Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1271

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Chapter 1271

Mr. Mingzhe wants to give Elvira jewelry?

The cheapest jewelry here is worth tens of millions!

And Mr. Mingzhe is letting Elvira pick whatever she wants?

This is too embarrassing, right?

Everyone was completely confused!

I just feel like I’m dreaming!

Mr. Mingzhe and Elvira have met for the first time, he is throwing tens of millions to please her?


The jealousy in Cuiping’s eyes became more intense, she would never even think of 10 million of jewelry!

But Mr. Mingzhe wants to gift it to Elvira without even blinking his brow.

This b!tch is not worthy at all!


At this time, Elvira shook her head indifferently:

“No thanks!”


Mr. Mingzhe was stunned immediately, this woman is not tempted by the tens of millions of jewelry?

How can this be?

How can women who don’t like jewelry?

What is more, astronomical jewels worth tens of millions!

It’s just that he doesn’t know!

Elvira was so indifferent because her husband once gave her a top necklace worth tens of billions!

Even if it has been damaged now, it can still be sold for a sky-high price of 5 billion if it is really going to be auctioned off!

In contrast, a mere 10 million worth of jewelry is simply not influential for her…


Right now, Mr. Mingzhe gritted his teeth abruptly and pointed to a bracelet not far away with a price tag of 150 million:

“This is pretty, I will give this to you!”


Seeing this, the expressions of everyone in the Shen family suddenly became horrified!

In their eyes, there is a strong shock!


This is so special, it must be an illusion!

Everyone’s eyelids jumped wildly, and they all looked at Mr. Mingzhe as if they have seen a ghost.

Cuiping’s jealous face was completely unrecognizable, staring at Elvira with extreme resentment and viciousness.

That look, as if wishing to break Elvira into pieces!

And now!

Mr. Mingzhe also sneered in his heart, he did not believe that Elvira could be so calm this time.

He also knew that he was reluctant to let the child not be able to catch the wolf. If this was not done, he would not be tempted by the woman in front of him.


What is shocking is that Elvira still doesn’t even want to give one more expression, and said in an impatient tone:

“Mr. Mingzhe, I said no! Thank you!”


Everyone heard this, and they were completely dumbfounded!

They can’t believe that Elvira has refused.

That’s worth 150 million, so not picking it for nothing?


This is foolishness to the extreme!

“Elvira, are you crazy? You dare not refuse it as a gift from Master Mr. Lin?”

Cuiping’s face sank, and she immediately reprimanded:

“A necklace worth more than 100 million yuan, can’t others ask for it, you still refuse, you really have a brain problem!”

At the same time!

Cuiping, who had long been jealous of the fire, also took the opportunity to sarcastically:

“I see, my cousin has been with Shaun for too long so that her bones are full of poor genes, and she feels unworthy, so she refuses Mr. Mingzhe everywhere!”

“In her opinion, only her trash husband is a treasure!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the Shen family turned to Elvira, cast a smile and contempt.

As if watching a big joke!

Refusing a wealthy person for waste as a treasure!

This woman is an idiot!


Mr. Mingzhe, who has been repeatedly rejected, has also become unsightly:

“Elvira, just this necklace, that rubbish in your family, he can’t afford it for the rest of my life?”

“I was looking at you and didn’t found a decent piece of jewelry on your body, so I decided to give you a necklace. Why are you refusing to my kindness?”

In his heart, the resentment has reached to the extreme!

B!tch, turned down Mingzhe over and over again, what is worse than that waste?


At this time, Elvira finally looked at Mr. Mingzhe, but her eyes were full of horror.

In the instant, she uttered a word that made everyone unthinkable:

“How do you know he can’t afford it?”

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