


“Mrs. Adams…” Rubin turned to look at Alyssa.

Alyssa nodded: “Well, I will go too.”

Naturally, Alyssa also wants to go.


Tina and Alyssa and this group walked at the back.

When the two went out, Karl had already arrived and was standing in front of the car talking to Peter.

When Alyssa saw Karl, she ran towards him.

Karl also saw her, his expression softened suddenly, his eyes fell on her, watching her walk towards him.

Tina slowed down and did not follow.

From the corner of her light, she caught a glimpse of Stephanie shrinking not far away, looking towards Karl.

After Tina made sure that she was looking at Karl, she slowly walked over to her, but she took it too seriously and didn’t realize that Tina had come.

“Who are you looking at?” Tina walked behind her and asked in a low voice.

“Look at Karl, he’s so handsome.” Stephanie flushed with excitement: “This is too handsome.”

“…” Tina paused, and said earnestly: “But people are already married, and children can drink soy sauce.”

“I have other thoughts. I simply think that he is handsome…” Stephanie reacted fiercely, “What are you talking about? Karl’s children are there??”

Because of Tina’s relationship, Stephanie had also seen Karl several times, but this was the first time she knew that Karl had a child.

Although there had been news that Karl had a child before, Karl had never responded positively, and Stephanie regarded these as rumors.

“Yes, super cute.” Tina smiled and patted Stephanie’s head.

Stephanie was still in shock, unable to recover.


Everyone unanimously decided to eat Hot Pot, and the group went to the Hot Pot restaurant.

Tina went to the bathroom and came back, but before approaching, she found that only a vacant seat was next to Peter.

She just looked around and walked towards the position beside Peter.

Peter was talking to the director sitting on the other side, and he didn’t seem to see Tina, but when she walked next to him, he reached out and pulled the chair away for her.

After a cold pause, when she turned to look at him, she found that he was still intently talking to the director next to him, and it seemed that it was just an unintentional act to pull the chair for her.

Tina lowered her eyes and sat down without saying a word.

At this time, Peter finally turned his head to look at her and pushed a cup of warm water to her.

Tina was about to speak, and he turned his head to talk to the director beside him. If he hadn’t just pushed her a glass of water, she would have suspected that Peter hadn’t seen her at all.

She took a sip from the water glass and looked up at Stephanie who was opposite.

Stephanie lowered her head, shrugged her shoulders with a guilty face, trying to avoid the cold eyes.

She couldn’t help it. He pulled it back for her and she sat down. She had to ask her for advice. In front of so many people, she couldn’t lose her face, so she could only sit down together.

As a result, only the seat next to Peter was left behind.

This is something she can’t control.

Chapter 1334

Midway, Tina got up and went to the bathroom.

Before she got up to go to the bathroom, she gave Stephanie a look.

Stephanie knew instantly. Although she was guilty, she still followed Tina to the bathroom honestly.

Tina hugged her arms and leaned against the wall of the bathroom, looking at Stephanie in her spare time: “Here.”

“Ms. Tina, I can’t help it either. People directly took me to sit down, and I can’t help it…” Stephanie said quietly.

“To find an excuse, let’s go ahead of time.” Tina naturally knew that Stephanie had a reason, and this kind of trivial matter had not been taken care of.

“What excuse?” Stephanie didn’t react for a while.

Tina said, “Stomach ache, headache, leg ache, heartache, you just think of a reason.”

“Understand!” Stephanie said with a smile, “I promise to complete the task.”

“You go ahead first.” Tina lifted her chin and signaled Stephanie to go first.

Tina and Stephanie drove away. After Stephanie had gone for a while, she turned and left the bathroom.

Since it was late at night and there were not many people in the Hot Pot restaurant, the crew were all sitting in the lobby.

As soon as Tina got out of the bathroom, she heard the voice of the crew talking and laughing in the hall before he even approached.

“Nex to Grant is empty, Miss Lee sit on Mr. Grant’s side.”

“Miss Lee is not worried, Mr. Grant, who will come here in person this night…”

“I was just worried that Peter would drink too much when he was happy, so I drove over to pick him up.”

Cathy’s voice was soft and calm, and it was particularly eye-catching among a group of laughter.

Tina stopped to look forward and saw Cathy sitting beside Peter at a glance.

Peter has been like a high-ranking monk in the past few years, not to mention his girlfriend, he didn’t even have a scandal. Cathy was the first girlfriend he officially admitted in the past few years.

No matter what Cathy is, the director and producer are willing to give Peter face. If it weren’t for Peter, these people would probably not even look at Cathy.

Tina was sitting next to Peter, but now Cathy has taken this position, and there is no more room on the table.

Tina saw that Alyssa called a waiter and added a place next to her.

Upon seeing this, Tina couldn’t help but grin.

She is still warm and reliable at home.

When Tina walked over, she walked straight to Alyssa and sat down.

After she sat down, she felt a line of sight falling on her body. She raised her head slightly and met Peter’s eyes.

There are complicated emotions in his deep eyes that people can’t understand.

Alyssa’s voice came in her ears: “She came as soon as you went to the bathroom with your front feet.”

This “she” naturally refers to Cathy.

“Hmm.” Tina replied.

Cathy looked over here: “It turns out that Miss Weber is also here.”

Someone explained: “Sister Weber is the lead actor in “Lost City”.”

“It turns out that this is the case. A big IP like “Lost City” really requires people like Ms. Weber to be able to support it.”

Cathy had a smile on her face, as if she was really complimenting Tina, but her tone always gave people a kind of mixed feelings, which seemed weird in human ears.

Alyssa has always disliked Cathy because of what Cathy wanted to use Karl to speculate.

She listened to Cathy’s words, and said casually: “The heroine of “Lost City” is inspired by Tina.

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