Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 807 – 808

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Chapter 807

This time Miana made up her mind to kill Alyssa to death.

Her strength was amazing. The two waiters failed to restrain her, and one of them was scratched by her.

Grace had been taken away by the waiter, and Alyssa had no scruples.

She has also practiced, and she is not bad in terms of reactivity.

She fought with Miana again.

This gave the waiter a chance to control Miana.

In the end, Miana was pressed to the ground by three waiters and tied up with rope.

There was chaos in the restaurant.

In the chaos, Alyssa didn’t care whether those photos were taken or not.

After seeing that Miana was subdued, she went to find Grace.

Grace’s eyes were red, obviously shocked.

“Mom, you are hurt…” Grace pointed to Miana’s shoulder and said with a cry.

The summer clothes were very thin, Miana’s dagger was also unusually sharp, Alyssa’s shoulder was soaked in blood.

The manager came over with sweat, and said to Alyssa anxiously, “Miss, we will take you to the hospital to dress up the wound.”

If something like this happened in the restaurant, it should be handled carefully.

If it is not handled properly, it will have a great impact on the restaurant’s business. Therefore, the manager also behaves very cautiously.

Alyssa couldn’t drive because of her shoulder injury. She still had to take Grace with her, so she nodded and said, “Ok.”

The manager sent Alyssa to the hospital.

Before her wound was bandaged, the waiter at the restaurant called the manager: “Manager, the police are here, and the lady needs to record a statement together.”

After Alyssa bandaged the wound and went out, the manager greeted her and said anxiously, “Miss Alyssa, you might go to the police station this time.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa said in response, “But I want to change clothes first.”

After she finished speaking, she touched Grace’s head.

When Alyssa was bandaging the wound just now, Grace frowned and bit her lip without speaking.

Alyssa held Grace in her arms, and did not let her look at her wound.

There are large bloodstains on the clothes, and Grace will be scared when she keeps wearing them.

The manager naturally understood what Alyssa meant, and said, “Well, of course.”

On the way to the police station, Alyssa bought a piece of clothing and put it on.

The clothes were paid for by the manager, and Alyssa could not get it.

The manager knew that Alyssa was a celebrity, but he was afraid that Alyssa would attack restaurant online if she was in a bad mood.

In this era, online public opinion has a great influence.

At the police station, the police officer in charge of the case was already waiting for her.

The police first understood the basic situation, and then said: “Miss Alyssa, Miana said that you have been secretly sending people to kill her, so she came to the restaurant to attack you. What do you think of this matter?”

Alyssa frowned slightly: “I don’t have such intentions.”

After Miana and Karl’s wedding were ruined, something went wrong in her mind?

After the police made a transcript, Alyssa saw Miana.

“This time it’s your luck!” Miana looked at Alyssa viciously: “As long as I am not dead, you don’t want to have a good life. I have never seen a vicious woman like you who ruined me. My wedding, my life, I want to completely ruin you!”

Alyssa still had a calm face: “I didn’t send anyone to kill you. You value me too much. I don’t have that ability.”

“Lie! Someone always followed me when I went home recently. I found that there was a problem with the brakes when I drove. You wanted to kill me!” Miana’s voice was sharp and harsh.

Alyssa was a little confused, Miana didn’t seem to be lying.

But who is going to kill Miana?

Chapter 808

While Miana was talking, she was about to pounce on Alyssa.

The police quickly grabbed Miana and yelled: “Miana calm down.”

“Police, she wants to kill me, Alyssa wants to kill me! She must have instructed them, and she also destroyed my wedding! It’s all her.”

Miana roared hysterically, her emotions were a little uncontrollable, and she seemed a bit crazy.

Upon seeing this, the police immediately took her to the detention room.

“What are you doing? What are you doing to me? Do you know who I am? My last name is Palmer! Do you know who my dad is…” Miana’s cursing voice gradually became quieter.

Another police officer looked on business matters: “Miss Alyssa, we will notify you again when we investigate clearly. I hope you can keep in touch with us at any time so that we can tell you about the progress of the case.”

“I see, thank you Officer.”

When Alyssa took Grace out of the police station, she saw an unexpected person.

Mattie stood in front of the car, hugging her arms, her tone a little helpless: “I’m here to pick you up.”

Alyssa asked her: “Why are you here?”

“Get in the car first, otherwise the reporters will come.” Mattie was about to open the car door, but noticed Grace beside Alyssa.

Seeing Mattie looking at Grace, Alyssa touched Grace’s head: “This is your mother’s good friend at work, Aunt Mattie.”

Grace also cried out cleverly: “Aunt Mattie.”

Grace had cried before, her eyes were still red, and she looked very pitiful.

Mattie felt relieved, she immediately opened the car door: “Eh, get in the car.”

After Alyssa and Grace got into the car, Mattie kept staring at Grace who was sitting in the back row.

“How did you know that I was in the police station?” Alyssa asked Mattie aloud.

Mattie sighed slightly: “It’s been searched hot.”

She has been in the entertainment industry for so many years and has come into contact with many celebrities, but there has never been a trending search like Alyssa, who can be searched for every little bit of action.

Things that have a bit of a horoscope can also be searched hot.

Even small things that can only be touched, can still be searched.

This is a constitution that is born to be red.

But Alyssa just didn’t enter the entertainment circle, if she entered the entertainment circle, how popular would she be.

Alyssa frowned slightly.

The situation was a bit urgent at the time, and she couldn’t take care of that much.

It seems that someone took a photo at the scene or the video was posted online.

Alyssa asked helplessly: “Photos or videos?”

Mattie said: “Video.”

Alyssa didn’t speak.

When she and Grace went to the restaurant before, it was already dinner time. In the middle, they went to the hospital and then to the police station. It was already past nine o’clock.

“Is Grace hungry?” Alyssa lowered her head and asked Grace.

Grace shook her head.

But Alyssa knew that Grace must be hungry.

But at this time, the reporter must be blocking her everywhere. They can’t eat outside and can only go home directly.

She tilted her head to look at Mattie in front, and said politely: “You can send me home directly, it’s troublesome.”

“Who are we with whom you are pretending, why are you so polite?” Mattie said grimly.

Alyssa sighed slightly without speaking.

Soon they arrived at the community where Alyssa was located.

When Alyssa took Grace and Mattie in, she encountered Tina on the way.

“You are back, are you okay? How are you?” Tina asked when she saw Alyssa and grabbed her.

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