Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1270

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Chapter 1270

Ye Shihao’s lungs were about to explode, and he even had an urge to pinch Mr. Mingzhe to death on the spot.

He said with a sullen face:

“It’s me who was wrong, please calm down Mr. Mingzhe!”

Seeing this!

Mr. Mingzhe just snorted, and then proudly said to the Shen family:

“You guys, do you still have any doubts now?”

All the Shen family hurriedly shook their heads, staring at Mr. Mingzhe impulsively.

“Look at it, I said that Mr. Mingzhe couldn’t make a mistake! You really have no eyes, you still suspect Mr. Mingzhe!”

Cuiping quickly scolded, a smile on her face became more flattering, and then she also put on a high posture, yelling at Ye Shihao:

“You have offended our Master Lin, do you think that’s all it takes? Those people just now, let them come out and welcome Mr. Lin again!”


Mr. Mingzhe’s eyes lit up, and then he applauded:

“Aunt Cuiping is still thoughtful!”


Mr. Mingzhe stared at Ye Shihao and ordered:

“That’s right! I’m a distinguished guest, how can this show be less? Let them all get out and apologize to me one by one!”


Ye Shihao suddenly became angry, and that face became more and more gloomy.

A counterfeit, pulling Mr. Lin’s tiger skin, was lucky enough to be able to get into the golden roof, but clamored one after another, really when he is not a vegetarian, Ye Shihao?

Really looking for death!

Just when Ye Shihao was about to attack, he heard Old Man Shen speak:

“Forget Mingzhe, it doesn’t matter!”

Hearing these words!

Mr. Mingzhe snorted and glared at Ye Shihao:

“Another time, I will see you! Let’s go!”

Everyone in the Shen family walked into the golden-topped jewelry exhibition center with pride.

The moment they stepped in!

They got blinded by the dazzling jewels in front of them.

Strings of expensive jewels lie quietly among the showcases, reflecting a dazzling and seductive light.

It seems that as long as you look at it, you can’t help but sink into it.

“A necklace costs thirty million?”

Cuiping stared at a necklace in a shop window, exclaiming in disbelief.

Mr. Mingzhe smiled slightly and explained:

“Golden Summit is, after all, a branch of Xuetufang, so how could the things they auctioned be ordinary?”

“Only tens of millions of grades and unique jewelry are eligible to enter their showcase!”

Although I have heard about it for a long time, I can see it with I owns eyes and I can see how extraordinary the golden roof is.

“Mr. Mingzhe, that road is magnificent and so beautiful!”

Suddenly, Cuiping looked towards a golden avenue and exclaimed.

The avenue does not know where it leads, it is covered with gold bricks and inlaid with various gems, it looks extremely luxurious, and it is even more eye-catching than the jewels there!

“The Xingyue Road was built with more than one thousand gold bricks and hundreds of gems, and the cost reached an astonishing one billion!”

“This is a VIP channel specially created by Jinding for the top dignitaries to entertain Lin Zekun’s existence. Even I am not qualified to set foot.”


Upon hearing this, the entire Shen family was completely shocked!

A VIP channel, is the cost of one billion?

What a terrifying thing is this?

It’s inhumane!

And now!

Cuiping is the way of slacking off the horse:

“You are not qualified now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be qualified in the future. When Mr. Mingzhe, you have a firm foothold in the Lin family, I guess Jinding will allow you to go through this VIP channel.”

All the Shen family members also nodded their heads unanimously, and agreed with her one after another like to please:

“If it weren’t for Mingzhe, we’re afraid that in this life, we won’t be qualified to step into this place!”

“Jinding has personally invited Mr. Mingzhe to participate in the exhibition. I think even if Mr. Mingzhe really wants to use the VIP channel, they dare not say anything, right?”

At this moment, Cuiping looked at Elvira maliciously and sneered:

“Elvira, why don’t you thank Mr. Mingzhe? In your capacity, you wouldn’t have the right to step into this kind of place in this life!”

Hearing these words!

Mr. Mingzhe realized that he had an opportunity, and immediately said to Elvira with a smile:

“Which one do you like, I will buy it for you?”


Upon hearing this, the entire Shen family was completely boiling!

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