Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1337 – 1338

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Chapter 1337

The script reading for the next day went smoothly.

Everything else is ready for a long time, and after the script is completely finalized, it is just waiting for the boot.

The start date is three days later, and the middle three days are the time for the crew to prepare.

And Tina still had activities every day for the next three days, but not as many as usual.

Three days passed in a flash.

Everyone was there on the day of the boot.

On the same day, the topic of “the movie “Lost City” is launched” became a trending search.

Because the male and female protagonists are both first-line actors, and because the web drama “Lost City” is very popular, it has aroused widespread discussion among netizens.

The topic of “Lost City” started up on the trending search all day.

The scene on the first day of Tina was fairly relaxed. When she returned to the hotel in the evening, it was eight o’clock.

As soon as she got off the nanny car, she saw Cathy standing in front of the hotel.

Tina didn’t look at her again, walked past her, and ignored her.

But Cathy was the most uncomfortable with Tina’s attitude of not putting her in her eyes.


At this moment, there were no other people besides them at the hotel entrance, and Cathy no longer faked and politely called “Miss Weber”, but directly called her name.

Tina ignored her, Cathy ran forward and stopped directly in front of Tina, “I called you, didn’t you hear me?”

“Do I have to pay attention to you if I hear you?” Tina has been filming the scene for a day, and now she is very tired, has no time to deal with Cathy, and her tone is very poor.

“Sure enough, you are exposing your nature. I know that you are pretending to Peter. I warn you that you consciously stay away from Peter. You can’t beat me.”

Cathy raised her chin confidently, her proud look as if she had taken a shadow queen.

“Are you blocked by the entertainment industry? You can’t receive the show, and there is no announcement, so you just follow Peter every day?”

As the chief producer, Peter doesn’t need to be with the crew. He can assign his work to the executive producer, but he seems to have made up his mind to make “Lost City” a big hit. Followed closely in person.

It stands to reason that Cathy should be quite busy, but it is incredible to have so much time to run the crew with Peter.

This is for men, not even a career.

Cathy didn’t hear the irony in the cool tone at all, but was even more proud: “You are anxious, you are afraid that I will follow Peter every day, so that Peter has a deep love for me.”

“Go to the hospital to the brain department when you have time.” Tina sneered and walked around her and left.

“Go to the Department of Brain Science?” Cathy murmured and repeated.

Knowing that Tina was scolding her for being ill, he ran after him: “Tina, you…”

When she caught up with her, she found a young woman standing in front of Tina, and swallowed the word “Sl*t” when it reached her lips.

“Long time no see, Tina.”

Tina looked at the woman in front of her, and the expression on her face became cold little by little: “I am not Tina, I am Tina Weber, Maria.”

Facing Tina’s indifference, Maria George didn’t care, but smiled and said, “But, didn’t Peter always call you Tina?”

Tina sneered: “He is going to eat sh!t, are you going too?”

“Tsk, you still hate me so much.” Maria looked distressed: “You are almost thirty, too, why are you still like a child.”

Tina was stunned and went back: “You are already thirty, but you are still as annoying as you were when you were thirteen.”

Chapter 1338

Maria originally had a relaxed expression on her face. When Tina mentioned her age, she suddenly changed her face as if she had revealed pain.

“Tina, after so many years, I didn’t expect you to be so acrimonious. What happened to you at thirty? Should a woman die when she is thirty?”

Although Stephanie didn’t know Maria, or who Maria was, listening to her conversation with Tina, she could feel a b!tch.

She couldn’t help it now, and she gave Maria a cold snort and glanced at her: “You said it first, okay, it’s no big deal for a woman to be 30 years old. If you forget about it at the age of 30, that’s a big problem.”

“I’m talking to your Ma’am, what does it matter to you?” Maria was so stunned by Stephanie that she couldn’t hold on to her face, and her tone was not as calm as before.

“What age is it? You returned from the Paroh era?” Stephanie whispered to Tina after speaking, “Is this woman sick?”

“You…” Maria’s face turned blue and purple for a while, and she couldn’t find the words to go back and forth, standing there even more embarrassed.

In fact, Tina also thought that Maria was ill, but she said that she cursed people first, which is not good.

Since Stephanie had already spoken out, she still had to end well.

Tina took a half step forward, looking straight at Maria, and said with a serious expression: “Maria, don’t you always think that you are a very stylish person? That is the case, if you think I have something I’m sorry for the things that offend you, you can say it upright. This kind of weird innuendo is too petty.”

Tina suddenly leaned forward, attached to her ear and said in a voice that only two of them could hear: “There are not many men who can see it.”

Maria’s eyes widened suddenly: “What are you talking about? I really don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Tina was so close to her. Seeing her eyes flickering and looking behind her, she turned her head suddenly and saw Peter who had come by without knowing when.

Peter was standing not far away, with Cathy standing beside him.

don’t know how long he stood there listening.

“Peter.” Maria joyfully walked in the direction where Peter was, and started trotting as she walked.

Stephanie was clever, seeing something vaguely, and then asked Tina in a low voice, “This is also the wind-liquid debt my cousin owes outside?”

“Who knows.” Tina curled the corners of her lips, showing an emotional sneer.

Stephanie looked at Tina, then looked over to Peter, and muttered to her: “My cousin, this is a real cow…”

There were only four women present, including her. Apart from her, the other three seemed to have emotional entanglements with Peter.

Maria walked over and hugged Peter directly.

“long time no see.”

Before Peter moved, Cathy dragged Peter back, which directly caused Maria to pounce.

“Puff…” Stephanie laughed directly.

Tina glanced at her: “Funny?”

“Uh-” Stephanie stretched out her hand to cover her mouth, and was about to say “I was wrong” when she heard Tina say: “Then I have to go back to the room and laugh again.”

Tina had already seen the scene she wanted to see, and there was nothing wrong here, so she turned and left.

Stephanie reluctantly followed up: “Are she and my cousin in the kind of relationship I imagined?”

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