Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1272

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Chapter 1272


Everyone was stunned, wondering if they had heard it wrong.

Shaun, can afford it?

What a joke!

Just the rubbish who is raised by his wife?

In eight lives, he hasn’t made 150 million. How can he have money to buy it?

This is a joke!

It was at this time that all the Shen family cast contemptuous eyes at Elvira as if they were looking at an idiot.

And Cuiping laughed aloud, sarcastically:

“Sure enough, those who are near Zhu are red and those who are near Mo are black, Elvira, it seems that you have been with Shaun for too long, and you have also contracted his bragging problems!”

But Elvira ignored everyone’s ridicule and said lightly:

“I didn’t brag, Shaun did give me a necklace worth tens of billions!”



However, all the people around burst into laughter!

The Shen family is all laughing and crazy at this moment!

“Elvira, I think you are crazy, right? A necklace worth tens of billions. The entire golden dome exhibits add up to 10 billion. Do you want to say that one necklace can top a golden dome exhibit?”

Cuiping was smiling, and said with extreme disdain:

“Ten billion necklaces, bought by Shaun? Hahaha! It’s so ridiculous!”

Everyone also insulted Elvira as if they have heard a joke:

“Sure enough, brain damage is contagious, and Elvira now is just like that trash, running the train with her mouth full!”

“Ten billion necklaces? I have never seen such expensive jewels in my life, so bother Miss Elvira, take it out for us to see?”

“If the waste is 10 billion, do we still need to eat soft rice? Elvira, are you doubting our IQ?”

And now!

Mr. Shen, his face suddenly became gloomy:

“The more you talk, the more ridiculous! Paula, this is the good daughter you taught. We really lost our family’s face!”

Paula also pulled Elvira, and she was also surprised that her daughter, who had always been low-key, looked like a different person today.


This moment!

Elvira looked like a lunatic in everyone’s eyes, insulted and despised.

Even Mr. Mingzhe shook his head:

“Elvira, even if you want to reject me, don’t you need to pull such a funny lie?”


Elvira was very embarrassed and wanted to refute.

Behind her, there was an abrupt sound!

“Who said she lied?”


When everyone heard this familiar voice, they were shocked.

Then, they all looked towards the place from where the voice came from.


They were extremely horrified to see that a figure slowly walked out from the path of the star and the moon.

That person is not someone else, it is Shaun!


All the Shen family members were completely dumbfounded, their faces suddenly filled with horror, and they couldn’t believe what they saw before their eyes.

Shaun, he is really here!


It’s so incredible to walk out of the “Xingyue Road” that symbolizes power and status!

But at this moment, Cuiping’s face suddenly sank, and she cursed at Shaun:

“Dog stuff! You dare to walk on this path, if Jinding came to know, he will be angry!”

“It’s possible he will anger at our Shen family, are you trying to kill us?”

Hearing this!

Everyone in the Shen family suddenly showed resentment and stared at Shaun.

This idiot dared to walk the road of Xingyue, this is simply looking for death!

This damn broom star, this time will drag their Shen family to death!

Everyone in the Shen family shuddered at the thought that Jinding might blame them.

Deep anxiety emerged in their hearts!

For Shaun, the bitterness was even more extreme.


Father Shen was also panicked, and quickly pleaded with Mr. Mingzhe:

“Mingzhe, you must save us this time!”

Seeing this!

“Grandpa Shen, this idiot has gotten you people into such a catastrophe. It will not be easy to save you, unless…”

The corner of Mr. Mingzhe’s mouth raised a sinister smile, and then stared at Shaun unkindly:

“Wait for Jinding to investigate, will hand over this waste to him!”

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