Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1268

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Chapter 1268

Not just them!

Even Mr. Mingzhe was dumbfounded!

Mr. Lin is not him?

Who else can he be?

Could it be Shaun? How is this possible?


Mr. Mingzhe became furious and roared:

“Dog stuff! I am Mr. Lin!”

“You dare to hit me? Kneel down and apologize immediately, otherwise, I will kill you!”

Originally intended to be prestigious in front of Elvira, but now he was so humiliated by the other party, this made Mr. Mingzhe lose face under the eyes of everyone, and he was immediately ashamed to the extreme.

“Pretending to be Mr. Lin, dare to be so arrogant? It seems you want to die!”

Ye Shihao suddenly roared, and a group of bodyguards rushed forward and instantly fisted Mr. Mingzhe.


Mingzhe screamed like a pig!

The screams made the Shen family no longer have the scenery and arrogance they had before, each of them seemed to have seen a ghost, scared to pee.

Does even the Ming family dare to fight?

This man, is he crazy?

“You have made a mistake? He is really Mr. Lin, you have not to recognize him because you haven’t met Mr. Lin?”

Cuiping cried in fright, looking at Ye Shihao with horror.

And now!

Ye Shihao didn’t bother to pay attention to her. Instead, he cast his gaze coldly on Timis not far away:

“Timis, what the hell is going on!”

Hearing this!

Timis, who was already too nervous, suddenly softened his legs and fell to the ground.

His face was full of deep fear, and drops of cold sweat continued to flow from his forehead:

“He said he was Mr. Lin, so I…I…”



He unexpectedly picked up the wrong person and neglected the real Mr. Lin.

This is a capital crime!

These damn Shen family dared to cheat them!


Ye Shihao jumped into thunder and was about to attack.

But right now!

A military helicopter was roaring, passing over everyone’s heads, and then slowly landing on the hotel apron!

Seeing this!

Everyone was in an uproar, military helicopters for private use?

Who has such a big influence?

Could it be that this is the real Mr. Lin?



The big guys suddenly regained their mood, looking in the direction of the apron as they looked eagerly.

It turns out that this is the real Mr. Lin!

And Ye Shihao realized something, and immediately glared at Timis:

“You better think of an excuse to explain to the blood master!”


As soon as he heard this, Timis was immediately paralyzed with fright, his face was ashamed.

But Ye Shihao ignored him, and while leading a group of big guys walked directly toward the apron.

For a moment!

The whole door was empty!

Mr. Mingzhe is dumbfounded!

The Shen family is dumbfounded!

What is this, what is going on?

“Mr. Mingzhe, what’s going on? Didn’t you say that you are Mr. Lin? Why they are not recognizing you?”

“Mr. Mingzhe, you have hurt us miserably this time. That Mr. Lin has a big background. Otherwise, there won’t be so many big brothers to welcome you, but you dare to pretend to be him!”

“It’s over! If that Mr. Lin gets angry, his men will kill us for sure.”

A group of Shen family members no longer had the humility and respect they had before and complained one by one unhappy.

Mr. Mingzhe’s face was flushed, and at this moment the shame was on the extreme.

After being beaten up and still embarrassed in front of Elvira, how can he implement the plan of picking up girls?

“Impossible! Timis personally came to Shen’s house to invite me, how could there be a fake?”

Mr. Mingzhe said with a gloomy face:

“It must be because I just became part of Lin’s family and these idiots don’t know me, so they think I’m impersonating!”

“Just think about it, in today’s Jiang City, among the people with surnamed Lin, who can be nobler than me?”

At this moment, the audience is silent!

They also felt that Mr. Mingzhe’s words were not unreasonable!

Cuiping’s face suddenly sank, and she resumed her previous domineering behavior:

“I just said, how could Mr. Mingzhe be mistaken? It must be those idiots who have no eyes!”

As for Mr. Mingzhe, his face sank and he hummed angrily:

“I will make them regret it!”


At this moment, Cuiping in the crowd did not know why and suddenly took a breath.


He showed an expression as if he had seen a ghost, with trembling fingers pointing at the man who came down from the helicopter:

“That man seems like Shaun!”

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