Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1269

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Chapter 1269



Upon hearing this, the Shen family suddenly felt shocked, and they all looked towards the apron.

Cuiping’s words were too shocking.

That son-in-law who they regarded as rubbish came here in a military helicopter?

How is this possible?

Everyone’s eyelids jumped wildly, looking in the same direction very nervously.

Especially Elvira!

At this moment, she stared at the figure walking down from the helicopter, wanting to know if he was Shaun.

It’s a pity that there is a crowd of people over there, and they can only see a figure roughly.

Upon hearing this, Cuiping said with disdain:

“Stupid girl, you must be mistaken, how can the waste be eligible to come in a military helicopter?”

“That is China’s highest-level military helicopter. The person who can be personally picked up by this helicopter must be a figure of the God of War. Is it a wasteful match?”

“In my opinion! That must be a certain God of War who was also invited to participate in today’s exhibition. It is definitely not that little boy!”

The Shen family all looked contemptuous, and they didn’t think that the person who got off the helicopter would be Shaun.

“But he is really alike!”

Cuiping said weakly, his profile and back at that moment were exactly the same as Shaun.

At the same time!

Shaun got off the helicopter and ordered Ye Shihao impatiently:

“Let them all go away!”

Those big guys had been driven away without even seeing Shaun’s face.

Then, Shaun asked:

“My wife, is she here?”

Ye Shihao nodded and said:

“There is a bastard who dared to impersonate you and I have given him a lesson.”

“He is just a beaming clown, don’t bother! Let them in!”

Shaun said lightly:

“Remember, don’t reveal my identity!”

After welcoming Shaun into the jewelry exhibition, Ye Shihao walked towards the door again, planning to let Mr. Mingzhe and others in.

And now!

Everyone in the Shen family was outside, but they were also as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

“Mr. Mingzhe, since the other party has not pursued it anymore, shall we go?”

“Yeah, in case they weren’t looking for you, then we are in bad luck!”

The people of the Shen family showed anxiety and want to leave.

Mr. Mingzhe snorted coldly, and said with extreme conceit:

“Impossible, they must have been looking for me! And when they will know they have made a mistake, all of them will kneel down and beg me for forgiveness!”

“Yes, yes, they insulted Mr. Mingzhe you like that, you must not spare them lightly!”

Cuiping immediately slapped her horse and said with a flat face:

“Now we are going to investigate to the end!”

At this moment, they saw Ye Shihao come out with a smile on his face and said flatly:

“Everyone, I did make a mistake just now! Please come in quickly!”

Upon hearing this, the Shen family was completely stunned!


In other words, is it really Mr. Mingzhe who is invited by Jinding?

“You blind dog!”

Mr. Mingzhe jumped into thunder, and shouted at Ye Shihao:

“Now it is clear that I am the person who was invited? Dog thing! Did you dare to hit me? Apologize to me immediately!”

Ye Shihao glanced at him diagonally, and a touch of hostility suddenly appeared in his eyes but thinking of Shaun’s request, he could only swallow:



Everyone in the Shen family was shocked when they heard this.

Ye’s Family Patriarch, who was just so vicious, bowed and apologized now?

Mr. Mingzhe was right. Ye Shihao and others must have never met Mr. Mingzhe, so they misunderstood.

Now that I figured it out, I apologize with sincerity.

Hearing Ye Shihao apologize, Mr. Mingzhe smiled triumphantly and said condescendingly:

“Fortunately for you! If I hadn’t brought a guest today, you must have to kneel and apologize now!”

“Go away! Don’t stand in our way!”


When all the Shen family saw Mr. Mingzhe’s high profile, they all thought he was domineering.

He even dared to reprimand the Patriarch of the Tangtang Ye’s Family!

This is incredible!

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